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Edward Scissorhands by thelittleblackghost
Edward Scissorhandsby Boo!
Edward Scissorhands x Female Reader Based on the movie Edward Scissorhands (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color ...
Dad's best friend (Johnny Depp x reader) by radrattruck
Dad's best friend (Johnny Depp x r...by Finley
Your dad, Tim Burton has been best friends with the well known Johnny Depp, if they've been friends for so long how come you've never met him? Well let's just say you wo...
Corpse Bride Emily x Male Reader by Miserable-Wretch
Corpse Bride Emily x Male Readerby Robyn Young
Emily was terribly murdered at the hands of her ex-fiancé, and after being left for dead, all seemed lost for her romantic adventure. Until a young man ventured into the...
Second Chance (Edward Scissorhands x Reader) by ASnakesBentley
Second Chance (Edward Scissorhands...by Can'tStress
After moving into a new town, you hear about a monster that lived in the nearby castle. You are immediately interested, and decide to see the monster yourself.
Tim Burton Character Parent Scenarios by OliviaRzucidlo4973
Tim Burton Character Parent Scenar...by OliviaRzucidlo4973
The stories of how your favorite characters from the Tim Burton universe made you a part of their lives! Will you choose curious Jack Skellington, gentle Edward Scissorh...
Two Hearts One String ¦¦ Kirk Hammett by Idontuhknow
Two Hearts One String ¦¦ Kirk Hamm...by Idontuhknow
Kirk Hammett x Reader Kayla has been living with her stepmother for too long unfortunately. Her friend Jasper is gonna make her meet new people to ease her annoyance tho...
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic) by HOPE_PERALES
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic)by HOPE_PERALES
EX DEA Special Agent Cassidy Reed had gone through many hardships in her life. Dealing with the loss of her daughter, she ran away from her problems. Now in Santa Barbar...
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Hidden feelings | Kirk Hammett by BlackOofz
Hidden feelings | Kirk Hammettby a twist of lemon
Juliette and Kirk have been best friends all throughout high school, until the age of 18, where they have to part ways. When they meet each other unexpectedly a few year...
Somebody's on the Roof (Beetlejuice fanfic) by TheCosmicPebble
Somebody's on the Roof (Beetlejuic...by hannibal lecter kinnie
Lydia Deetz didn't want to pack up her life and move away. She knew the real reason why they were doing it. And when she meets a guy with a thing for stripes, she decide...
Azalea sīcārius Swan by aemersonBadass
Azalea sīcārius Swanby aemersonBadass
What is there was another Swan in the family she was the oldest, she was an assassin for Hydra until she was found by Natasha Romanoff and Clint Burton l. In order to ke...
ocean eyes ☼ neal caffrey by chrisxevansxo
ocean eyes ☼ neal caffreyby chrisxevansxo
"I didn't mean to hurt you." "And yet, you did." AFTER SEASON 6
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR editing) by ScaredToDeathMyLove
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR e...by Shelby
Cheyenne (25) didn't know what to do with her life, seeing as she was still being controlled by her parents, but everything changed when she met Ville, (a famous rock st...
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert Wesker by HatterReloaded
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert W...by Hatter
Alex is the first human to be tested with the Wonderland virus. Now she's to be tested in the Arklay Mansion alongside S.T.A.R.S. being led into the trap.
Alice & Hatter One Shots by ghostee
Alice & Hatter One Shotsby ♡ DARLING ♡
Drabbles and one shots about Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' characters, Tarrant Hightopp and Alice Kingsleigh.
Miracles happen all the time (book 3) by Andrea_ocean
Miracles happen all the time (book...by Andrea_ocean
After a while Leon and Anna found their way back to each other. They couldn't stay away for long their love was too strong and they tied the knot. They start to get thei...
Tales of Ninjala SFM by Jakiah08
Tales of Ninjala SFMby Jakiah08
This is tales of ninjala
Jack and Sally by TaliaJLopez
Jack and Sallyby Talia Lopez
Jack Skelling is a boy who's always gazed at the stars and the looming crescent moon that seemed to smirk at the way he thought about his position in Corps City. Should...
Realization (Batman x Catwoman) Batman Returns Fanfiction by RinzlerHero
Realization (Batman x Catwoman) Ba...by Rinzler Productions
Batman and Catwoman discover each other's true identities sooner than in the movie. Soon enough to prevent a tragedy? Read to find out more!
(TF) That Day by BeeMikeyToothless11
(TF) That Dayby CyberDork
Crosshairs and Bumblebee, who knew that these two would have a brother relationship? They didn't. But when these two are trapped alone while waiting for a rescue they fi...