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Tim Burton Character Parent Scenarios by OliviaRzucidlo4973
Tim Burton Character Parent Scenar...by OliviaRzucidlo4973
The stories of how your favorite characters from the Tim Burton universe made you a part of their lives! Will you choose curious Jack Skellington, gentle Edward Scissorh...
Kostera & Blonsky by Anastazja_ily
Kostera & Blonskyby Anastazja_ily
Historia o niespodziewanej miłości ❤️ Historia o Juli i Kacprze #62- milosc - 17.12.2019 #84 - milosc - 24.11.2019
Książka różni się od moich poprzednich. Przedstawia bohaterów w innych sytuacjach, nie związanych z teamem X. Będzie ciekawie.
Szalone życie  by czarny_monsterek
Szalone życie by czarny_monsterek
Jak sama nazwa wskazuje ,,Szalone życie" Julii Kostery , Kacpra Błońskiego , Stuarta Burtona , Agaty Fąk , Marcina Dubiela , Lexy Chaplin , Michała Gały i Xaviera c...
Frankenweenie One-shots by Casper-Da-Ghost
Frankenweenie One-shotsby Simp 4 Alot of people
Any characters are excepted No smut people😪 The rest of the info will be in the first chapter because I'm not good at descriptions :) Paranormal fanfiction~~~
mad for a hatter | hattice ✅ by DisaHightopp
mad for a hatter | hattice ✅by Disa
"You know, I think I'm going mad for you." very cringe. !WARNING! May contain violence and blood. !I DO NOT OWN ALICE IN WONDERLAND OR THE CHARACTERS AT ALL...
💚BJ's Little Friend💚(Beetlejuice x OC)  by wtf_random_fandoms
💚BJ's Little Friend💚(Beetlejuice...by Wtf.Random.Fandoms
Your name is Alex Deetz and your Lydia's twin sister and are in the stage of grieve over your mother recently passing But as your father buys a new house in the country...
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic) by Eclair_Designs
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic)by Eclair_Designs
EX DEA Special Agent Cassidy Reed had gone through many hardships in her life. Dealing with the loss of her daughter, she ran away from her problems. Now in Santa Barbar...
Ghostie~ (Norman Babcock x reader: Paranorman Fanfic) by _Kim_Haru_
Ghostie~ (Norman Babcock x reader:...by Belle
Y/N L/N...the new kid. Well not the new kid to town...just the new kid to school. You see, Y/N had been homeschooled her entire life due to her...abilities....she could...
ocean eyes ☼ neal caffrey by chrisxevansxo
ocean eyes ☼ neal caffreyby chrisxevansxo
"I didn't mean to hurt you." "And yet, you did." AFTER SEASON 6
【Metallica Imagines/Preference】 by DARKFOX_Dreygon
【Metallica Imagines/Preference】by xXdark.dreygonXx
This is just what I imagine being with the Metalliguys is like. I write the reader as genderfluid, so everyone is included! Sorry if the guys are out of character, anywa...
Tales of Ninjala SFM by Jakiah08
Tales of Ninjala SFMby Jakiah08
This is tales of ninjala
Dark Shadows - Clementine by ShadowJalice
Dark Shadows - Clementineby ShadowJalice
After all that has happened, Angelique's 'sister', Clementine, tries to make up for everything that has gone wrong. She tries to befriend the Collins family, and helps t...
Dad's best friend (Johnny Depp x reader) by radrattruck
Dad's best friend (Johnny Depp x r...by Finley
Your dad, Tim Burton has been best friends with the well known Johnny Depp, if they've been friends for so long how come you've never met him? Well let's just say you wo...
Alice & Hatter One Shots by ghostee
Alice & Hatter One Shotsby ♡ DARLING ♡
Drabbles and one shots about Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' characters, Tarrant Hightopp and Alice Kingsleigh.
Of Gunshots And Forehead Kisses  [Psych AU] by PsyberPsych
Of Gunshots And Forehead Kisses [...by Ashlyn E. Reed
After a case where a young girl is left alone and is about to be put through the system, Shawn and Gus realize she is good to keep around. They make fun of her and they...
Ile to znaczy na zawsze?🎱🖤 |Zostań Moją Barbie II|  by malinqa196
Ile to znaczy na zawsze?🎱🖤 |Zost...by 😼✌🏻
Nie wiem jak to wyjdzie bo jestem totalną amatorką ale jedną część prowizorycznie napisałam więc i drugą dam radę!❤️
~Metallica Photo Album~ by DARKFOX_Dreygon
~Metallica Photo Album~by xXdark.dreygonXx
Basically just a collection of pictures of Metallica I have, I just wanna save them to.. somewhere so yea. Enjoy.
𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧 by sxfiemelo
𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧by sxftie
it's the year 2020. many years have passed and throughout those years he's been alone in his cold mansion..