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It'll Be Fine | Chris Redfield by yjhariani
It'll Be Fine | Chris Redfieldby hariani
Rebecca Chambers: Something happened already between you and Chris? Amy Nivans: *Error 404: Not Found*
Chris Redfield x Reader by Tinacccc
Chris Redfield x Readerby Tina
A series revolving around two BSAA soldiers: Major (Name) Collins and Captain Chris Redfield. From fighting zombies and various creatures from the RE games on separate t...
The Dark Prince A Albert Wesker Story by KatlinNightstalker19
The Dark Prince A Albert Wesker KatlinNightstalker19
A huge earthquake reaches across the world. Albert Wesker decides to take a look and see what has happened and if he can use it for his own. What will he find? A young g...
Strange Comfort ( RE6: Leon Kennedy x Reader) [Vol. 2] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Strange Comfort ( RE6: Leon Alcauter_
Nine years. Nine years has passed since that incident. You can still remember it clearly, Ashley and you were taken to be hosts for some parasites. All of that is behind...
Resident Evil 7 One Shots by Lynn2425
Resident Evil 7 One Shotsby Nacho
ONE SHOTS...... and preferences....maybe because I need a life...
Saudade: Leon Kennedy x Reader by UwU_Moreen
Saudade: Leon Kennedy x Readerby Follow @Owo_Ok_Then
"When you saved me at that gas-station, I thought that you be my savior, not my demise. In the span of just a few hours, you have destroyed me, my ambitions, and my...
Resident evil, a new mistery (Continuation On Another ACC) by Darkside_dawn
Resident evil, a new mistery ( Shion_Memory
You know Leon Kennedy x reader Alex wesker x reader Chris redfield x reader I hope that you enjoy the story, and lemons
(Resident Evil) Male OC x Sherry Birkin by Foxy2357
(Resident Evil) Male OC x Sherry Prince Aiden Black
I haven't seen any fanfics where Sherry gets some love besides this one fanfic. I forgot the name, but Sherry needs more love so fuck it. Let's do this. Umbrella Corpora...
BLOODSTREAM.  (  resident evil 2  ) by astromedas
BLOODSTREAM. ( resident evil 2 )by ˗ˏˋ 𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚔𝚊 ˊˎ˗
❝ i think i might've inhaled you, i can feel you behind my eye. ❞ [leon s. kennedy x oc] copyright © @astromedas
My dear childhood best friend by smexyseal
My dear childhood best friendby Aproudsimp
Taylor Redfield,a 16 year old girl who haven't seen her guy best friend Elijah Rodriguez since they were 11. There moms are best friends. Now she needs to stay at Rodrig...
RE: Dead Days - Chris Redfield by Odd_Apocalypse
RE: Dead Days - Chris Redfieldby Oki
Zombies are tearing across Jessica's home town. Only able to rely on her wits, she's not sure if she'll manage to survive. But when she runs into a fellow know as Chris...
Hidden (Piers Nivans) by an_awk0_kitty
Hidden (Piers Nivans)by an_awk0_kitty
"But Piers... he died, didn't he?" I am not affiliated with Resident Evil/ Capcom, nor do I own either.
Sexual Energy & the Law of Attraction by Paul-Townsend
Sexual Energy & the Law of Paul Townsend
Ever wonder why the Law of Attraction only works sometimes. Or worse, never works at all. Let me be the first to say that every coincidence is a manifestation of the Law...
kook princess  by layla_20193
kook princess by layla_20193
Kiara had a twin sister. The kook princess. Well she was until she met him.....
Project A.W by NinjaOfTheShade
Project A.Wby NinjaOfTheShade
To other's she's the niece of Albert Wesker but to him she's just another experiment ready for the field. She was trained with other S.T.A.R.S members, trained to be a p...
I found you. {Nivanfield} by NoNaMeS6666
I found you. {Nivanfield}by NoNaMeS6666
Chris was on a mission to find a hostage held by the Juavos. To later on, join the B.S.A.A.
Remnant Evil 1 (Summer Rose x Male Redfield Reader) by DamonDillinger
Remnant Evil 1 (Summer Rose x dalv6452
This is just some random story I thought about.
Chris Redfield x Reader by DesirousFool316
Chris Redfield x Readerby Reaperina
Y/n Redfield is the wife of Chris Redfield. Chris has thought for years that Y/n and their son Chase were killed by Wesker, but he was wrong. They have been fighting to...
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert Wesker by HatterReloaded
↑↓ The Strength in You ↑↓ Albert Hatter
Alex is the first human to be tested with the Wonderland virus. Now she's to be tested in the Arklay Mansion alongside S.T.A.R.S. being led into the trap.
The Hunter by TheAgent88
The Hunterby Expendable Asset
Predator X Resident Evil A young Elite Predator finds himself in a chaotic and conflicted Earth of all places after being banished from his clan and escaping death from...