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Regret // Rick Sanchez x OC by -Username084-
Regret // Rick Sanchez x OCby -Username084-
My daughter and I had a great life together. Playing music, bonding, avoiding Rick Sanchez. Everything was perfect. Until one day my daughter found a photo of Rick in hi...
Rick and Morty: Emma Smith by ladynoirisback
Rick and Morty: Emma Smithby ladynoirisback
Rick and Morty. My OC Emma is the third Smith child.
Agere Oneshot Book by Aphibibabe475
Agere Oneshot Bookby Your Average Reader
A collection of age regression short stories. Exactly what it sounds like.
As Real as it Gets by FlowerFreya
As Real as it Getsby Freya
[Rick Sanchez x reader] Love at first sight is something that only happens in movies and fairytales. It's not real, we all know that. Now imagine if you did fall in love...
Rick Sanchez x Reader - oneshots  by Webheadluv
Rick Sanchez x Reader - oneshots by Webz
Rick and Morty little oneshots/imagines I made cause we love him. Send in your request or any ideas for me to write more :)
Love isn't a chemical. (Rick x O.C.) (Rick and Morty fanfic) [Hold/maybe ended] by Beauty-Of-All
Love isn't a chemical. (Rick x O.C...by Abbie
This is a story about the two smartest beings in the universe. One is Rick Sanchez. The other is Lily Adams. These two are very similar, but they don't always share the...
what a waste - rick sanchez x reader by marswritesfics
what a waste - rick sanchez x read...by mars
after y/n comes home from camp early, she meets her best friends grandfather. an instant attraction occurring between the two. the tension puts a strain on her friendshi...
Rule #1 : No Love ( Rick x Reader )  by ForbidsBlossom
Rule #1 : No Love ( Rick x Reader...by liberated hoe
"What if the Mad Hatter and the Outlaw collide?" (Y/n) (L/n), also known as the Mad Hatter of the International Mental Asylum who was now locked in there...
fun in space | rick sanchez   by tiredofmidnightblues
fun in space | rick sanchez by jack
*✧・゚: *✧・゚: fun in space ══ "boy, when we get there, we'll have fun in space" in which cassiopeia pines travels the multiverse with rick sanchez r. sanchez x f...
Rick and Morty One-Shots by NobodyKnowsMeh
Rick and Morty One-Shotsby APersonWithNoName
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] Rick X Reader Morty X Reader Evil Morty X Reader Evil Morty X Reader X Morty Evil Rick X Reader Evil Rick X Reader X Evil Morty Rick X Reader X Mort...
Rick Sanchez x OC Fluff Oneshot Comic by Some_cutie_patootie
Rick Sanchez x OC Fluff Oneshot Co...by Some_cutie_patootie
So I made a little messy Rick and Morty fancomic. Contessa is the daughter of Mr. Goldenfold (so she's a little screwy at times), & she's also Morty's new English teache...
Rick X Reader by ruby_emolife
Rick X Readerby ruby
Rick x reader
Follow Me (Rick Sanchez x Reader) by ItsTotalyBlue
Follow Me (Rick Sanchez x Reader)by ItsTotalyBlue
17 year old reader lived a happy, normal life. She was bright, popular, and had everything and anything she ever wanted. That was until the galactic federation took over...
My Morty ( Evil Morty X Reader ) by XReaderinEvil
My Morty ( Evil Morty X Reader )by XReaderinEvil
Friending your next door neighbor. They're... alright, but there's more than that. You don't know the Smiths or anyone else in the whole universe. Who knows how your lif...
Twin Flames  by MorganAngel5
Twin Flames by MushyRompa
this is gonna be the most yummiest and sexiest smut I've ever made
A crack in reality. (Rick Sanchez male reader x rwby)  by Leohex11
A crack in reality. (Rick Sanchez...by Leo hex
A/n: I told you I was doing this story next. so be ready anyways onto the plot. oh also I don't own rick and morty or rwby. please support the original releases. When t...
Being Apart of the Smith Family by P4G3N0TF0UND
Being Apart of the Smith Familyby Error Code 404
Y/N Smith. Older sibling to Morty Smith, younger sibling to Summer Smith, child of Beth Smith and Jerry Smith and Grandchild of Rick Sanchez. They/them pronouns are use...
Portal jumping and lab coats?? | Rick and Morty x reader by ilumofly83
Portal jumping and lab coats?? | R...by Knight Light
... Fuck it... Blam! Y\N is in a universe\multiverse where Rick and Morty are just a show. But what happens when she's found by the citadel of Ricks and is needed to fil...
Rick Is A Friend (Rick Sanchez x Reader) by AFabulousWhale
Rick Is A Friend (Rick Sanchez x R...by Mary
It was a lonely day at work working alone in the coffee shop on Easter Sunday. Nobody had entered the shop for the whole day... until a tall man with blue scruffy hair a...
The adventures of Rick and Morty by Freckles1122
The adventures of Rick and Mortyby Freckles1122
You've seen the adventures of Rick and Morty with the rest of the Smith family, but did you know there was another sibling. No, well this sibling had inherited Rick's br...