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Leon Kennedy X Reader by _-Spyro-_
Leon Kennedy X Readerby Parker-6A5
(Y/N) Ortega was a normal girl, shes living with her best friend in Raccoon City. Without being able to afford college she had little options for jobs, and she struggled...
Everlong. (RE: V. Leon Kennedy x Reader) [Vol. 3] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Everlong. (RE: V. Leon Kennedy x Alcauter_
You're last wish was to see him down the road one more time. Its been years since you last saw him, wanted wants best for you--but are you really okay with that? As life...
Just Say When (Leon Kennedy x Reader) [ Vol. 4] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Just Say When (Leon Kennedy x Alcauter_
One Step Closer ( RE4: Leon Kennedy x Reader) [Vol. 1] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
One Step Closer ( RE4: Leon Alcauter_
Ashley Graham, The Presidents Daughter. Doesn't matter if she's famous or whatever, to you-- she's your best friend. Ashley convinced you to come visit her while she's...
Walk Among Wolves - [Leon Kennedy x Reader] by Yuuki241
Walk Among Wolves - [Leon Akari
(Continued from 'Still Here Years Later') [Book 3] One mission, one mission was all it took for you to suddenly be off the radar, four years go by and nothing no sightin...
Resident Lover by LostVoorhees
Resident Loverby LostVoorhees
A Resident Evil FanFic !CONTAINS SPOILERS! !CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Sheva Alomar X Male Reader [Y/N] had been serving the BSAA for a while, but when a new job offer cam...
Vengeance of the Crow-Resident Evil 5 by ArchangelLady
Vengeance of the Crow-Resident Star
(Read "Shady Promises" before reading this.) After all this time, you finally received the answers you've been waiting for. In exchange, you were to work wit...
ONE SHOT COLLECTION: Resident Evil by annamariavrtc
ONE SHOT COLLECTION: Resident Evilby Anna
A collection of one shots in Resident Evil's characters. WARNING: Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds. Contains graphic sex scenes, adult language and sit...
Resident Evil: Jill's Story by XdillydillyX
Resident Evil: Jill's Storyby Deedee Crawford
After Jill Valentine risks her life to save her partner, Chris Redfield, from Wesker. She is trapped in a world of hell she never thought was imaginable. As things grow...
Broken by MiroMoka1002
Brokenby Moka-chan
[Work In Progress] Jill Valentine risked her life to save her partner, Chris Redfield, from the hands of Albert Wesker. The man had to be stopped and if it meant putting...
Welcome to Africa by AssassinNovice72
Welcome to Africaby Assassin Novice
In the Country of South Africa, a virus has surfaced with an old enemy, the B.S.A.A and Washington Agent are sent into the country to eliminate the Virus and the creator...
"oroburied inside of you" wesker x reader by iistillgotit
"oroburied inside of you" wesker ok ahaha
this is a fucking joke fic but go off i guess
Benjamin Carmine meets Resident Evil by Jakeriley65
Benjamin Carmine meets Resident Jake Riley
Benjamin Carmine has been put through the worse, fresh out of boot camp begin assigned to delta squad alongside his hero Marcus Fenix. Unfortunately, Carmine fell out of...
The Sniper with Hazel Eyes by OzmaWesker
The Sniper with Hazel Eyesby Ozma Wesker
This is my fanfiction between myself and Piers Nivans. In this story, Piers survives the events of RE6. I've been working on this on my IG. It was a dream of mine. I don...
The Trials of Love by ShevaRedfield
The Trials of Loveby Makayla
16 year old Sheva Alomar just moved to America a couple of weeks ago. She is going to a new school and is very shy. Her mother told her about boys in America and not to...
What Comes First by ShevaRedfield
What Comes Firstby Makayla
Sheva Alomar is a single mom trying to adapt to her new life after a painful divorce. She moved to LA in hopes of starting over with her daughter. She wasn't looking for...
We All Have Battle Scars... by xladylexax
We All Have Battle xladylexax
This is about a girl named Julie and she is part of the BSAA. So when she has to go on a mission with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alamor.
Albert Wesker wants some chicken nuggies by CallieCalamari
Albert Wesker wants some chicken Callie Calamari
Aww hwe wawnts wis swome cwichem nwuggies Y u m