Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potter (Drarry) Fanfic

Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potter (Drarry) Fanfic

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"Well, I did think of Voldemort, but then... I thought of the Dementors.."

Remus sighed gently, a small smile plastered on his face. "Well, Harry, that's a good choice. What you fear, is fear itself."

Harry gulped nervously. "W-Well.. I thought of something else..."



This story contains sensitive material that some readers may find makes them uncomfortable! Read at your own risk!


This is the story of the Boy Who Lived. 

He trusted, fell in love, fought, and won. How dramatic can I make this story? Let's find out. ;)


I will NOT make him suicidal. It makes me uncomfortable, and I'm sure it makes others uncomfortable as well.

In this story, Harry will be abused! In a lot of fanfics, the abuse scenes always play out weird, but I'll try my best to make them, well, not weird...

Draco will be in character in the beginning of the story, but the more he learns about Harry, he will start to get a little out of character compared to the actual story!


Harry and Draco WILL end up in a relationship! If this is not your cup of tea, please leave! (There's a nice little back button in the top left corner reserved just for you ;) )

Snape will be fatherly and protective of Harry later on! This is NOT Snarry! Severus and Harry are NOT in a romantic relationship!

I feel that, since Harry hasn't had a proper childhood where he could run around and have fun, he'd be pretty childish. This means curling up with Severus (Hinting Severitus here) in front of the fireplace, making rash and stupid decisions without thinking, etc. Basically acting like a child would.


There will be two boys in a relationship here! If this is not your cup of tea, please leave now!

Please please please, if you are easily triggered by physical abuse, do NOT read this story!

Otherwise... Enjoy!!

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