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Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Darling in the Franxx) - HIATUS by code066
Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Da...by code066
In this story, you, the protagonist, and your vanguard class titan, DB-5453, have been, for reasons unknown, dropped to the surface of a new world where humans are at wa...
Welcome Home by thunderstorm110
Welcome Homeby Thunder
Titanfall/RWBY crossover "I was born here in Remnant. Atlas, more specifically. I was never told why, but my parents, a huntsman and a huntress, carted me off to th...
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Love Knot (Short Stories) by dazzling_glitter
Love Knot (Short Stories)by ♡
♡ Your hand touching mine, This is how galaxies collide ♡ If one smile from you to me could be transformed into stars, then I might as well be holding up the entire sky...
Pilot (Summer Rose X Male reader) by Knotavin
Pilot (Summer Rose X Male reader)by Knotavin
With a mission gone terribly wrong, a pilot of an advanced fighter plane finds himself struggling to to prevent crash landing. What's makes it all worse, he is heading t...
The Four of Us (GxG) (COMPLETED) by Nugnug019
The Four of Us (GxG) (COMPLETED)by A. Bautista
Four brothers? Nah, four sisters. Four different lives, One story. Meet Alexandra Sofian Pendleton-Croft, the eldest. Just like their dad James Nicolai Pendleton, she's...
When Life Gave a Second Chance by Aishwarya5007
When Life Gave a Second Chanceby Aishwarya5007
Arjun and Aparna got married for the second time. Both lost their loved ones and is going to try their luck in a second marriage. However, unlike the first time, Aparna...
Tiktok : The Tick of Love  by Cupidityzzzz
Tiktok : The Tick of Love by Cupidityzzzz
Tiktok : application para may malibangan ang karamihan. May posibilidad bang mahanap at makilala mo dito ang taong para sayo? A nobody duets a tiktok video of a POV vid...
IN TWENTY ONE DAYS by aishatu_xx
The morning rays rose above the horizon. Sunlight streamed her bedroom through the gaps of the curtain lightening up the room with warm glow. She rolled over and gazed o...
Innocent Reese by saddestchick
Innocent Reeseby Menggay Demana
The Sky Screams Your Name by ttiramisuu
The Sky Screams Your Nameby Tiramisu Kayke
Hersheys Dior Mercadejas, loveless in her 18 years of existence. But all that changed when she met Caylus in an unexpected way. Caylus is what you call the dream guy of...
Eye of the Storm by jsscallopedpotatoes
Eye of the Stormby beans
The year is 2147, and the UNSA (United Nations Space Agency) has discovered an anomaly in our milky way. A battalion of 30 crews of seven aboard a mothership is sent out...
Memories in Siam by Azy_Villafuente
Memories in Siamby Abigail Villafuente
series #1 "It's funny how those memories lingers, and how I keep chasing them just to have glimpse of the past I once had with you" PUBLISHED DATE: 2-24-21
The Stories Of My Life by Pegasus_Girl
The Stories Of My Lifeby Pegasus_Girl
Alright, welcome everyone to some of the stories of my life. Not to say all are bad, there are some good things I've written in here. But I have to warn you, some of the...
Sky High by livsangels_
Sky Highby 😇✨
In which- A boy named Kace has always dreamed of being a pilot. His mother doesn't want him to because his father died from a plane crash a few years ago. Kace goes agai...
Can You Trust Me Again?(On hold) by mabrukaa_4
Can You Trust Me Again?(On hold)by Mabruka Maina
This is a thrilling story of Zuhair Abdul Ishaq, a Nigerian pilot that marries the woman that's got only him, (as she's an orphan) living happily with her, but finds him...
Sandoval Series 1: Love In Air by ella_msp
Sandoval Series 1: Love In Airby Ella🍒
Sandoval Series #1 A flight attendant and pilot story. "It's him Ali, Alistair Warren Anderson. My twins father." Bree Gabrielle Sandoval. A well known girl be...
Ace Combat: In The Zone (AC:JA fanfiction) by GabFanimation
Ace Combat: In The Zone (AC:JA fan...by GabFanimation
Few years later after the Ulysses Impact, world's now facing the economic crisis all over the world. With all the people are trying to moved on to their terrible lives...
Into you (Cerberus Series #1) by elytee
Into you (Cerberus Series #1)by lalay
Zariyah Genevieve is a brave woman a independent and has nothing to fear. Everyone knows her as a bitch, brat and a playgirl, lahat ng lalaking nanghuhumaling sakaniya a...
dusk beneath the city lights | BS #4 [ON-GOING] by northernwrites
dusk beneath the city lights | BS...by nami
Calypso Mikhail Buenvenidez Fontana was never smitten nor whipped for a woman. He was known to be that Buenvenidez man who doesn't like to be involve in serious relation...
Angel City's Most Wanted: A Titanfall X RWBY Tale by After_Hours_Writer
Angel City's Most Wanted: A Titanf...by Austin, An Author of Stuff
Gunslinger, criminal, terrorist. These are just a few names to describe him. A young pilot and his Legion class Titan has had enough of the war. In an effort to escape i...