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His Queen ni JFstories
His Queenni Jamille Fumah
The day he chose her is the day that her fate was already sealed. *** 'Yong guwapong lalaki na pasyente mo sa mental hospital, na wala kang alam na siya rin pala ang sta...
Embrace the Suck (Bad, #1) ni kissmyredlips
Embrace the Suck (Bad, #1)ni Anya
THIS STORY WILL BE FREE ON AUG 17, 2022. Kenna has long accepted that no matter what she does, each and every relationship of hers won't last. Meeting Saint Del Valle is...
A Night With My Professor ni its_pr3cious
A Night With My Professorni Precious
Sir Lawrence is a hunk. A hunk professor. He's only 28 years old. Everyone from there school wants to be with him. But of course Bella not one of them. She's was madly i...
His Martyr Wife [COMPLETED] ni nazobi
His Martyr Wife [COMPLETED]ni 🥂
Wife series#2:His Martyr Wife "The Love Endurance" Christian Vernon Lee and Farah Nathalie Villanueva story *** We're Married. But it is not his intention. I a...
Love In A Jiffy (Bachelorette Series 2) ni ailyween
Love In A Jiffy (Bachelorette ailyween
Book Two of Bachelorette Series ✔️ Completed Everything is moving so fast and I can't keep up with the phase. Feeling ko kahit anong gawin ko hinding-hindi ko maaabutan...
The Criminal's Victim ni Shen_Manunulat
The Criminal's Victimni Shen
"I love seeing you in pain Erin..." - Psalm Montillan THE BOOK PHOTO IS NOT MINE, CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER SOURCE: Pinterest
Smile For Me, Ressler ni TianaVianne
Smile For Me, Resslerni Tiana Vianne
|| Published under PSICOM || Tamara didn't want her husband to know that the day he married her was also the same day she was diagnosed with cancer. Disclaimer: This sto...
Lucas Obsession  ni Shen_Manunulat
Lucas Obsession ni Shen
"The day I laid my eyes on you is the day I claimed you as mine" - Lucas Montillan THE BOOK PHOTO IS NOT MINE, CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER SOURCE: Pinterest
My Heartless Husband ni Darkestroad
My Heartless Husbandni ms. infamousxwho
Eliza and Adonis were married by their parents because of business, unbeknownst to Adonis, Eliza had a romantic feelings for him. But Adonis does not have the slightest...
Avoiding Mr. Professor ni Trisisisha
Avoiding Mr. Professorni Ysha
Maria Idalia Crosti, she didn't believe in love at first sight, but when she met a handsome, strict professor named Sygred Lione Montanier, she felt butterflies in her s...
Hiding The Billionaire's Twins (Taguan Ng Anak#1) ni strwbrriez_v
Hiding The Billionaire's Twins ( yana
I've boyfriend binigay ko sa kanya ang lahat tiwala pati na rin ang katawan ko para di ako iwan mahirap na pamilya lang ako galing. Noong araw na nalaman ko na buntis ak...
Reincarnated as Vampire's Unwanted Mate ni Shen_Manunulat
Reincarnated as Vampire's Shen
𝗦𝗬𝗡𝗢𝗣𝗦𝗜𝗦 One day, she just reincarnated as vampire's unwanted mate Book cover by: Ms. Keilyn Wp
Hiding My Ex Husband Daughter ni RomanticGuyWP
Hiding My Ex Husband Daughterni JDR
Pauline wants to surprise her husband Wade but it looks like she was surprised when she saw him kissing her best friend Monique. Because of the painful sight, she walked...
His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy) Venom Series #1 ni VentreCanard
His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy) VentreCanard
On her 18th birthday, Claret finds out that her destiny is to be a healer in Nemetio Spiran, a vampire world where all is not as it seems. ...
My Boss is a Freak (Published under Pop Fiction) ni missflimsy
My Boss is a Freak (Published Jezza
Sa kwentong ito, malalaman mong hindi lahat ng tinatawag na "freak" ay dorky, nerd, or just generally not nice-looking. Dahil minsan, may mga freak din na filt...
My Runaway Groom (Published under PSICOM) ni MademoiselleNicolei
My Runaway Groom (Published Carpe Diem
Meet Azalea Elle Lopez, an almost bride na tinakbuhan ng kanyang groom sa hindi malamang dahilan. Paano na niya haharapin ang buhay niya lalo na't may iniwan ito sa kany...
The Bachelor's Pick The Bachelor is looking for his bride. All women ages 23 to 27 are invited to apply. Please send your one whole body shot and one close up picture to...
The Good Stepfather (SPG) ni Amellia_Sin
The Good Stepfather (SPG)ni Amellia Sin
COMPLETED/FREE "Handa ko paring gawin ang lahat para sa kanya pero hindi na siguro bilang anak." ---- Every parent wants the best for their children. The best...
Billionaire's Surrogate ni JaneSummers8
Billionaire's Surrogateni Jane Summers
Celestine Marquez believes that money doesn't grow on trees. She needs to work hard to get what she wanted--to have her own business. But life seemed so unfair because n...
Mommy at Eighteen (COMPLETED) ni Jlessbiiiiim
Mommy at Eighteen (COMPLETED)ni Jhen Barbie
Sheena Montemayor got pregnant at the very young age. Perks of being a Montemayor, she received the hardest and the most painful punishment from a parents a daughter cou...