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skin and bones by rxmination
skin and bonesby niv
❝hey, what's that?❞ ❝n-nothing.❞ ❝ that a food diary?❞ ➵ Nevaeh Anderson has been struggling with anorexia since the beginning of the school year. Sh...
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Hinata, NO! by KingSilver47
Hinata, NO!by Alexis S. Silver
Kageyama notices that Hinata has been acting weird. Certain objects has gone "missing". Sometimes there were teeth marks on random objects like paper or pencil...
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A Guide to Eating Disorders by Project-ED
A Guide to Eating Disordersby #ProjectEatingDisorders
This book will have tips, advice and information about Eating Disorders. We will include helplines, advice chapters, specifics on each ED and more. If you have a request...
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#NoFilter by KinderKari
#NoFilterby ❥K A R O L I N A❥
It's a safe haven. The only place where we can be free and our selves. Cover by:@WORLDCRY
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Blessing In Disguise by gonearethestrangers
Blessing In Disguiseby Kayla
Contains the original version of "Blessing In Disguise" [2013], the original, UNFINISHED sequel Curse In Disguise [2014], and outtakes. ----- Sierra Webb is a...
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Chances That You're Burning Through by gonearethestrangers
Chances That You're Burning Throughby Kayla
Contains the original version of "Chances That You're Burning Through" [2014] and outtakes. ------------- Nobody knows of the daughter that Demi Lovato gave u...
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Your Story by Project-ED
Your Storyby #ProjectEatingDisorders
The stories and opinions of fellow wattpadders--all with the basis of an eating disorder. To have your experience with eating disorders entered into this book, either s...
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Guidelines by Project-ED
Guidelinesby #ProjectEatingDisorders
A furthered explanation of our campaign; What is #ProjectEatingDisorders?
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I'm Okay |c.s| by ruewrotewhat
I'm Okay |c.s|by ˗ˏˋrueˊˎ˗
you may think i am silent, but you just don't hear me scream. but don't worry ❝ i'm okay...❞
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Ana and Mia by RockinTheSunsetStrip
Ana and Miaby ShadowhunterOfAthena
A poem about anorexia and bulimia
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Diary Of An Underweight by smolpill
Diary Of An Underweightby katja
Just a journal she writes everyday to tell the world how she became an Underweight [WARNING: TRIGGERING WORDS ABOUT EATING DISORDER] based on true events
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unnatural by imperio_xv
unnaturalby imperio_xv
"i'm not hungry" "Was there even a time when you were?" Trigger Warning: ED, don't tell some of these symptoms aren'...
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It's all in Your Head by lithesome
It's all in Your Headby Emery
A year ago, Cate Xylyk's then-nine-year-old brother was murdered. Now she's attempting to get over it by applying for a job at the local hospital with her best friend. B...
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At The Kiss Of Midnight by gonearethestrangers
At The Kiss Of Midnightby Kayla
Contains the original version of "At The Kiss Of Midnight" [2014] and outtakes. ------------ Banner Ramsey is a twenty-two year old, single guy with a life thr...
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Contests by Project-ED
Contestsby #ProjectEatingDisorders
In honor of reaching 700 followers, @REPaige and @theideayoucrave have worked together in order to create interesting writing and graphic contests at periodic intervals...
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the butterfly project by PandaGirlyGirl
the butterfly projectby lil' brooke
because being in high school isn't all they make it up to be. #FreeMentalIllness #StopMentalHealthStigma #NoSuicide #StopThePain #NoMoreScars #ProjectEating...
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What Will You Do If I Die Today? by chuckae
What Will You Do If I Die Today?by hiatus
About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines he...
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Vive Ut Vivas {#TheBigCollab2k16} by CJ_Callahan
Vive Ut Vivas {#TheBigCollab2k16}by CJ_Callahan
Live that you may Live - Vive Ut Vivas On a long haul flight between two destinations, Vivienne Gregory reflects on her journey through life to date, and a chance encou...
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