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He who no one understand by Vivian_Henituse
He who no one understandby Vivian_Henituse
One day Ron was interfilterating one of Arm's secret bases. They got news from the world tree that they must retrieve the treasure that was hidden in the deepest part of...
The Day When Cale Henituse Suddenly Turned Into a Girl by Blue_Berryxp
The Day When Cale Henituse 💙BlueBerry💙
One day Kim Rok Soo suddenly transmigrated into Cale Henituse, trash of the count family's body. Even though he's a trash, he's also known as one of the most handsome ma...
Is this goodbye? by Vivian_Henituse
Is this goodbye?by Vivian_Henituse
The war is over no one really died but something is wrong here they can feel it. They feel like they lost something precious. Something seem to be missing and empty. The...
There's Been A Slight Change In Genre by A01324
There's Been A Slight Change In A01324
Disclaimer: The cover is not mine or trash of the count's family Kim Rock Soo got transmitted into the body of Cale Henituse, person who is famous for being trash so now...
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child??? by battyyyboy
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child???by Batty
"How did I ended up like this? Cale was staring at his imagine on the mirror...he was a child again.
Manager (TOTCF X HAIKYUU) by RoodHaze
Manager (TOTCF X HAIKYUU)by Rood Haze
He die. his mind became blank and filled with thousands of thoughts; thousands of possibilities, perhaps, of different scenarios that could and could not happen. but th...
the troublemakers of the henituse family by pink5149
the troublemakers of the pink5149
in which cale, lily and basen decided to help stop the white star and all hell brakes loose im bad at descriptions im new in wattpad so i hope you enjoy this this will...
Catalyst of Distinction by shixchix
Catalyst of Distinctionby cale's nonexistent slacker li...
Same beginning, different endings. Two realities with different catalyst. HE is the catalyst of the distinction between these two universes. [TCF reaction fic]