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rich girl! MONEYHEIST by splitxlips
rich girl! MONEYHEISTby luca!
in which el profesor had made clear that personal relationships would be the downfall of his immaculate heist; no one seemed to care cairo went into the heist with the s...
My Cute Mer (Mer! Bee x Reader) by Olivia200312
My Cute Mer (Mer! Bee x Reader)by Olivia200312
Y/N was a girl that loved to go surfing and swimming ever since she was a child. One day, she went surfing and met an actual Merformer stuck in a net with wounds. Once s...
El Legado de la Sangre by LC7144
El Legado de la Sangreby -LC-
-No necesito tu ayuda- -Nunca suelen pedírmela pero todos la necesitan- Tras la muerte del oráculo, un nuevo sucesor se deberá de levantar para combatir el mal. No sólo...
Ascendance by MariSteffa
Ascendanceby Mari Steffa
Highest Rank: #4 in indigenous as of 5/23/23 #13 in native as of 5/17/23 Erika thought her life was pretty normal. She was unsure of what she wanted for her future an...
Victoria de Angelis One shots❤️ by allisonsmp
Victoria de Angelis One shots❤️by Allison🫶
Hi guys,these one shots are obviously are gonna be about Victoria de Angelis ,and I will put a disclaimer if anything bad ,or something inappropriate will happen.Anyways...
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield love story) by Laylie_Love
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield Layla Love
I skip down the hall with AJ Lee and Au'Bree. We were flipping around and just having fun period. I hit a cart wheel and when I landed on my feet I bump into a hard wal...
ask the footballers by PhelpsFeels
ask the footballersby Maya
because why not ask your football hotties some questions. ©PhelpsFeels, 2017 highest ranking #714 in random
My new family / Måneskin fanfic by ercobraapprova
My new family / Måneskin fanficby ercobraapprova
Rosa, a young student, passionate about music, will meet 4 wonderful and authentic people who will change her life. They gonna create a rockband all 5, Måneskin Between...
How to Survive ♚ Money Heist  [2] by cxrlaroson
How to Survive ♚ Money Heist [2]by M
i won't let pain turn my heart into something ugly. i will show you that surviving can be beautiful Christy Ann Martine book two La Casa de Papel/Money Heist oc x oc s...
Paulo Dybala & Reader by Sinnerzom
Paulo Dybala & Readerby Sinnerzom
Making imagines about him because why not? We all gotta fantasize at 3 am. 😍😭 One shots, basically. Warning:🔞🔥
لوحة بجوار الشجر  by Florence_pjm
لوحة بجوار الشجر by رونا✨
كان عاشقين وجد كليهما الأخر عن طريق الإلهام مشاعر الحُب بين مُغني و رسامة جيون جونغكوك ابريلين ادوارد كُتبت:28/7/2021 انتهت:1/8/2021 تم التنزيل:2/8/2021 قصيرة الفصول...
El Poder del Norte. by SonOfHestia9922
El Poder del SonOfHestia9922
Los Dioses del Olimpo, temerosos del Poder del Hijo de Poseidon y dos veces Salvador de Olimpo, urden un plan que lo conducirá a las profundidades de la tierra, y sin sa...
The Time Between Us by TenayaGatrell2
The Time Between Usby TenayaGatrell2
A highschool girl must team up with a man claiming to be her husband from the future in order to solve her own murder. *** Witnessing a murder is bad enough, but when th...
Copper Heart Mechanisms by LilMissYandere
Copper Heart Mechanismsby Kirsty Menzies
A mans heart can steel over from many things, it can be from pain, it can be from terror that he's had to endure , but it could also be from something entirely different...
A Barcelona con amor by creandomundos
A Barcelona con amorby Mar Fernández
Historia corta de Bruno y Pol cinco años después de que Bruno se mudara a Italia, a probar suerte en el amor con su novio de Roma. (Merlí: serie de la televisión catalan...
There Was Only One Bed by ilovecastiel18
There Was Only One Bedby Amelia
Good Omens fanfiction. My contribution to the "there was only one bed trope." Aziraphale joins Crowley at his flat after the events of the failed apocalypse, a...
GIOVANI RE by crjcrj10
GIOVANI REby crjcrj10
ragazzi che sognano troppo in alto,vogliono essere i giovani re di roma.
ateşin ölümünün kıyısında (thensy ve tüm kuzenler ufaklık ve maussa ve nathan) by ejderdark
ateşin ölümünün kıyısında ( alpagu ondalıkoğlu
devam hikayesi olan bu kitapta thensy'in maceraları ve almaya yeniden başladığı intikamlar zincirlemeleri ön plandadır thensy'i intikam yangını yeniden ateşili bir şekil...
B-Damon : A Battle to remember by JaninneSudjatmiko
B-Damon : A Battle to rememberby Janinne Sudjatmiko
It has been two years since the Phoenix Grand Prix, and B-shots were in peace in Crestland. Kamon and his friends still having fun playing the game they love... until a...