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Widow's Second Chance (Book 1) by melodyscrow
Widow's Second Chance (Book 1)by melodyscrow
Charlotte Balfour has wanted to do something more to thank Arthur for saving her, but nothing has presented itself until she finds him dying on a mountain. Can her affec...
Troubled Past • Jack Marston  by Commissarz
Troubled Past • Jack Marston by Commissarz
"John? The hell are you doing here?" "Name's Jack, not John." After killing Edgar Ross and a big amount of lawmen, Jack is going to be hanged in pub...
Mí amor: A Javier Escuella story by Canned_Chicken_Soup
Mí amor: A Javier Escuella storyby Canned_Chicken_Soup
With a name like Victoria Adams you'd assume her to be refined, kind and polite. Born of an upper class and spoilt rotten. However, the real Victoria Adams was quite the...
Family in Shambles by KeanaCalandrino3
Family in Shamblesby Keana Calandrino
She had been going it alone for three years, since her mother had passed away. She had been learning to survive and doing what she NEEDED to do to survive, no matter the...
Rdr2 preferences and imagines  by mrs_floyd
Rdr2 preferences and imagines by mrs_floyd
Marston Arthur Javier Sean Charles (Now with Dutch!)
Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Redemption 2) by VanDerLinde87
Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Red...by VanDerLinde87
Dutch Van Der Linde, and Arthur Morgan, John Marston.... Well, they were real historical people, Dutch and Arthur being Celina Knoll's favorite Wild West outlaws. Red De...
•cold• Javier Escuella x reader by casual__fridays
•cold• Javier Escuella x readerby Alex
this story takes place in the red dead redemption games and begins with the second one I love these two games so why not make a fanfic of it? it starts off in the blizza...
The Gangs Little Pet--- Rdr2 X Wolf by joycecruzquintero
The Gangs Little Pet--- Rdr2 X Wolfby joycecruzquintero
The cold air bit your fur, the harsh winter, and the constant dogfighting and abuse took a toll on your weak body, making it smaller than most wolves your age. One day y...
Red Dead Redemption x Male Reader by rdr2forgoty2018
Red Dead Redemption x Male Readerby Azusa Best Girl
What the title says. The Red Dead series belongs to Rockstar Games.
Partner (Micah Bell) by we_all_have_secrets_
Partner (Micah Bell)by Daxton Winchester
Ashley Black has been with the van der Linde gang for a while now, Dutch took her under his wing like he had done for many before. Ashley felt at home in the gang quickl...
Red Dead Redemption, Sadie Adler X Male Reader by herbalmite97
Red Dead Redemption, Sadie Adler X...by C
The year is 1899. The era of the old west. The United States government has been developing laws that a lot of people don't seem to like. This creates countless gangs of...
Thick As Thieves ~ {Arthur Morgan x reader} by Snufmiin
Thick As Thieves ~ {Arthur Morgan...by Trash
A 29 year old girl called (Y/N) had been on the run from the law since she was 16. Killing robbing stealing everything she could to survive. Sure, she didn't like the l...
Lost Family (Dutch Van der Linde X Reader) by chaotic-teiflings
Lost Family (Dutch Van der Linde X...by Chaotic
Several years before the Robbery in Blackwater, Dutch had a one-night stand with a unknown woman. But some years later the woman was murdered and a certain someone is se...
'Escuella' - A Javier Escuella x Reader story by MushroomGravy
'Escuella' - A Javier Escuella x R...by 𝓑
A book to get me over my Javier fever! When you're found in an O'Driscall hideout by a few members of the Van Der Linde gang, they're left no choice but to adopt you int...
Miss Orléans / Arthur Morgan x OC by Havenesa
Miss Orléans / Arthur Morgan x OCby Havenesa
Elizabeth Orléans comes from a background of unimaginable wealth from her father. Raised in the life of luxury, she adored her parents and was always a respectable littl...
LAST CHANCE → sean macguire ✔ by ssadboyhours
LAST CHANCE → sean macguire ✔by ᴋᴀꜱꜱ
r.d.r.2 " outlaws 'til the end, boys " the story of how a foolish girl winds up in the worst predicament of her life -- being in love with an outlaw or in whi...
𝓕𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭•Charles Smith X Reader by HOE_ALERT
𝓕𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭•Charles...by HOE_ALERT
Y/n L/n, a strong independent woman. A bounty hunter, and a new gang member of the Van der Linde gang. Her bounty that got her caught in this mess was the infamous Charl...
"Partner in Crime" by Lenaah_
"Partner in Crime"by Lenaah_
You're an assassin that joined Dutch Van Der Linde's group a couple years ago after a failed attempt to assassinate Colm O' Driscoll. It wasn't easy, but you were able t...
RUNNING WILD [JOHN MARSTON] by outlawmarston
Rosalie Bell started running with her brother months before the Blackwater incident. With a troubled past, she hoped for a better life in the Van der Linde gang. John Ma...
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ONESHOTS & S...by ihavelumbago
stories about the characters of rdr2 some smut!! send me requests in the comments - arthur morgan - charles smith - micah bell - javier escuella - sadie adler - sean...