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Family in Shambles by KeanaCalandrino3
Family in Shamblesby Keana Calandrino
She had been going it alone for three years, since her mother had passed away. She had been learning to survive and doing what she NEEDED to do to survive, no matter the...
Widow's Second Chance (Book 1) by melodyscrow
Widow's Second Chance (Book 1)by melodyscrow
Charlotte Balfour has wanted to do something more to thank Arthur for saving her, but nothing has presented itself until she finds him dying on a mountain. Can her affec...
Is It Wrong To Get Redemption In A Dungeon?  by liveordiemakeachoice
Is It Wrong To Get Redemption In liveordiemakeachoice
Basically a DanMachi and Red Dead Redemption 2 crossover fan fiction
a US Marshal and the Van Der Lind Gang by RDR2Marshal
a US Marshal and the Van Der Marshal
(Y/N) a Current US Marshal and bestfriend of Jake Adler receives news of his marriage and decides to pay his old friend a visit but what he finds shakes him to the core...
Anastasia // Red Dead Redemption 2 by lindsayyyycurtis
Anastasia // Red Dead Redemption 2by Lindsay
{OCxArthurMorgan} 𝓈𝓂𝓊𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔
The rouge gunslinger by garbagebag360
The rouge gunslingerby Canister
Lilith hale had a bad day, it took another turn for the worst when she returned home to find an old friend accompanied by a rough looking group. Will she get along with...
The lost spark in your eyes //RDR2 // Arthur Morgan by DifferentWorld567
The lost spark in your eyes // DifferentWorld567
Katie Collins has been a part of the Van der Linde Gang for most of her life and is happily engaged with Arthur Morgan. But with Dutch's failed plan in Blackwater she ge...
Javier's Chico by javierescuellaaa
Javier's Chicoby javierescuellaaa
The Van Der Linde gang has two new members, a Mexican revolutionary, and his two-year-old son.
Arthur Morgan x John Marston by Dolcid
Arthur Morgan x John Marstonby Dolcid
"Anything for you pretty boy" "I'm not a pretty boy" "You're my pretty boy" (Art cover is not mine! credits to original owner)
Outlaw - Born & Bred by MichelleTorlot
Outlaw - Born & Bredby Michelle Torlot
Casie Mallard is 12 years old. She's only ever know the life of an Outlaw with her Father. When her Father is Hung by the Sheriff in Valentine who holds a grudge. She ha...
Of Sons and Daughters (Arthur Morgan/Female OC) by writehavoc
Of Sons and Daughters (Arthur writehavoc
Arthur is tasked by Dutch to watch over a young woman who had just lost the last member of her family she had left. That young woman just so happens to be the daughter t...
Hang Em' High  [RDR2 X FEM!Reader] by hufflepuffsfinest
Hang Em' High [RDR2 X FEM!Reader]by Mentally not here
Y/n has been kidnapped and tortured by a gang of crooks when suddenly she gets saved. Will she get revenge? What happens when the farm yard girl joins a gang of outlaws...
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morgan x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur RJ
After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty...
Red Dead Redemption 2 : The Witch Doctor Arthur Morgan x OC by DekuExplosion0
Red Dead Redemption 2 : The Deku U. Explode
Oceans Auray or to the people of Valentine 'The Witch in the Mountains'. Not that Oceans mind since by all accounts she is a witch, but that isn't the only thing she is...
Just in Time by MichelleTorlot
Just in Timeby Michelle Torlot
A freak accident with Francis Sinclair's time travelling device, causes Dutch Van Der Linde, Arthur Morgan and Micah Bell to be catapulted in time to 2019. How will the...
may i stand unshaken [Arthur Morgan × OC] by pain__j
may i stand unshaken [Arthur Anastasia Moor
I ran away from one family and ended up in another. For many years I grew up with criminals, bandits and thieves, who became closer to me than anyone else. But this Arth...
Red dead redemption preferences and one-shots and others by Thecreepypasta121
Red dead redemption preferences Just your average simp
I do take requests, and all credit goes to rockstar for making these amazing characters
Black Dead Redemption by WitcherLevi
Black Dead Redemptionby WitcherLevi
Male Reader x Red Dead Redemption
Partner (Micah Bell) by we_all_have_secrets_
Partner (Micah Bell)by Daxton Winchester
Ashley Black has been with the van der Linde gang for a while now, Dutch took her under his wing like he had done for many before. Ashley felt at home in the gang quickl...
silent love { Dutch Van Der Linde x Reader } / rdr2 by wildwest56
silent love { Dutch Van Der 𝒮 ❥
ever since your family was killed by a gang of outlaws, you've lived your life on the run. you had to learn to survive on your own and protect yourself. never staying in...