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My People (Roan x reader) by sognatadocchiaperti
My People (Roan x reader)by sognatadocchiaperti
I do NOT own anything from The 100, this is just a fanfiction. - Roan x reader Y/n landed on the ground with Farm station, but was separated from the rest. A banished pr...
Don't Fear The Reaper (The 100) by hodhod2011danger
Don't Fear The Reaper (The 100)by hodhod2011danger
The grounders know the Reapers as the flesh eating crazy people who live to kill whomever they see. On the Ark, Reaper is known as a young teen with an abnormally white...
King Roan - Short Stories by Alexrose2107
King Roan - Short Storiesby Alexrose2107
Bunch of short stories, all Roan.
the 100 imagines and preferences  by placidperio
the 100 imagines and preferences by placidperio
This is a collection of imagines of the TV show, the 100. this is a open book so feel free to request!
The 100 Imagines by Toridor
The 100 Imaginesby VictoriaElizabeth
All imagines, preferences on the whole crew of the 100. I'll write the rest of the week, I'm sorry that's taking forever to update. I've been super busy! I would love to...
The 100 Imagines/OneShot by Your_God
The 100 Imagines/OneShotby Your_God
Imagines and One Shots for all The 100 characters
now or never | roan kom azgeda by cIayevans
now or never | roan kom azgedaby odd duck alice
"It seems like we have a thing for saving each other's lives, Sky girl." A Roan kom Azgeda fanfiction Highest ranking[s]: #1 in roan, #2 in roan of azgeda Copy...
My Warrior || Roan X OC by EllowenWrites
My Warrior || Roan X OCby 𝑬𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒏
A girl raised in the stars in a cell finally breaks free when her government sends her to A wasteland that was earth. Dhara Lane is a feirce warrior on the ground and a...
The 100: Genetic Mutation  by elizabethokoye034
The 100: Genetic Mutation by I.M.WRITE
Book 1 "On our final journey to the ground" That's what they said, but Luisa Kane didn't believe that when they were sent to the ground to see if it was surviv...
He who no one understand by Tiffany_Henituse
He who no one understandby Tiffany_Henituse
One day Ron was interfilterating one of Arm's secret bases. They got news from the world tree that they must retrieve the treasure that was hidden in the deepest part of...
Second Chance to Fight (Regressor!Cale Henituse) by IndixgoBluedash
Second Chance to Fight ( Shade_Angelo
Instead of switching with Kim Rok Soo, what if there was another timeline, where more than one god offered a deal with Cale Henituse. There is no Kim Rok Soo. this is ju...
A High School Student Again by Dorothy052810
A High School Student Againby Dorothy Sinclair
After getting rid of white star and having a wounded body, our dear commander gets sent to another universe to 'rest' by God of Death'. "Yeah, I don't believe it.&q...
Go Into The ORV world [ORVxTCF] by Hell0n0o
Go Into The ORV world [ORVxTCF]by Whitey Rabby
Cale, who was forced to rest everyday after he stabbed himself with the dagger, woken up in the world which he's familiar with, Korea. But he was so sure that it is also...
Rising General by StarbrightHuntress
Rising Generalby StarbrightHuntress
Disclaimer:TCF doesn't belong to me! OG! Cale was sick of Deruth's bull crap, so he planned on running away from his home. The God Of Death (who had taking a liking to t...
Azgeda's new queen by Leah_Riddle952
Azgeda's new queenby Amalie
Octavia just lost the love of her life,lincoln,and she's deavastated.Read to see what happens when she runs of into the woods alone!
TBOH react to TCF!! by CaleHenituse684
TBOH react to TCF!!by Cale Henituse
hello i dunno what to write here but....this is my first time making a react fanfic and im doing this for my own entertainment so there might be a slow update. i have se...
The 3 Dragon Lords by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
The 3 Dragon Lordsby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
A Dragon Lord was said to be powerful but the current one was one of the most powerful and unusual Dragon Ever before How Unusual? She went against nature itself by havi...
Wmmap x Tcf (au 1) by Yinyue_jun
Wmmap x Tcf (au 1)by Yinyuejun
What if Claude was a future self of Alberu Crossman and was married with Cale Henituse, but sudden got in to a coma for 24 years and when he woke up he knew a lot has ch...
You and Me by DisneyKd4
You and Meby Katherine
Despite avoiding every year previously and Well's outright refusal, Clarke decides to go to the Unity Day dance for the Ark's teenagers. It seemed like a mistake while s...
Constellation's Test [TCF Fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellation's Test [TCF Royal-Chan
The Constellations are bored. They want to see new scenarios played by new interesting pion. Who else better target than our Crimson Commander, Cale Henituse~? 《Inspire...