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ѕσυтнєяи вєℓℓє Ⓐ Ⓒⓗⓐⓡⓛⓔⓢ Ⓧ Ⓡⓔⓐⓓⓔⓡ Ⓢⓣⓞⓡⓨ by minamvz
ѕσυтнєяи вєℓℓє Ⓐ Ⓒⓗⓐⓡⓛⓔⓢ Ⓧ Ⓡⓔⓐⓓⓔⓡ leah <3
A half-bred girl is looking for a place of solitude and warmth after watching her parents murdered and her being kidnapped. She doesn't know it yet, but her life of pain...
RDR2: Faithless by LupinsWerewolf
RDR2: Faithlessby Molls
"Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." Ann Wright was only a few months old when she was found outside Saint Denis, discarded and forgotten...
His Little Girl | Micah bell X Oc by Nunussy
His Little Girl | Micah bell X Ocby Charthur 😏
"She was a mother. A sister. An aunt. A friend and a wife." Vanessa Levine or other known as "baby" was a strong independent mother with a history th...
Red Dead Redemption II Preferences and Oneshots 2 by we_all_have_secrets_
Red Dead Redemption II Daxton Winchester
Red Dead Redemption 2 preferences and Oneshots Preferences include: Arthur Dutch Micah Charles Javier Sean Hosea Kieran John Lenny Bill Strauss Sadie Trelawny Swanson ...
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // Arthur Morgan X Reader|| by FeedMeFryes
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // 🏎️
(Arthur Morgan X Female Reader) 'Love in a hurricane, Playing a Dangerous game...' You are a newly adopted rescue into the Van der Linde gang after being held hostage b...
Red dead redemption II imagines  by arthurmorgansbitch
Red dead redemption II imagines by arthurmorgansbitch
I did not write these!! These are all from tumblr!! I just figured we could use more red dead All the imagines will have the tumblrs users name
RDR2 headcanons & one-shots by amyxjay
RDR2 headcanons & one-shotsby AJ
Things that I write on tumblr shared onto wattpad :) send requests to vanderiinde on tumblr
Red Dead Redemption Imagines by WarHorseFilly
Red Dead Redemption Imaginesby Filly
This is a book containing imagines, fluffs, one-shots, and possibly even smut in the future of Arthur Morgan, John Marston, and the rest of the many characters of RDR an...
Red Dead Redemption 2 X Reader Modern!Au by AnotherChildOfGod
Red Dead Redemption 2 X Reader JaviHoe#9999999
Random oneshots about the vanderlinde gang in modern times, fluffy/smutty/nsfw....
RUNNING WILD [JOHN MARSTON] by outlawmarston
Rosalie Bell started running with her brother months before the Blackwater incident. With a troubled past, she hoped for a better life in the Van der Linde gang. John Ma...
rdr2 oneshots + preferences by Livie_Writes
rdr2 oneshots + preferencesby olive
requests open ! any character any style (chubby, shy, daughter, sister, etc) smut included & other mature themes
Birds of a Feather II by melodyscrow
Birds of a Feather IIby melodyscrow
The gang has survived worse than this. Friends killed, money lost, and trouble still chasing them. But they were together as a family again and that should be all that m...
Troubled Past • Jack Marston  by Commissarz
Troubled Past • Jack Marston by Commissarz
"John? The hell are you doing here?" "Name's Jack, not John." After killing Edgar Ross and a big amount of lawmen, Jack is going to be hanged in pub...
Rdr2 Oneshots  by 2ky2olo
Rdr2 Oneshots by 2ky2olo
different drabbles with my fav rdr2 characters (mainly charles probably I love him) P.s I don't really write smut so and I really appreciate requests :)
The Gunslinger's Daughter || A Red Dead Redemption 2 AU by wassupitsalex
The Gunslinger's Daughter || A Zero<3 | He/They
Iris Morgan - Daughter of Arthur Morgan, and.. a random woman he got drunk with at the Valentine Saloon and decided to take back to a hotel room. After she was born, 14...
Red Dead Redemption One Shots by Multiaudioedit
Red Dead Redemption One Shotsby Multiaudioedit
A collection of Red Dead Redemption one shots and short stories, hope you enjoy.
RDR2 Imagines by VanDerLinde87
RDR2 Imaginesby VanDerLinde87
Imagines based on RDR2 and my story 'Van Der Linde Savior'. These imagines are strictly fictional even in the world of 'Van Der Linde Savior' and are made to reflect how...
RedDead One-Shots! by Red_Dead_Rebilious_2
RedDead One-Shots!by Alex<3
I will write anything as long, it includes the characters from RedDeadRedemption2, such as Arthur Morgan, Dutch Van Der Linde, John Marston, Hosea Matthews and so on. R...
On The Gang (Author X Red Dead Redemption 2) by Markahomie
On The Gang (Author X Red Dead Markahomie
Alex Roberts is a 16 year old gunslinger, he joined the gang with his older sister Abigail when he was 11, Abigail was 17 when she joined the Van Der Linde Gang, and she...
The Lost Unknown Children of Van Der Linde by Alex_HU_Fan99
The Lost Unknown Children of Van Alex_HU_Fan99
When Dutch and Arthur Lost Their Beloved Lovers, They Thought They Lost All Of Their Hopes and Dreams. But What If Annabelle Had Two Children That Dutch Van Der Linde Ne...