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Assistant  by inurmomsputhy
Assistant by Tristan
"Mr.Adams? You're too close"
Billie and Brandon: Desire the Mission by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Desire the Bleauchroma
Billie is forced to move from New York to LA and move in with her moms friends family. That friend has a son. Sure he's an asshole and a player but when she gets a bet t...
Billie and Brandon: Unpredictable Circumstances by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Bleauchroma
When Billie falls pregnant as a seventeen year old in high school she is forced to make decisions about her life, love and future.
Detective O'Connell  by gayonlyforbil
Detective O'Connell by deby ☘️
What happens when the highly respected detective O'connell falls in love with one of the witnesses to a murder case she's solving? In the middle of a toxic marriage and...
Oh god, I want you now  by EilishmeSeven
Oh god, I want you now by sevendaysinlimbo
idk this is just what i would want to see in a billie and brandon fan fic
Billie and Brandon: It requires time by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: It requires Bleauchroma
Not all relationships ended in happy endings.
too late by williameyelashh0
too lateby williameyelashh0
I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THE FIRST 13 CHAPTERS #1 on mtvsevemamp may 16, 2020. this is a billie and que fanfic
Billie and Brandon: Untamed by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Untamedby Bleauchroma
Billie lives in a very small conservative early 20th century western town at the ripe age of 19, where all women do her age is get married, pop out a few children and wa...
Future Queen by gayonlyforbil
Future Queenby deby ☘️
After losing her older brother, prince Finneas, princess Billie finds out she'll be the next queen, and between countless parties for future queens and kings, and traini...
Billie and Brandon: The way we've always been by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: The way we' Bleauchroma
Billie never believed in relationships. Until one day when she meets this mysterious man. She knows that maybe her family wouldn't love him, but that makes her want him...
Brandon and Billie: Oneshots by SevenandBillie
Brandon and Billie: Oneshotsby Bleauchroma
Random Billie and Brandon one-shots ranging from sweet and dicey to fun and flirty to angsty and depressing!
new teacher 2 by gayonlyforbil
new teacher 2by deby ☘️
read book 1 first 🥰
YOU ARE BETTER TOGETHER  by billieblondeangel
YOU ARE BETTER TOGETHER by billieblondeangel
The famous singer Billie Eilish and the basketball player Brandon Adams are in a relationship, but why? Their managers decide that if they are a couple in front of the a...
Billie & Seven: 2 by gayonlyforbil
Billie & Seven: 2by deby ☘️
read "billie & seven" first, or you wont understand
Let me love you by idcwillow
Let me love youby idcwillow
Brandon x Billie will Brandon ever love Billie will Billie ever be love .Billie just move from Connecticut to California for her parents work and she's not adjusting t...
i need some neck :( by eilishthrowbackss
i need some neck :(by eilishthrowbackss
a story of a relationship that could've been real today but isn't.
unsolved  by lipsmeet
unsolved by lipsmeet
brandon adams,the most popular guy in school turns pretty lonely when his girlfriend ,billie O'Connell dies from an unsolved murder. this story includes rape,sex,murder...