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vmin relates by ranpoes
vmin relatesby inactive
only vmin stans can relate. © ranpoes bruh i wrote this two years ago i've no idea what this really is
Team Fortress 2 Bullshitery by Whiteheron55
Team Fortress 2 Bullshiteryby Ya Boii Heron
Just Your Normal Book Filled With Randomness and shite ton of TF2
Crush Problems » Makaka-relate ka by Ihateannoyingpeople
Crush Problems » Makaka-relate kaby thicc bich
Yung' feeling na alam ni crush na may crush ka sakanya! >.< Crush Problems! sigurado makaka-relate ka!
KPOP Random Shits by baeked_
KPOP Random Shitsby CB trashcan
Listen to kpop. It feels good. Let a little bit of kpop in your life. It feels better. Stan kpop. It's life. ◆◇◆ Kpop memes, relates, rants, tag, random shits, multifand...
Theatre Kid Relates by FrozenSolidPink
Theatre Kid Relatesby FrozenSolidPink
Only theatre kids will truly understand
Bangtanology by sunshineeomma
Bangtanologyby sunshine eomma
thank God for these seven dorks, amen.
+Rants+ by toxic_fallen_angel
+Rants+by Unicorn (Duh)
This is a book full of relatable topics that will make you say the word "SAME" in every chapter.
Harry Potter fan relates by KrisDayrit
Harry Potter fan relatesby Kris Dayrit
Everything a Harry Potter fan will relate to.
well basically hi u guys this is my new story that im writing and i hope u like it cuz its my very first one so u know ENJOY
Daughter of a god by marsnows
Daughter of a godby marsnows
13 year old Kayla is just a normal person. She's going to school, Doing homework, hanging out with best friends. Then suddenly everything changes and she can never go ba...
Music Is Life by 911-420-OOO
Music Is Lifeby 911-420-OOO
Music that can basically relate to everyone. You just don't know by the beat but....just read the book
Teens! by nevermind902
Teens!by donutzz_
a compilation of relatable weird teen shit
Not just bestfriends(discontinued) by dancing_rain12
Not just bestfriends(discontinued)by dancing_rain12
Penelope and Ed (Edwin)have been bestfriends since they were eight and only bestfriends, but after the summer break for six form, Penelope has turned practically into a...
Something To Remember by BlazeWalker
Something To Rememberby AuthorUnknown2021
#801 IN SHORT STORY! As Of July 30, 2017! "Is there any chance of our daughter waking up? Please tell me there is. We need her. We can't live with out her!" He...
Thoughts. by dreaminginwardly
#16 Chae
This is a collection of unrelated pieces. Some pieces are short stories to entertain, some are short stories to inspire thought, and some are merely thoughts. Some pie...
Teen Posts by avawinchester5sos
Teen Postsby Ava
Aye! This is a story of teen posts and relates!!!! Don't worry.... It will be very very long. I did not come up with any of these, so I give credit to who ever made them...
Relates posts by spoopybix
Relates postsby ian
"It's a gymnast thing" by lexie_mariexox
"It's a gymnast thing"by lexie_mariexox
" It's a gymnast thing " is a book full of gymnastics relates, confessions, and everything related to gymnastics! Even my own personal stories too! Hope you e...