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Adventure Awaits In Gravity Falls by LupinPinesLafayette
Adventure Awaits In Gravity Fallsby LupinPinesLafayette
Dipper and the rest of the gang are on a road trip to Gravity Falls to visit their close friends after three years. But some strange things happens when Dipper gets a ne...
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Into the Bottomless Pit by creatuveponies
Into the Bottomless Pitby Call Me Abi <3
One fateful morning, Mabel and Dipper fall into the bottomless pit again. But this time, they don't come out in exactly the same place they started in...
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A Reverse Falls Summer by HardyTwister
A Reverse Falls Summerby Hardy Taylor
Cover by: @BasicNerdLife Pacifica Southeast is coming to Gravity Falls and is planning to stay there for a whole summer with her uncle and cousin. Pacifica was having a...
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Reverse Love [Dipcest] +Discontinued+ by BlueCipher0
Reverse Love [Dipcest] Blue Leader
Dipper was sucked into the portal after the Government had left. He had gone downstairs to check the portal with Mabel, but the portal was malfunctioning at the time th...
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A Demon's Heart (Rev. Dipcifica Fanfic) by Ohjin_Obo24
A Demon's Heart (Rev. Dipcifica Ultimate Despair
I'm a merciless person. I kill, torture, and torment people. I never give mercy to others, even in my family. And my heart is more like an ice for I never feel the warm...
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UnWanted Reunion (UnWilling Roommates book 2) by cunzy4
UnWanted Reunion (UnWilling cunzy4
"I just want everything to go back to how it used to be..." Be careful what you wish for. In the aftermath of your impulsive deal with Tad Strange, you find y...
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Don't cry (Reverse falls/Gravity falls) by -_WillCipher_-
Don't cry (Reverse falls/Gravity Will Cipher
What happens when Will Cipher suddenly appears in Gravity falls when escaping from the Gleeful twins, What could go wrong?
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Rain or Shine (UnWilling Roommates book 2.5) by cunzy4
Rain or Shine (UnWilling cunzy4
A collection of one-shots and scenarios about Bill and Will. Takes place after the end of my book UnWanted Reunion, but it's a stand-alone book so you don't have to rea...
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A Demon's Mate (Bill Cipher x Reader) by KareenBlackVoid
A Demon's Mate (Bill Cipher x KareenVoidless
(Y/n) (m/n) (l/n), a small ten years old girl was sent to Gravity Falls by her parents for summer. She meets her cousins Mabel and Dipper and more people. She enjoys her...
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6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity Falls) by zazilks
6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity zazilks
[Warning there's no Billdip till later on in the story] (Also updates are super slow) Dipper and Mabel are now 19, Dipper has moved to gravity falls to stay in the Myste...
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Gravity Falls AUs by Destinydragon12
Gravity Falls AUsby there goes my sanity
Gravity Falls Alternate Universes! Most of them will be listed here! Recommend AUs in the comments! There are underrated and popular AUs alike here!
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CinderWill (Will Cipher x Reader) by cunzy4
CinderWill (Will Cipher x Reader)by cunzy4
Separated from her childhood friend Will, beautiful but bored Princess Y/N is determined to creatively reject every suitor who thinks he can win her hand. Meanwhile, Wil...
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Switched | A Gravity Falls and Reverse Falls Fanfiction ((On Hold)) by _lily_013_
Switched | A Gravity Falls and Lily 🌹
Dealing with Time is one thing, but Dealing with a Demon is another. When Dipper and Mabel have a terrible fight, a certain demon shows up to Mabel saying he can help...
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Can't love...(Dipper Gleeful x Reader) by Lucy_Lou42
Can't love...(Dipper Gleeful x ♡Lucy♡
You move away from your hometown, to a weird place called Reverse Falls. Your actually glad to have left, but sad to leave your best friend behind. Your main concern is...
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Between the Worlds by NoraHanson1
Between the Worldsby NoraHanson1
[*Completed*] The portal didn't seem to work anymore, Ford said. He destroyed it, he said. ...wrong. Oh he had no clue how wrong he was with that. Bill and Dipper, a cat...
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My Angel by HardyTwister
My Angelby Hardy Taylor
DipperGleefulxReader (I just edit the picture. None is mine only the halo and words is all I drew. The rest was just pictures i put together) (Y/N) have moved to a new t...
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Wounded  by thatrandomperson712
Wounded by Will ^^
The Gleefuls drained all his magic and did horrible things to him, he was discarded. William was dumped into another dimension into a town called Gravity Falls. He was a...
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It was you - {Billdip} by ohitscherio
It was you - {Billdip}by 𝑪
Six years later, after school mabel and dipper decides to go visit Grunkle stan like old times at the mystery shack. Everything is Great - Summer is good. until Dipper s...
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Unsolved Cipher | Billdip by GFBilldip_fan
Unsolved Cipher | Billdipby I'mInsane618
[Billdip (&Willdip) Fanfiction] [Book 1] [Slight Swearing, and A little bit Gory] Dipper needed to know what really Bill Cipher is. So he went to the stone Bill Cipher a...
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Our secret love| Willdip by Cielismysenpai
Our secret love| Willdipby Random_fanfics_yay
A romance between a demon and his master, sounds simple but can easily be an almost deadly secret. So what'll happen when Mason finds out Wills feelings? And will their...
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