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Claire Evans is a small town Indiana gal with a heart for adventure. When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, she runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just an...
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Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series 2) by addicted2dragons
Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series 2)by Melissa Mitchell
After fulfilling an Unbreakable Promise to Cyrus, Claire finally accepts her new life in Dragonwall. She has discovered a new purpose--a purpose she created for herself...
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Peter Parker x reader by Supermaxywaxy
Peter Parker x readerby Cheshire Cat
This is a Peter Parker/ spiderman x reader. The reader is an orphan and has the power to make portals. (Disclaimer: I don't own Spider-man or y/n. I only own the plot, t...
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Meeting Varian by quezzieee
Meeting Varianby uwu
[COMPLETED] It was hard for her. It was hard for him. Living in the world where she is hiding for the sake of herself. And living in a world where he is hated. If their...
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THE PHOENIX ∆ MCU by alopezking
"suit up " The embelkica is a powerful traveling Book. You Can travel to any realm or Travel back in time. The book was placed in Texas to find the Godde...
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Sired To The Vampire King [The Series] by Kamiyaf12
Sired To The Vampire King [The Ser...by Kamiyaf12
[MATURE AUDIENCES](Editing Stage) A 19 year old girl named Veronica Adams takes a walk through the woods and ends up seeing a vampire and she bites his neck getting kil...
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The Lost Elements by Phoebe1877
The Lost Elementsby Phoebe1877
This is the first real story I've written so please leave any and all criticism or suggestions about the story! Thanks for reading! (Under Major Editing)
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The Rising of the Shield Hero... But with a twist by PlumSwallow
The Rising of the Shield Hero... B...by PlumSwallow
"Where is Ainz-sama?!", is the question the floor guardians have been asking themselves. No one knows. And where might he be, you ask? Welp, he was dumb enoug...
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Interdimensional Romanoff by MPereira_T2
Interdimensional Romanoffby MPereira_T2
Elijah Romanoff is the 16 year daughter of Natasha Romanoff, the past Russian spy, and Avenger. She and her mother have never been close, but that could be because in El...
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Portals - A Minecraft Storymode Adventure by JasmynLophie
Portals - A Minecraft Storymode Ad...by JasmynLophie (Sophie/Willow)
You've all played Telltales' Minecraft Storymode, right? Ever wonder what adventures Jesse and the others might have had in those portals they discovered without us in E...
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COBALT: The Red Phantom - Pandemic Updates! by Spookyspackles
COBALT: The Red Phantom - Pandemic...by Spookyspackles
[Featured: EDITOR'S CHOICE] Káel didn't think his life could get worse after being abducted by an alien posing as a Russian exchange student. Until that 'one day' turned...
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Wendy Marvell of Konoha  by AliyahHeartfilia
Wendy Marvell of Konoha by Nashi Yukishi
Wendy was accidentally transported to Konoha. What will Fairy Tail do to get her back?
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Rick Sanchez x Reader Oneshots by QueenOfTheHallows
Rick Sanchez x Reader Oneshotsby ~=THE QUEEN=~
Smutt, fluff, lemons, you name it. Don't worry. I'll improve through time. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!
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Portals To The Anime World by Awesome_Day_Dreamer
Portals To The Anime Worldby Escapist
"It is impossible to go the Anime World." That is what they say. Actually, you can. If you are one of THEM. They roam the unkown, pass through portals, have un...
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Legacy by SavannabethChase
Legacyby Sav Rainbowstone
Aria Dragneel has spent her whole life beside her twin, Aquamarine, and her best friend, Liam. As one of the two youngest children of Natsu and Lucy, she grew up believi...
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💕Bandos opuestos💕 (Mikellino) by Stefa0611
💕Bandos opuestos💕 (Mikellino)by Lily PunPun
Unos bandos enemigos,deciden colarse en la casa del árbol de los portales... Solo un albino consigue colarse... Pero lo que no se espera, es que sienta algo más que amig...
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Beyond the Portals by DragonAlpha
Beyond the Portalsby Spencer Holmes
There comes a point in your life where you have to grow up. You can't hold onto the fantasies to keep you stable and need to see reality. To look up from the pages, or t...
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Shattered by NeonLightsPlayz
Shatteredby Neon LightsPlayz
It's a beautiful day outside, Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming, a beautiful day to play catch, what could go wrong? It been years since Lizzie freed the Wilders f...
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Frost by EdgemoonPR
Frostby Edge
Why does the Ice Queen have to be evil? For too long, the story been written all wrong. What if Gerda actually sought her out to help get Kai back from the Winter Sorce...
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Fringe of Time by SAHussey
Fringe of Timeby S. A. Hussey
"The storm is coming and with it brings another piece of time" Abernathy is a Shielder. Willow could be too, but she has to pass the tests to earn the title an...
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