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Persona 4 Golden Yu Narukami x Reader by MaryMagallon8
Persona 4 Golden Yu Narukami x Mary Magallon
This is an isekai story. I'm not good with the reader being in the story already, but the reader being transported there, so yeah. This will follow the game and I will s...
Ara Ma'athlam Vhenas by SpaceofSputnik
Ara Ma'athlam Vhenasby sumire
A more longer/in depth conversation with Solas and Inquisitor Lavellan at the end of Trespasser. Mainly angst. Questions you wish you could have asked and things you wis...
True Hero (Champion is Playing Book #1) LitRPG Series by eisbooks
True Hero (Champion is Playing eisbooks
A simple man, lacking in knowledge, but quick of wit. He is flung into the future, where everything is different. Now, he has to make a name for himself, carve his own p...
The Damned | book 1 by wendywendigo666
The Damned | book 1by Wendy Wendigo
In this age, earth is doomed. The sun has burnt out, God has abandoned us. Every day madness and darkness consumes us, corrupting the once bright and joyful souls. A pos...
✨ Epithet Erased RPG ✨ by JakkurinFanfics
✨ Epithet Erased RPG ✨by Jakkurin Jactender Jakala
Have you ever thought what it JelloApocalypse's webseries "Epithet Erased" were actually an epic quest with its Season 1's eight main characters being the hero...
Of Cows and Queens by JodyMcIntyre
Of Cows and Queensby Jody McIntyre
Many people wonder what Dungeons and Dragons is. Our group (@SimcoeMuskokaGamers on Facebook) meets in a local tavern every other Wednesday night, and enjoys a bunch of...
Tawney's Dabloon Adventures by Mossi_Art
Tawney's Dabloon Adventuresby Mossi
Me mapping down my Dabloon travels, buys and robberies.
Fantasy Roleplaying game Questers by BlaiseK33
Fantasy Roleplaying game Questersby BlaiseK33
An RPG of my own invention compiled from a giant map I have made have fun and play along!
Transition to Treasure (DQIX Mini Fanfic) by Teffla
Transition to Treasure (DQIX Teffla
Post-Game Spoilers !! What do they do now? The world is saved and there's much more to be seen out there! How about grotto hunting? Silven, Reese, Rona and Phoenix gear...
Rolvember 2018 by Ewipanda
Rolvember 2018by Ewipanda
Recopilación de los 30 retos del Rolvember 2018 propuestos en Twitter por Pifias de Novatos. Los retos que no aparezcan será porque contienen personajes originales de un...
Grijze Jager training by GrijzeJagerRPG
Grijze Jager trainingby GrijzeJagerRPG
Voor je een echte Grijze Jager bent en het zilveren eikenblad in ontvangst mag nemen, moet je eerst een zware training van vijf jaar doorstaan. Je mentor en ik helpen je...
CRIES OF A MAGE by MahirOzanPayas
CRIES OF A MAGEby Mahir Ozan Payas
"Behold the origin story of the famed heroes, Allendra Cahosse and Paliborn Quickhand, two of the Seven Harbingers, whose arrival heralded a new age of great impact...
The Photographer and the Model by IrkenInvaderz
The Photographer and the Modelby Dilara
Your striking beauty has made you the subject to hundreds of photo shoots, however one photographer stood out to you the most. Joseph, the man that made your heart beat...
Projeto Amnésia by LCKAniff
Projeto Amnésiaby LCKAniff
Projeto amnésia é ambientado num mundo distópico, em meados do século XX. Ele narra a busca por uma enfermeira desaparecida no hospital psiquiátrico de Hopkins. O gran...
Human Stalk by LittleShitStain
Human Stalkby LittleShitStain
This is a role playing game story/sort of a fanfic but not really. After reading this choose your adventure and path by rolling dice with your friends. (we made this at...