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Pokemon Rangers: Frozen Fury by _RayTheWriter_
Pokemon Rangers: Frozen Furyby _RayTheWriter_
Grace Glacenia is about to enter a new world of Pokemon. She is about to be a Pokemon Ranger, with a purpose all its own, bringing her to the times when Almia had royal...
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Bittersweet Punishment {Pokemon Ranger Fan-Fiction} by Opallieuo
Bittersweet Punishment {Pokemon Ra...by I don't know
Clyre Faux didn't want to be thrown into some random Ranger school, she didn't want to make friends and get attached. Simple, one year then she was out and free from her...
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Pokèmon Parent Scenarios(Request OPEN) by Dragon_Descendant
Pokèmon Parent Scenarios(Request O...by Flare
I will mainly being doing the games, but I will do some manga or anime characters if you request. Please request scenarios and characters if you want. If you do, please...
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Pokemon Sinnoh Journey  by GulluOzcan
Pokemon Sinnoh Journey by Gullu Ozcan
Ash Aaron Ketchum is the son of Delia Ketchum who met sir Aaron when he traveld time with Mew and Celbi. They Got Married secretly he stayed 3 months before he had to go...
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A Pokémon Ranger, not a Trainer: Almia by PkmnandKHlover
A Pokémon Ranger, not a Trainer: A...by Hilary Jimenez
Fifteen-year-old Summer Montgomery belongs to a family of trainers. One might think that with many trainers and trainers-to-be, she would have been on the fast track to...
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House Of Memories (Pokémon Ranger: SoA Male!reader X Various by drawingislife18
House Of Memories (Pokémon Ranger:...by Toby Senpai
You are the new boy of Almia, hailing from the region of Fiore. In hopes of becoming a Pokémon Ranger, your Zither enrolls you in Almia's Ranger Academy, where you will...
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Pokemon Shipping One-shots by CelticCutie
Pokemon Shipping One-shotsby Hachi
Send in a request and watch the sparks fly across your computer screen. Some fics may contain minor swearing depending on the ship. Not only will I write one-shots for...
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Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Oblivia by CelticCutie
Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Obliviaby Hachi
My version of Pokemon: Guardian Signs. The difference between my version and canon? Their protagonist is silent, mine is everything but. Everything will be in Summer's...
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It Consumes by Serena-Writes
It Consumesby Serena
Kate is an introvert often seen as weak for her size, so she overcompensates by burying herself in books to build up on her knowledge rather than her muscle. Although, a...
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PGR magazine by samedotorg
PGR magazineby Same
Pokémon gaming review's magazine for reviews, interviews, walkthroughs, tcg tips, games, art and more! (TEMP COVER)
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Auras Light by NightmaresDreamscape
Auras Lightby Jake Hartmann
"When all other lights go out, Auras Star will remain to guide your way." With the Aura Guardians close to extinction and the Pokemon Rangers losing the fight...
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Hachi's Artbook by CelticCutie
Hachi's Artbookby Hachi
Someone encouraged me to make an artbook. So, here we go! Most of these pictures will become chapter covers for my fanfics.
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Pokemon Ranger Lumia's Story by BeckyTheWeeb
Pokemon Ranger Lumia's Storyby PEB7 Jolt weeb
This is my Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Almia fanfic
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TeamCraftedManiac's OTPOS by TeamCraftedManiac
TeamCraftedManiac's OTPOSby TeamCraftedManiac
Teamcraftedmaniac's OTPs are here, in this book!! You can find out my OTPS and the little one shots I wrote for them! Also, the resons why I ship them. In other words th...
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The Flying Ranger by professor-blue
The Flying Rangerby Electric Indigo
It is one week before the commemoration dinner of a year after Operation Brighton. Officials and Rangers from all over the world are expected to appear. However, Wendy...
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[Hiatus] Pokémon Ranger: Legends Revealed by NerdyFanFics
[Hiatus] Pokémon Ranger: Legends R...by commissions are open
Minori was just another Ranger in Almia. But when she wakes up in a new region, and only remembers the last dream she had, things reveal itself in unimaginable ways. Wil...
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Fusions of Pokèmon by Dragon_Descendant
Fusions of Pokèmonby Flare
The region of Naspon. That's the region that Pokèmon fusions were made. It's a hard place to grow up. Shy lived there after she moved away from the Alola region. She fin...
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The Sky Ranger by AreinaFuyuko
The Sky Rangerby AreinaFuyuko
Sora the pokemon ranger embarks on a journey that she never expected to happen to her. She must fight threw dangerous battles that could mean life or death for her and t...
Voicemailshipping- pokemon ranger fanfiction  by Pokemoncrossoverhero
Voicemailshipping- pokemon ranger...by Pokemoncrossoverhero
well, its voicemailshipping(kellynxrhythmi) ish... there is not enough voicemailshipping fanfic out there... and my story is shet
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