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Wattpad LGBTQ+ Pride Party by lgbtq
Wattpad LGBTQ+ Pride Partyby LGBTQIAP+ | Ambassadors
The biggest, boldest, rainbowest interactive LGBTQ+ Pride Party around. Grab your friends and allies and fly your flag with us. Coming June 1st! • Claim a free Pride Mo...
Let The Games Begin [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Let The Games Begin [boyxboy]by Jen
Jakey was living a normal life with his boyfriend Skylar and his best friend Seth. Then the new boy came.
Cold War: Aftermath by TheGucciTurtle
Cold War: Aftermathby TheGucciTurtle
They were in the height of the cold war when Bell changed the tide of the war for everyone. The CIA's tool managed to find his way back home and return as Perseus' right...
A Guide to Eating Disorders by Project-ED
A Guide to Eating Disordersby #ProjectEatingDisorders
This book will have tips, advice and information about Eating Disorders. We will include helplines, advice chapters, specifics on each ED and more. If you have a request...
It was called love by darkrainxx21
It was called loveby darkrain21
"I know this will work"
The Ribbon Campaign by dougmcquaid
The Ribbon Campaignby konnor
When Ellie Reinhart started the 'Ribbon Campaign' in support of her brother and his boyfriend, she didn't expect it to grow into what it is. But it does. And that's wher...
Young Love by Starlightcars123
Young Loveby Starlightcars123
In November 1959, Senator Jack Kennedy meets the beautiful journalist Jacqueline Bouvier. Despite his ambitions for 1960, he falls for her. Little does he realise the ef...
D&D: The Planes' Conqueror by Quicksand_Swimmer777
D&D: The Planes' Conquerorby sandy in_ablank3t
A Warlock by the name of Ivanhoff had been banished to the lowest level of the Abyss due to his powers and his attempt to become the God of Destruction, his allies scatt...
Final Flicker of Light - {D2: Cayde-6 x Reader} |COMPLETED| by wolf_musix
Final Flicker of Light - {D2: Lacuna
{WARNING: Contains parts of Destiny 2's Forsaken storyline, there will be spoilers} The two of you were quite similar. Neither of you showed much negativity, and seemed...
Tales Of Old Earth: A D&D 5e Manual by DaRealJayVale
Tales Of Old Earth: A D&D 5e Manualby Jay Vale
This is a campaign that takes place in my own fantasy world during the mid-Old Earth Era.
A Fyre Within by michaelcsahd
A Fyre Withinby Michael C. Sahd
A maniacal wizard escapes slavery from the red wizards of Thay, after her master was killed in a treacherous plot. After hearing of Candlekeep, she makes her way there...
Nudity Campaign: Guide To Running A Campaign by markalantrimeloni
Nudity Campaign: Guide To Mark Alan Trimeloni
You ever want to change the world. I do. This is the official guide for how the Nudity Campaign will be run. Feel free to read it and start your own campaign. This g...
What is # BadassReads? by BadassReads
What is # BadassReads?by #BadassReads | Ambassadors
What is #BadassReads exactly? Want to know if you qualify? What does our reading lists names mean? Read to find out everything about us! ---- Click on the tag #BadassRea...
Book Club Reviews #ProjectNigeria  by ProjectNigeria
Book Club Reviews #ProjectNigeria by STAND UP NIGERIA!!!
Book clubs are basically books or a forum where you all meet and submit your books for others to read with you also reading books of others BUT ProjectNigeria Book club...
The Crucible Campaign by Wordsmith-Rain
The Crucible Campaignby Wordsmith Rain
Gods, Ethereal as they are, reproduce exactly the same way as their frail corporeal counterparts, though with a few small differences. What is to humans an innocuous, r...
MY not so GOOD LIFE ( The Good Wife/ The Good Fight) by Carlykinz
MY not so GOOD LIFE ( The Good CarlyCheers ♡
This story focuses on Diane Lockhart-McVeigh and Kurt McVeigh and their two teenage Daughters Madison McVeigh and Lauren McVeigh and son Jackson McVeigh and their parent...
[FANFICTION] Call of Duty: Black Ops Danger Force - Full Campaign Fanfiction by TheZaxiom
[FANFICTION] Call of Duty: Black TheZaxiom
So, this is an idea for a Call of Duty Black Ops campaign that would be a Danger Force war story with characters from another former Nickelodeon show, Cousins for Life...
Asians in Literature by asians-in-literature
Asians in Literatureby asians in literature
A literature campaign featuring Asian leads
What Is #ProjectBadBoys? by ProjectBadBoys
What Is #ProjectBadBoys?by #ProjectBadBoys
Everything you need to know about #ProjectBadBoys.