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New Boy (A Javid Story) by musicalnerd1423
New Boy (A Javid Story)by Erin
Davey Jacobs was the new kid. And boy, did he hate being the new kid. His whole life, Davey had gone to private school but now, since his father hurt his leg at work, he...
Ben10 : I'm no hero by soti190
Ben10 : I'm no heroby Sotonye West
Ben 10 What if Ben, after finding the Omnitrix was taken and raised by Vilgax to be his most powerful world conquering warrior. In this world Ben parents are dead, Ben a...
Izuku 10: Wielder of the Omnitrix by Conor1122371737
Izuku 10: Wielder of the Omnitrixby Conor
It started when an alien device did what it did And stuck it's self upon his wrist with secrets that it hid Now he's got super powers He's no ordinary kid He's Izuku...
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennyson by auspicious_lilana
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennysonby 𝘓𝘪𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢
After spending 6 years of being in love with her best friend, Ben Tennyson. Jenny had finally won his heart and were happily dating. Right when they thought they were l...
Ben 10 Alien Force: It's Magic  by Blooming354
Ben 10 Alien Force: It's Magic by Blooming354
Nova is an alien, a hybrid to be precise. She always knew of her alien heritage. who knew after meeting Ben would there be countless adventures, battles, an intergalacti...
The Bathtub and the Plumber  by TLetsoenyo2002
The Bathtub and the Plumber by TequilAMockingbird
A story of Ciel, Sebastian and a malfunctioning bathtub. - i own none of the photos and all characters belong to Yana Toboso
Red by KyleAlingus
Redby KyleAlingus
As the Omnitrix was sent to earth it came with a guardian. Now watch as this guardian fights alongside the new wielder of the Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson. With the power that...
Love Will Do What It Does by pandafangirl2
Love Will Do What It Doesby Rose
The strike is over, the Newsies are hawking headlines once more, and all seems right in New York City. Jack and Katherine's relationship is going steady, and they're bot...
Age of the Timewalkers: A Ben 10 Omniverse Fanfiction by TheUltraNinjaShipper
Age of the Timewalkers: A Ben 10 NinjaShipper
After majestically failing the entrance exam to the Plumbers Academy, No Watch Ben and his best friend, Courtney, fear that there really is no future for them as heroes...
Orphan (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien) by AssanMahariel
Orphan (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)by The Writer
-THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN- Everybody knows about Ben Tennyson. Nobody knows about Tobias Verendez, an orphan who has spent his whole life in an orphanage. After Ben...
Our Secrets by ForSure1234
Our Secretsby ForSure1234
When Jack knows something Agent Plumber needs to know, he will go to any length to keep that secrete. The only problem: Katherine Plumber was never one to back down from...
A Hero Is Born (Ben 10 Fanfic) by kaj_pyro15
A Hero Is Born (Ben 10 Fanfic)by kaj_pyro15
Two months after the events of the Ben's and Gwen beating Vilgax. No watch Ben was living his normal life again. He learned everything about the plumbers and tried to he...
Home Alone by fuckfestbooks
Home Aloneby Hardcore Books
Jin all alone at home for the week. His parents returned to Korea to visit family. An unexpected visitor who came to fix a certain someone's tight hole. This weekend wil...
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Wounded like a clock by Fally11204
Wounded like a clockby Fallon
When Katherine notices something is off about jack she sends her sister to become a newsie. What is wrong with jack? Read and find out!
that jazz ✱ newsies x chicago by snyderthespider
that jazz ✱ newsies x chicagoby ✱ t a r a ✱
Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, We find great displeasure in informing you that your second eldest descendant-Veronica Kelly-and son-in-law-Charlie Mathews-have been sh...
Two Years ✱ jack x katherine - jackrine [ON HOLD] by snyderthespider
Two Years ✱ jack x katherine - ✱ t a r a ✱
"Two years ago, I ruined my life." • { newsies } { newsies ff } { newsies fanfiction } { jack kelly } { katherine plumber } { katherine pulitzer } { jackrine }...
newsies fics by kingofsantafe
newsies ficsby bee
can also be found on my tumblr @albertdasillva (you should def look me up on there because I have things like headcanons and short fics on there that I will not post on...
Jackrine Oneshots by fansieheadispinning
Jackrine Oneshotsby fansieheadispinning
This book is full of cute fluffy Jackrine Oneshots! Im new to writing on wattpad so i might not be that good at the start but i will write what I so they say all i know...
The Love of Cookies | Newsies Fan Fiction | *ON HIATUS* by ashley_cook1821
The Love of Cookies | Newsies ashley_cook1821
"Ariya, but you're the one I love." "And I love you, too. But I also love her. I can't do this. Not now. Not after everything that's happened already.&quo...