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Regret // Rick Sanchez x OC by -Username084-
Regret // Rick Sanchez x OCby -Username084-
My daughter and I had a great life together. Playing music, bonding, avoiding Rick Sanchez. Everything was perfect. Until one day my daughter found a photo of Rick in hi...
As Real as it Gets by FlowerFreya
As Real as it Getsby Freya
[Rick Sanchez x reader] Love at first sight is something that only happens in movies and fairytales. It's not real, we all know that. Now imagine if you did fall in love...
Broken Dreams (Rick Sanchez love story) by deadlydazy_new_
Broken Dreams (Rick Sanchez love s...by deadlydazy_new_
one a planet known as Vorx a young woman who is wise beyond her years live. her life is hard having lived 150 years staying her same age due to an experiment of her own...
Rick Sanchez X Reader by Taliyah_Offical
Rick Sanchez X Readerby TaliiMark
In this story you are beth's mom and you've been 'dead' all this time until when rick is drunk and remembers something isnt right with the way you died so he investigate...
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots  by EraceDUniverce
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots by EraceDUniverce
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots. Disclaimer: I don't own Rick and Morty or Y/N 😂 Disclaimer|2|: Some may be long, some short, some may be in parts, some desiving and s...
A bumpy ride by jenackles79
A bumpy rideby Mr.poopybuthole
Rick and Morty get hot and bothered on the way back from an adventure
Guardian Angel [Morty X Reader] by undertalecrazy
Guardian Angel [Morty X Reader]by Hot Chili
He just wants to be somebody and to be appreciated She wants to live and be happy Will they achieve their dreams? Or will it crumple into nothing like the rest? -MAY CON...
Code 736: A Runner by NoticeMe_Senpai3533
Code 736: A Runnerby Pride Consumer
Rick x reader You were on the run since the beginning, you didn't know that. You're moving into your own house! It's small, but it'll make do for a single lady such as y...
Rick and Morty X Reader by KosmicBabyBlues
Rick and Morty X Readerby BunnyReble
I've been wanting to write this for a while. It's actually my first X Reader so I'm just gonna stick to the fluffy stuff. I don't own any of the Rick and Morty character...
Rick, Ethan, and Morty by N7Legion-Games
Rick, Ethan, and Mortyby N7Legion-Games
Ethan is the older brother of Morty. He's a born adventurer, and loves doing thing with his grandpa. He later disappeared for a time to travel the galaxy in search for a...
Love isn't a chemical. (Rick x O.C.) (Rick and Morty fanfic) [Hold/maybe ended] by Beauty-Of-All
Love isn't a chemical. (Rick x O.C...by Abbie
This is a story about the two smartest beings in the universe. One is Rick Sanchez. The other is Lily Adams. These two are very similar, but they don't always share the...
The one true Morty by lgbtpride04
The one true Mortyby lgbtpride04
Morty has telekinetic abilities and he is very smart but he is alone. He was diagnosed with autism at an early age meaning his parents don't treat him with the love he d...
The Swap (A Morty Smith x Reader Story) by TheHalloweenHoe
The Swap (A Morty Smith x Reader S...by Marimaine
⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ I do NOT own any of the Rick and Morty characters. I am simply using the characters and shaking up the plot a bit. And by a bit I mean a lot. ~~ Y/N has a...
fun in space | rick sanchez   by tiredofmidnightblues
fun in space | rick sanchez by jack
*✧・゚: *✧・゚: fun in space ══ "boy, when we get there, we'll have fun in space" in which cassiopeia pines travels the multiverse with rick sanchez r. sanchez x f...
I AM GOD (Evil morty x Reader) by Toaster-Sama
I AM GOD (Evil morty x Reader)by Toaster-Sama
More then the world Evil Morty just wanted the beautiful girl by the name y/n .....But to what extent....well DUH read the book and find out!!!
The Young Rick (Rick Sanchez x Reader) by ItsTotalyBlue
The Young Rick (Rick Sanchez x Rea...by ItsTotalyBlue
Imagine a dimension where Rick is too young to have a Beth, meaning that Rick doesn't have somebody to go on adventures with (AKA no Morty). Now add yourself into the di...
Just A Star In A Galaxy.  Rick Sanchez x Reader                - RICK AND MORTY  by _anime_kitty_girl
Just A Star In A Galaxy. Rick San...by Kitsune
(Y/N) a girl with a dark past and not much to live for stumbles across a boy who introduces her to his grandfather and life soon becomes more interesting. (Smut / lemon...
Aww Geez! (Morty x Reader) (Complete) *2018* by milkteabunzz
Aww Geez! (Morty x Reader) (Comple...by Axel !
You move in a brand new house across from the Smiths, their son, Morty Smith, goes to the same school you will, you become friends, but will your friendship end up being...
Who knew? (A Morty X Reader Fanfiction) by bigbonibon
Who knew? (A Morty X Reader Fanfic...by bigbonibon
It's your typical story. You, the new girl enrols at a new school, you meet a strange, yet adorable little boy, and you become the best of friends with him. His family t...
Rick Sanchez x Shy Reader by Whyamihere69-72
Rick Sanchez x Shy Readerby YourFavoriteCannibal
Oh yeas dis a lemon OvO...btw this is my very first fanfic so I understand if it's not the best