The Ring In The Red Graveyard by StausianaFreyr
The Ring In The Red Graveyardby StausianaFreyr
Life is hard, but even an unused phone rings sometimes.
  • guardian
  • itgetsbetter
  • telephone
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Short stories  by apologizingManiac
Short stories by apologizingManiac
This book is just a collage of random short stories I think of. They are quite short, and not that well written. I also don't frequently update due to either lack of ins...
  • quiet
  • shortstory
  • horror
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Piano Man by prancil22
Piano Manby prancil22
Don't listen to the ringing. I made that mistake and it almost cost me my life.
  • possession
  • ringing
  • creepystories
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Trapped by multifandoms2
Trappedby s m o l
Eva only knows one thing, the world in her mind isn't real....but what about everything else? Her memories are built upon an unstable foundation, and she wants to figure...
  • trapped
  • shortstory
  • imaginary
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True story by Vampireneko92
True storyby Neko-chan
This is what is happening to me now and I can't explain what it is that wants me or who it is that wants me
  • scared
  • ringing
  • watched
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Clickety Click Click by foxeshunthounds
Clickety Click Clickby max
If you ever stop hearing the ringing in your ears, get out of your house and don't go back. This was a narrative piece we had to write for my English class. We were chal...
  • creepypasta
  • supensful
  • scary
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Bells by Tmoss1125
Bellsby Tmoss1125
  • bells
  • ringing
  • school
The Sounds of Silence (Short) by SarahKPike
The Sounds of Silence (Short)by SarahKPike
The ringing in your ears when everything around you goes dead silent? Yeah, you don't want to know what's making that sound.
  • ringing
  • end
  • run
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Ringing by KevinLuper
Ringingby KevinLuper
  • whispering
  • ringing
  • creepypastas
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Ringing in the ears treatment - what alternatives exist? by salt8delete
Ringing in the ears treatment - wh...by salt8delete
  • medicine
  • ears
  • organizations
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Bells Are Ringing, I'm Clawing My Eyes Out by vampwolf7
Bells Are Ringing, I'm Clawing My...by vampwolf7
A classic vampire werewolf story with a twist most readers won't expect. Annabelle, or Belle, Thompson is a normal girl in a normal life. Her life changes when she figur...
  • jbeezer
  • bells
  • vampire
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Bus 61 by KellyRose88
Bus 61by Kelly Smallwood
It starts out as a normal day for Janice . She nearlly misses the bus as always, gets picked on, made fun of and is at a lost of words again. But this day is anything bu...
  • shot
  • tape
  • shooting
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ringing » styles au by julylashton
ringing » styles auby drarry trash
she tries to get away from him, even though she doesn't really want to, but he just won't stop calling, and her phone just won't stop ringing. © copyright 2014 jul...
  • onedirection
  • littlewhiteniall
  • ensorcel
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Intertwined by jethrocane
Intertwinedby jethrocane
Two girls with ice-blonde hair. One in a photograph, one dead. Their stories are intertwined, Caro is certain. Her hair is more snow than ice, but she is certain she’...
  • future
  • scary
  • physic
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Books On Hold by Keeks02
Books On Holdby Katherine
We've all lost the inspiration to continue writing at least one of our books at some point, but can't seem to delete it or take it down because of all the time and effor...
  • loss
  • stutter
  • daddy
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Melancholia Billet-Doux by spiderwebbed
Melancholia Billet-Douxby parker
Everything I could never tell you.
  • sunrise
  • lilac
  • okay
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