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◇Fighting Fate◇ : Kougami Shinya x [Reader] : Psycho Pass by MizzGinger
◇Fighting Fate◇ : Kougami Shinya ❥Mizz
He didn't believe that love could affect him this much. A girl with every quality he admired crashes into his world and begins wrecking havoc on his heart. It's a shame...
  • kougami
  • kougamishinya
  • gore
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Psycho Pass FanFiction ~ The Perfect Society. by PandaClawzz
Psycho Pass FanFiction ~ The PandaClawzz
In a world where human state of mind and the tendency of their personalities to become a criminal can be quantified or judged beforehand, crime had become a taboo in Jap...
  • tsunemori
  • fancic
  • psychopass
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Admires and Obsessions ~Anime characters X reader one-shots by Dark_Light_55
Admires and Obsessions ~Anime Katie Queen
Lemons Fluff Scenarios Love Yandere Requests open
  • attackontitan
  • anime
  • psycho-pass
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Anime One-Shots *Request CLOSED* by justemmm
Anime One-Shots *Request CLOSED*by justemmm
§Completed § Various reader inserts some shittier than others. Cover made me. Transparents found on google, and Tumblr. Free transparents -> http://transparent-fre...
  • kuroshitsuji
  • kamisama
  • owarinoseraph
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Mine~ All Mine! (Yandere! Male! Various x Reader) by Meggikyuubi
Mine~ All Mine! (Yandere! Male! [Insert Cool Name Here]
As read on Quotev, this is a collection of One-shots for anyone from almost any fandom. Requests are closed until further notice.
  • hetalia
  • various
  • bleach
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Don't Leave Me (Kagari x Reader) by animeewriterr
Don't Leave Me (Kagari x Reader)by rosé!
We've been by each other's side for so long, so why would you leave?
  • psychopass
  • psychopassfanfiction
  • animeewriterr
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It's Complicated (Kagari x Reader, Psycho Pass) by Saraez_1243
It's Complicated (Kagari x l'âme
In a world in which you're judged by your Psycho-Pass, whom do you believe? A machine or a person? When you started working for the MWPSB you had a very clear goal in...
  • psychopass
  • dominators
  • makishima
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it was black ◎ psycho pass by zxraushi
it was black ◎ psycho passby ♨︎
a freelance criminal attracts the attention of familiar faces highest rankings ○3rd in drug abuse ○1st in psycho pass (completed) (cover by uMOONu)
  • psycho
  • therapist
  • psychology
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Psycho Pass: Plastic Beautiful World {Kagari x OC} by Angel_Fall1609
Psycho Pass: Plastic Beautiful Angel_Fall1609
Will she find hapiness in this Plastic Beautiful World? Is this her place? Read to find out.... (Spoiler Alert)
  • tomomi
  • nobuchika
  • akane
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Dilemma of the Misfits (Makishima Shogo x OC) by MaddieNguyen16
Dilemma of the Misfits ( Amaryllis14612
"Perhaps in this world, we can never be considered humans, I've never considered it solitude since you are always here beside me. For you to keep smiling so passion...
  • shogo
  • makishima
  • originalcharacter
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My Anime/Manga Suggestions  by Sarumi_Reimiko
My Anime/Manga Suggestions by Sarumi
This is not actually a suggestion list this is actually aaaaaaaa.......... BOKU NO PICO FANBOOK...
  • reimiko
  • ravemaster
  • oresamateacher
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Kogami x Reader [editing] by bubbletopia
Kogami x Reader [editing]by fangirl
Kogami x Reader FLUFF!
  • love
  • psychopass
  • enforcer
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Psycho-Pass: The Rise and Decline of Kogami by Wolfling_Pup
Psycho-Pass: The Rise and Wolfling_Pup
One year after Kogami became an Enforcer, he wakes up from a strange dream where a little girl runs in front of him to protect him from something, then the dream ends, m...
  • non-romance
  • fanfiction
  • past
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Fighting For Love - Psycho Pass FanFic by The-Angel-Saga
Fighting For Love - Psycho Pass The-Angel-Saga
In a world where Makashima wasn't caught by Kougami and Akane, he takes what he likes, when he likes and however he likes, as long as it makes Kougami suffer in some way...
  • wattys2018
  • shinyaxakane
  • makishima
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anime oneshots [requests open] by akiihito
anime oneshots [requests open]by hajime’s wife aki ♡
Basically what the title says. Requests mostly, sometimes I'll do my own. Ask what anime I've seen! I can't list them all i've seen hundreds. I won't do OC's and you rea...
  • gangsta
  • kagehina
  • fanfiction
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Kogami x Reader - South of Heaven [Drabble] by CaptainKogami
Kogami x Reader - South of Ash
Justice isn't always fair. It's time for Kogami to decide which is more important; justice or love.
  • kogamishinya
  • shinyakogami
  • psychopass
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It's Forbidden But It's Love KagariXReader by EleriCG
It's Forbidden But It's Love EleriCG
I finally got the job I wanted. An inspector. People would tell me that it was a bad idea to look for trouble but that wasn't the reason I choose the job. I choose it fo...
  • shionkaranomori
  • kagari
  • kagarixreader
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Shinya by kissinginwinter
Shinyaby Ash
Akane Tsunemori's psycho-pass has always been crystal clear, unable to cloud. Joji Saiga, previously a professor, known to cloud people's psycho-passes just by being in...
  • psychopass
  • akanetsunemori
  • shinyaxakane
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Psycho Pass:  All Alone With You by SoelleKhiss
Psycho Pass: All Alone With Youby SoelleKhiss
COLLECTION ONE: Enforcer Shinya Kogami and Inspector Akane Tsunemori lead the old gang at Division 1 through the trials and tribulations of crime, life, and relationshi...
  • akane
  • masaokatomomi
  • featured
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Psycho Pass:  Way of the Wolf by SoelleKhiss
Psycho Pass: Way of the Wolfby SoelleKhiss
When Inspector Akane Tsunemori and Enforcer Shinya Kogami are sent to represent the MWPSB at a law-enforcement boot camp in the United States, mayhem and mischief ensues...
  • shinya
  • mwpsb
  • anime
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