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The Dragon's Mate ✓ by bagelqueens
The Dragon's Mate ✓by sewer rat
⦗completed⦘ Briar was a baker in the village at the base of the Fire Mountain. She expected to marry Tobin and have his kids and be content with life from there on but o...
  • romance
  • alexia
  • maximus
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The tale of Silencers by shadowray17
The tale of Silencersby shadowray17
James and Lilly Potter had three kids not just one. What happens if two runs away because of their treatment. What happens when they join an organization and became assa...
  • maximus
  • charlus
  • lethal
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Not Like You by bellabee982265
Not Like Youby Isabella Stein
Rose is a geek. There is no other way she would choose to describe herself. Being five-foot-three and 140lbs, you would think she'd have trouble fitting in. Well, you'r...
  • stay
  • rose
  • maximus
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A Mafia Magnate by HraeJiiiinn
A Mafia Magnateby R Sampang✧
Syrinx Anderson. Sigurado ka ba sa pangalang yan? - A Mafia Magnate
  • comedy
  • mafia
  • cold
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LEARNING TO LOVE A ROGUE. (A Passionate Romance) by SierraJaid
Fear is all Sarah Rosenwal has ever known, and Maximus Castlemaine is everything she fears. Scars from her past have yet to fade when mist of dark lies and darker decept...
  • steven
  • boys
  • lost
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Inhumans: The Royal Family (Fanfiction) by AceDaberar
Inhumans: The Royal Family ( Rae
They say that a relationship is based on communication. That's hard to do when the man you love can't talk for the safety of a whole civilisation. Blackagar Boltagon has...
  • lockjaw
  • gorgon
  • bolt
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Carry my BULLSHIT Boss by erlypat
Carry my BULLSHIT Bossby lyka sanchez
Kaya mo bang tumagal sa boss mo? Kaya mo bang tiisin lahat at baliwalain ang mga ginagawa nya? Truly to read this story and you know kung tatagal ngaba ang isang babae s...
  • erlypat
  • tasha
  • action
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The Paladin by Irahendrix
The Paladinby Irahendrix
She's not immortal. She's not a hero. She's just Aida. Aida. No surname and no nickname. Nothing to identify her with other than her hunting skills and her name. Everyda...
  • cracks
  • pan
  • pws
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may i take your order? » new dream by starkyremarks
may i take your order? » new dreamby GetSassed™
-Coffee Shop AU- After coping with the loss of her first love, Rapunzel Corona vowed to fulfill her first dream before he came. Two years later, she was living her dream...
  • maximus
  • pubthugs
  • pascal
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Letters by the Window by ObliviousRaven
Letters by the Windowby Oblivion.
All night long I sat staring at my window just thinking about you. The way we were tangled up together one night and the next you were out of my grasp. Out of my league...
  • eupunzel
  • eugene
  • maximus
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Unobtainable (Ban x Jericho) Seven Deadly Sins by RinzlerHero
Unobtainable (Ban x Jericho) Rinzler
After the events of season 3, Jericho is mastering her new powers in order to honor her brother's memory as a Holy Knight. She also must face an even greater challenge h...
  • sins
  • deadly
  • ban
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The Sleeping Alchemist by SelinaBeckendorf
The Sleeping Alchemistby I'm in so many fandoms, it's...
On their journey to figure out the mystery of the black rocks that have been plaguing the Kingdom of Corona lately, a group of friends find more mystery, old friends, an...
  • theseries
  • pascal
  • varian
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The Ultimate Collection (Ban x Jericho, King x Diane) by Maximus Anthony by RinzlerHero
The Ultimate Collection (Ban x Rinzler
This is a collection of all of the Seven Deadly Sins fanfictions that I've ever written, all in one place! The ultimate satisfaction! Read now!
  • jericho
  • deadly
  • anime
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Draco in Gryffindor (Brax) by Maximus Anthony and Lily Brown by RinzlerHero
Draco in Gryffindor (Brax) by Rinzler
In this alternate version of the wizarding world, many differences are apparent, which you shall see through our fan made version of J.K. Rowling's epic fantasy series!
  • brax
  • red
  • draco
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What happens next? Percy Jackson Fanfic by StarPlatinum_
What happens next? Percy Jackson StarPlatinum_
  • shopping
  • mood
  • mason
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He's Home by Maximus-Meridius
He's Homeby Gladiator
Maximus and his family, in Elysium.
  • commodus
  • maximusdecimusmeridius
  • farm
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The Death of a King (King x Diane) Seven Deadly Sins Fanfiction by RinzlerHero
The Death of a King (King x Diane) Rinzler
King learns that his time has come, and he must say his farewells. There is one last thing he has to do before he goes... THIS IS MY LAST FANFICTION EVER!!! PLEASE ENJOY...
  • nature
  • final
  • maximus
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Family Trouble - Soul Eater Fanfiction by Maximus Anthony by RinzlerHero
Family Trouble - Soul Eater Rinzler
It's the beginning of summer vacation, and Soul learns that he has to go and visit his parents and brother in their luxurious mansion in the world of the living, to play...
  • violin
  • mozart
  • soul
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Tangled: The Series •Written In The Stars• by LauuuButterfly
Tangled: The Series •Written In Lau✨
I found the pic of the book cover on Pinterest, I didn't made it. I just added the text. Credit to the owner/owners!
  • eugene
  • blue
  • alchemy
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The Anti Fever by GatedGardenHomes
The Anti Feverby Gated Garden Homes
2441 Paris, Texas A virus broke lose and killed almost everyone. Families were broken apart. Friends (quite literally) drifted away. The virus spread like wild fire. It...
  • lgbt
  • executive
  • paris
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