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Visual Prison: Guilty Moon (GuilxOC) by icasanei
Visual Prison: Guilty Moon (
After OZ's first visual prison win and Guil's revival, the Scarlet moon, which only vampires can see, disapeared from the sky. Oz, alongside with Lost Eden and Eclipse...
Le côté obscur by Destinity3
Le côté obscurby Destinity
Lena Ravenwood est une jeune femme avec des pouvoirs mystérieux. Un jour, elle découvre qu'il existe un autre monde où des créatures maléfiques manipulent les vies humai...
Ange (girlxgirl) by gollumlooking
Ange (girlxgirl)by Sophie Gillet
Until one morning, Ange was avoiding school and struggling, but after striking a deal with her step mother, she returns to school on a regular basis and meets her new te...
Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood Geass, (Y/N) the Orphan by I-Love-SABER
Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood I love ARCHER
As far as (Y/N) as remembered only that he was a fan of the MSG: IBO and Code geass and now he is here to protect the future and with his group of PMC the Tekkadan, The...
His Anger~Her stubborness by RezveenaSazneen5
His Anger~Her stubbornessby Rezveena Sazneen
Males ego & females insecurity turns a relationship a shit....let's see Manik Malhotra the world's leading business tycoon .a father of a kid and a husband of one ..con...
Reminiscence of the Blue Witch by Welt-Ende
Reminiscence of the Blue Witchby Welt-Ende
It wasn't the first time that she saw someone like that, it wasn't like they were so similar either. However those nostalgic blue eyes that kept on challenging her belie...
CROSS ANGE: MAFTY'S FLASH. by emiyadaffa
CROSS ANGE: MAFTY'S emiyadaffa
The world has been forsaken. Those without blessing are considered to be blasphemous; Monster of society. They were outcast, destined to be imprisoned by their status. B...
Princess principal: The Green phantom by sega1000
Princess principal: The Green Sega1000
The first princess principal story to have a male protagonist. Our Protagonist is a simple commoner who gets transferred to the Queen's Mayfair school, he would've settl...
You lied but i loved||princess principal|| by lilithswife
You lied but i loved||princess Monmonchamcham
{request} After ange and her friends got caught,Charlotte took the opportunity to lie,because she's one of "the spies"
L'École De Vampire tome 2 by Nounours_Gothique
L'École De Vampire tome 2by Nounours_Gothique
L'histoire d'Isabelle ne s'arrêta la passons maintenant au présent de notre groupe des 6 meilleurs amis et de la petite famille d'Isabelle Crystal, Ace, Chantale Crysta...
guil x shy reader by Missy0118
guil x shy readerby twisted girl yandere girl
you see an vampire concert there Zo there few I remember I eve and Robin and guil ange so the part of an vampire group I guess but I still need little time
The White Raven (Crossovers: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni and Diabolik Lovers) by XxHigurashiRikaxX
The White Raven (Crossovers: Tarynn Nicole Ball
Dear New Diary, My name is Tarynn Ball, and I am 16 year old human being. You can call me Rika if you like, because it's my nickname. You see, I died supposily. I came b...
Till Death Do Us Apart  - obx story  by Eleni2736
Till Death Do Us Apart - obx lice
First chapter. A new girl, Ange moves into the town "Outer Banks" and meets Jj Maybank, Elle Carrera, Kiara Carrera, Rafe Cameron and much more.
Cupidon a foiré by angeloluce
Cupidon a foiréby Douceur Sucrée
Chaque fois que je suis dans le monde des Humains j'entends : -De toute façon c'est à cause de Cupidon si j'ai le cœur brisé -Cupidon ne sait pas tiré une flèche, toujou...
The Secret Of Angel by RiscaYN
The Secret Of Angelby K-Riscaxxbye
Semua orangpun memiliki rahasia yang tidak seharusnya orang tau akan rahasa itu, karena akan buruk jadinya jika semua orang tau kelemahanku. Aku : Jung kyung kim Mi...
Parlons de Metal \m/ by KyoKotsuKO
Parlons de Metal \m/by perfect nothing
Fan de de metal ? metalleuse ou metalleux ? Voici la place pour en parler et écouté quelques bands ! Je parle aussi de la vie des metalleux.
Angel by peterpanstyle
Angelby Joanie Lebrun
Un amour imaginaire, un espoir ridicule, un monde dont elle avait toujours rêver, mais qui ne lui appartenait pas. Spectatrice, fan, elle n'était personne. Personne pour...
Ask The Sindria Trading Company! by Magifanficqueen
Ask The Sindria Trading Company!by Magi Fanfics
An ask book for the main snb cast and other snb characters! Details inside!
Essaie d'être normal  by Im-avampire
Essaie d'être normal by Im-avampire
Un vampire, un loup-garou et une sorcière dans le même appartement au milieu d'humain. Se protéger, se surveiller, se contrôler et surtout ne pas montrer aux humains ce...