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Two Souls [Mastermind Ishimaru] by hydra-san
Two Souls [Mastermind Ishimaru]by Kuthota
Ishimaru has always wanted to protect his friends, but to what extent will he go to not allow them to suffer?
SHSL Biker Gang Leader's Omega | Completed by TeecoTee
SHSL Biker Gang Leader's Omega | TeeCoTee
Art used for cover by (it's prolly not clickable.. idk how to type up their name :( but check them out :D their arts are cool) Ish...
Despair's Hell and Hopes Heaven [DISCONTINUED] by GumDropStories
Despair's Hell and Hopes Heaven [
This is a Danganronpa Fanfic. It's based on my opinion of what happens in the hell or heaven the students go to. ⚠️This isn't religious⚠️ This is based off of a Game/An...
Chatfic of the dead - a danganronpa fanfic i wrote 2 am ✔️ by Therainydayhero
Chatfic of the dead - a ALEC !!
bascially they die, then they have a groupchat. sounds like fun am i right? I'm sorry, I shall now use proper grammar and spelling and follow every writing rule we learn...
Arch Enemies or Forever Lovers? by Ishimondo_addict
Arch Enemies or Forever Lovers?by rox_in_a_box
Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Mondo Owada go to the same school but they are enemies... right?
Danganronpa THH chatfic  by x_eeyore_x
Danganronpa THH chatfic by 🌞💦🍯✈️🌻
non-despair AU makoto made a group chat for all of class 78 feel free to request different scenarios and stuff very very gay
【What If It Was Different?  (Ishimondo and Naegami Story)】 by Chemical-Soul
【What If It Was Different? ( ✖Kai Nanami✖
❗THIS BOOK HAS SPOILERS❗ What if mondo wasn't the one who killed Chihiro? What if Ishimaru's bonk to the head didn't kill him? What will happen? The original plot of dan...
Danganronpa THH Chatfic💋💋💋 by EddieLikesKazuichi
Danganronpa THH Chatfic💋💋💋by Eddie
Uh😳 hey shawty😆‼️ Take some info on this shart chatfic😕 This is a non-despair au grgrgrgr 😡😡 Currently their like second years (ig Komaru would be a first year⁉️ id...
~danganronpa chatfic~ by Zabala0z
~danganronpa chatfic~by Mondo kinnie 🧈
wow im so surprised people read this! anyways join everyone on this very weird chatfic! may be a few chapters of real life interaction and some of the chapters are inspi...
~Faker~ Mastermind Kiyotaka Ishimaru AU ~ Ishimondo by EuroWolfie
~Faker~ Mastermind Kiyotaka Euro Wolfie
WARNING - This contains spoilers for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc This is basically a Mastermind Taka AU with my own spin to it. I hope you enjoy this! There's also...
Family Comfort (Sequel to Comfort) by BuruBuki
Family Comfort (Sequel to Comfort)by BuruBuki
This is a sequel book to Comfort (Ishimondo Fanfiction). This will be about Mondo and Taka's life into taking care of their own family. It will tell the happenings of th...
With a Little Help from my Friends by valethra
With a Little Help from my Friendsby ⋆☾lesbian overlord☽⋆
COMPLETE. In which Kiyotaka and Mondo are such romantically inexperienced idiots that their friends are forced to intervene. Contains disgusting amounts of friendship, b...
Varsity Jacket - Ishimondo - High School AU by pypchaaaa
Varsity Jacket - Ishimondo - Pyper Hayden
While at a high school football game, Kiyotaka Ishimaru bumps into Mondo Owada, the school's resident "bad boy". His impression of him has already been tarnish...
CONTROLLED by Trashmouth_Tom
Mastermind ishimaru AU taka loves his friends and would do anything to make sure they survive... even if it means losing himself to despair. _ _ _ Inspired by: @hydra-sa...
[ What if ] Ishimaru died before Mondo by ellixipsis
[ What if ] Ishimaru died before Helena Pulido Aires
- DESCRIPTION: Headcanon in which Chapter 3 happened before Chapter 2 in Danganronpa "Trigger Happy Havoc". Tells the story about Mondo reacting to Taka's deat...
loverboy by Minecraftmaster42096
loverboyby 🍓🍌🌸🍑🍊🍒🌷
butter fricks a hall monitor | ishimondo mondo, the notorious teenage biker gang leader befriends hopes peak's righteous honors student. will his dangerous lifestyle ru...
Peace in Heaven (An Ishimondo Story) by kaitos_a_lesbian
Peace in Heaven (An Ishimondo Lo
An Ishimondo Fan Fic, Kiyotaka and Mondo are now with their classmates after their deaths in the horrible killing game. :p I know it's cheesy. SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA:...
Danganronpa Parents! by LoveKittenCats
Danganronpa Parents!by LoveKittenCats
This is a scenario book where you are the child to the characters of Danganronpa! *Spoilers for Daganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (1) This fanfiction has a FEMALE reader...
Eraser (Ishimondo)  by i_saw_everything
Eraser (Ishimondo) by Rita Bones
Yandere!Mondo story. Mondo Owada never truly cared for anyone, living his life with a heart of stone. But one day his classmate bravely stood up to him... and Mondo was...