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Wherever you go, I'll go: AOT: Mikasa X Male Reader: AOT   X   Resident Evil by dirk5176
Wherever you go, I'll go: AOT: dirk5176
Wherever you go.... I'll go... And I'll follow you to the end- Mikasa to Y/n Follow the story of Mikasa and Y/n in the Resident Evil 6 timeline as they were forced to s...
ETERNAL. 𓄼 𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑦 𝑑𝑖𝑚𝑖𝑡𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑐𝑢.  by -starlightwatch
ETERNAL. 𓄼 𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑦 𝑑𝑖𝑚𝑖𝑡𝑟� ㅤ
A young, misplaced traveler finds herself stumbling upon the Castle Dimitrescu. The mistress of the castle is kind enough to offer her shelter, but what is she getti...
Undead Talking (Resident Evil x Zombie Male Reader)  by Luzius1
Undead Talking (Resident Evil x Luzius1
Inside Racoon city, a zombie breakout happens and our protagonist (Y/n)....... Is dead. Well, undead. But instead of walking around aimlessly, trying to seek prey...
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟 by polterseok
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟by hoseok-pocus
•𝘣𝘰𝘰𝘬 1• Walking around and catching criminals was part of the job description...just not dealing with an apocalypse. "Well, it certainly wasn't in the fine pr...
Vengeance of the Crow-Resident Evil 5 by ArchangelLady
Vengeance of the Crow-Resident Star
(Read "Shady Promises" before reading this.) After all this time, you finally received the answers you've been waiting for. In exchange, you were to work wit...
A Kennedy Promise by theatricalroses
A Kennedy Promiseby Theatrical Roses
[Sequel to: Watch Over You] After the horrific incidents of Raccoon City in 1998, Juliet McKenzie published her big scoop on the truth behind Umbrella and the corruption...
I'm Fine || Leon S. Kennedy by himelotus
I'm Fine || Leon S. Kennedyby SunFlower
"Breaking news! A virus has broken out and has spread rapidly through the cities of Ireland! Please seek shelter now!" - Y/n Reed had decided to take some time...
Leon Kennedy imagines by -leonswifey
Leon Kennedy imaginesby ☹
Imagines with Leon Kennedy X fem!reader may include headcanons too!
The Raven Butterfly by finiarel
The Raven Butterflyby finiarel
Leon Kennedy a popular boy in the Racoon High, what would happen when he meet the eurasian transfer student? - Resident evil high school story, mostly Leon x Ada, also C...
 Biohazard : Village AU by Kazuken17
Biohazard : Village AUby CrossingWorld
An AU story of reader whom get lost in european village who believe in a mysterious figure call Mother Miranda.
Biohazard by scope127
Biohazardby scope127
(Takes place before and during the events of the Dragonet prophecy). Morrowseer has done some terrible things, but all in the name of his tribe, the Nightwings. Unfortu...
𝔾ℍ𝕆𝕊𝕋 𝕆𝔽 𝕐𝕆𝕌 by polterseok
𝔾ℍ𝕆𝕊𝕋 𝕆𝔽 𝕐𝕆𝕌by hoseok-pocus
•𝘣𝘰𝘰𝘬 2 𝘰𝘧 collusion• With the over looming sense of responsibility, y/n, has joined in order to make sure whatever happened to Raccoon City never happens again. ...
Chris Redfield x Reader One Shots by perplexedflower
Chris Redfield x Reader One Shotsby Lily Bee
This is a collection of one shots about Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, in which I will exclusively pair him with the Reader/you. Each chapter marks a new one shot.
I hope we can meet again (Leon Kennedy x Claire) by adriiiizu
I hope we can meet again (Leon adriiiizu
After everything that happened that day in the Harvardville Airport Leon, Angela and Claire , are about to say their goodbyes to each other ... Angela hopes to see Leon...
mint limeade by writer168
mint limeadeby a ninja
"Oh, Sakura's boyfriend," Kisame said. A particularly heavy groove thrummed through the speakers. Then he spat a mouthful of coffee all over his fuzzy slippers.
Piers x Reader: Resident Evil 6 by JuubeiChanXx
Piers x Reader: Resident Evil 6by NephilimCosplay
In this work I'm trying to write a story about the happening in the Resident Evil 6 Game including the Reader:D It's also related to my previous work:)
Genesis (ONC2022) by basketballdemon
Genesis (ONC2022)by Rita
✨Featured July 2022 on StoriesUndiscovered _ONC 2022 Longlist 🌼Cover by laylagriffin_ 🌼Third place winner in the Horror/ paranormal category of the Count Awar...
Piers x Reader - Life of a B.S.A.A. Soldier by JuubeiChanXx
Piers x Reader - Life of a NephilimCosplay
This is my very first fanfiction I've ever done! I'm kinda happy how it turned out, and I hope I will be able to continue writing it:D Also the stroy might not match the...
𝗔𝗙𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗗. ❛ claire redfield.  by -starlightwatch
𝗔𝗙𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗗. ❛ claire redfield. by ㅤ
❝ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ﹖" On a trip into the infamous Raccoon City you just happen to walk into the beginning of an outbreak of ravenous zombies and heinous experiments...
strawberry lemonade by writer168
strawberry lemonadeby a ninja
Leon Scott Kennedy had it embarrassingly bad for the back row kid with the pink hair. Meanwhile, Sakura Hoshigaki could only squint at her phone and wonder why she was g...