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motivation - albert wesker x reader by shinyroach
motivation - albert wesker x readerby worm food
• resident evil 1 - 5 • Diana Winters is a young woman hailing from a town near the industrialized Raccoon City; her achievements in the field and perplexing skills catc...
Leon Kennedy X Reader by _-Spyro-_
Leon Kennedy X Readerby Parker-6A5
(Y/N) Ortega was a normal girl, shes living with her best friend in Raccoon City. Without being able to afford college she had little options for jobs, and she struggled...
The Immortality Virus by Red_Leasia
The Immortality Virusby BrightStar
Six months after a deadly viral outbreak in China threatened the world a hot-headed mercenary, hiding out in Yemen, discovers the woman who rescued him is now herself th...
Everlong. (RE: V. Leon Kennedy x Reader) [Vol. 3] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Everlong. (RE: V. Leon Kennedy x R...by Alcauter_
You're last wish was to see him down the road one more time. Its been years since you last saw him, wanted wants best for you--but are you really okay with that? As life...
The Man Who Became A Monster (Male Wesker Reader x Overwatch) by -_Rafael_-
The Man Who Became A Monster (Male...by Rafael Matsumoto
Notice: In this story, there will be no infection or any virus that will lead extinction... Description: Y/N L/N, Gabriel Reyes, and Jack Morrison are once best of frie...
Now who's the monster (RWBY x Betrayed Wesker male reader) by Dmcsage
Now who's the monster (RWBY x Betr...by Ha ha Hammer go WACC
Y/n L/n was a boy who joined BEACON to become a Huntsmen but who's life would take a turn. During his time their he was beaten by almost everyone. One day he along with...
Resident Evil One Shot  by RobenChan3
Resident Evil One Shot by Roben Chan
These are some one shots about Resident Evil characters. Hope you like it.😊 All of the stories are from my imagination. I don't write lemons cause I hate it. Sorry 😜 ...
Resident Evil (Headcanons, Imagines, etc.) by 1ssa-Otaku-Mayu
Resident Evil (Headcanons, Imagine...by Alpha_Bear
This is all for fun. I don't own Resident Evil nor you. Enjoy! 🩸🧟‍♂️🩸🧟‍♂️🩸 Everything goes down hill when zombies, monsters, and many horrid creatures were raising...
resident Evil: son of prototype ( resident Evil x male son of Mercer x crossover by Arthurpendragon285
resident Evil: son of prototype (...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Alex Mercer, the original bio weapon that infected the city but worse of all, help the umbrella corporación spread the virus and of all Places, Alex and Wesker ( a forme...
Wesker X Reader by Nixxonn
Wesker X Readerby Jeann Hannah
Wesker X reader, come onn does it need a description?
The Tyrants Reign (Wesker X Reader) Completed by 8YellowPage
The Tyrants Reign (Wesker X Reader...by 8YellowPage
"No matter where you run you can't hide from me. No matter what you become you can't stop me. Everything you see it's because of me. Every day you live is because I...
Resident Evil Revival by noahfangdart96
Resident Evil Revivalby NoahJames
Steve Burnside Wakes after 15 years of hibernation, unsure of himself or what he has become. As he finds himself inside an "officially" abandoned Umbrella faci...
Deep Below by SelenaCloud
Deep Belowby SelenaCloud
Deep below the city...the ground is the high tech place called the hive. My name is Madelyn and Im one of there test subjects. I hated my job and I always felt pain. I h...
Resident evil, a new mistery (Continuation On Another ACC) by Darkside_dawn
Resident evil, a new mistery (Cont...by Shion_Memory
You know Leon Kennedy x reader Alex wesker x reader Chris redfield x reader I hope that you enjoy the story, and lemons
Topside: Realm of the Onion by Tankasaurus
Topside: Realm of the Onionby BoozeInspector
Sporking: Stones to Abbigale. A book so bad it misspells it's title character's name. Also, wtf does it even mean, Greg? Guest starring Kitty's criminal psychology profe...
Albert Wesker x Christopher Redfield: Resident Evil Love Story Fanfiction??? by WiskerWesker
Albert Wesker x Christopher Redfie...by TwilightZone
I deleted the first one because it looked liked it didn't make any sense. Also this story came from a thing I gave for my club. Also everyone knows I can NEVER own these...
Daddy Wesker Loves you  by 8YellowPage
Daddy Wesker Loves you by 8YellowPage
As a young girl you have lacked a father figure in your life. But when you ran away from home only to be rescued by the S.T.A.R.S members of the BSAA your whole world wa...
Resident Evil: The Choice I Have To Make by KillerCIPI
Resident Evil: The Choice I Have T...by KillerCIPI
You are a Patrol Officer in the Raccoon City Police Department and have been given the chance to join S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. The main events of the story play out the sa...
I Will Make You Worthy... / Albert Wesker X Reader by RavioliCloudDinosaur
I Will Make You Worthy... / Albert...by Johe Flutasia
(Art is not mine. Female readers only.) Not too long ago, you took a job at Umbrella when it was still around. Wesker offered you to work for him and you accepted. One d...
Fuck, I'm Gay. <Wesker X Male reader> by Nixxonn
Fuck, I'm Gay. by Jeann Hannah
just a Wesker x reader but it's gay ad.