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Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Reader)[COMPLETED] by kissing_kasanoda
Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Re...by Era Hatter
"Tell me, Ryuk, what were you before you became a shinigami?" Five months after the death of Light Yagami. Ryuk is bored and wants apples until you come along...
I'll protect you. by imrollinginshame
I'll protect you.by Ihavedisappointment
Main Ship: Itachi X Naruto. Just read the story if you like smut at some moments and that action. Please be cautioned on mistakes, grammar, spelling, and terrible attemp...
"YOU LOOK PATHETIC." ○●○● - Hinata was loved by all and then a rumor spread. A rumor that tarnished the imagine of innocence that everyone portrayed him as. O...
How You Get the Girl |Harry Potter| by themaraudeers
How You Get the Girl |Harry Potter|by emily
❝I want you for worse or for better. I would wait forever and ever...❞ Elizabeth Reething is a Ravenclaw: polite, intelligent, curious, and best friends with Draco Malfo...
Naruto Uzumaki Hatake by Onade123
Naruto Uzumaki Hatakeby AnimeGuy
Please bear with me in the early chapters. I get better later. What if Kakashi adopted naruto? (a few days after the Kyuubi attack) What if naruto was friends with Itach...
Unmasked (Depressed Bakugou x Todoroki) by DemiDepressed
Unmasked (Depressed Bakugou x Todo...by Asa
This is a Todobaku Fanfiction. From the anime My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia. It's a depressed Bakugou x Todoroki. I'm new to this so please just give it a try...
The Bench Trio by EliteShinobiKitsune
The Bench Trioby Wimblur(it's Wilbur)
So, this story was based off an animatic I saw on youtube. It takes place in a high school, following the student Ranboo throughout his time here. There, he meets a stra...
Deku's Little Cravings  by Soseji_Hanayo17
Deku's Little Cravings by ...
It's a story based fully on KatsuDeku where Deku is pregnant with Kacchan's baby . [[ it's my first time writing a fanfic ! and yes , I love mpreg and a diehard fan of...
The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
[ĐN HAIKYUU] Đội trưởng có mùa xuân. by Hypatia_Rio
[ĐN HAIKYUU] Đội trưởng có mùa xuâ...by Rio Barcamania Cules Vũ
Viết theo tâm trạng. Cập nhật tùy vào điểm số của tác giả. (╥﹏╥) Cơ bản là xem Haikyuu mị xoắn xuýt với team Inarizaki và Kita quá! (≧▽≦) CP: Kita Shinsuke (Inarizaki)...
Disney x Reader (Genderbend And More) by Justasmolbob
Disney x Reader (Genderbend And Mo...by Miki Lin
-Requests ARE available! -I MADE THE COVER BUT THE ARTWORK IS CLEARLY NOT MINE but ain't the artists absolutely amazing damn. :) -I am open to write anything except smu...
CLAIRVOYANCE [COMP.] by heliostellar
CLAIRVOYANCE [COMP.]by heliostellar
Hidup, bagi sebagian orang adalah sebuah enigma. Begitu juga dengan Mark Lee dan beberapa hal di sekitarnya yang keberadaannya seperti enigma bagi Haechan. Sebuah enigm...
draco malfoy imagines. by ambi_doo12
draco malfoy imagines.by 𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓯𝓸𝔂.
eternity, (n.) et-ern-ity. infinite or unending time. ❝writing scenarios of our favourite problematic character for your needs.❞ ...
did you hear? ||yttd chatfic|| by Dogey07
did you hear? ||yttd chatfic||by Dogey07
lmao. (10/10 cover no questions asked) (be warned of the major OOCness) YTTD does not belong to me.
Married to Sasuke Uchiha [COMPLETED] by LunaInTheSkye
Married to Sasuke Uchiha [COMPLETE...by Lunaea Diamondz
Naruto dumps Sakura, telling her that he's been dating Hinata behind her back. She runs and bumps into Sasuke. After a coincident, Sasuke forces her to marry him. When S...
Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potter (Drarry) Fanfic by PotterAnonymous
Easier Than Trying - A Harry Potte...by PotterAnonymous
"Well, I did think of Voldemort, but then... I thought of the Dementors.." Remus sighed gently, a small smile plastered on his face. "Well, Harry, that's...
Healing heart~Katsudeku~ by T_4657
Healing heart~Katsudeku~by T_4657
Midoriya was a happy student in UA, he loved his friends, teachers, his mom, and his boyfriend Shoto Todoroki. But he didn't stay happy for ever when he found out his bo...
Dumbass Stuck in HxH (Various x Reader) by oh-imasimp
Dumbass Stuck in HxH (Various x Re...by ✨Cake✨
( Various HxH characters x reader insert) Ever wanted to experience what it would be like in the HxH world? Well join Y/N as she is pulled into the Void and spat out in...
Проснись со мной by Holli_Llisa
Проснись со мнойby Elizaveta Lozinskaya
Когда Теодор Нотт заводится в твоей постели, ты соглашаешься на что угодно, лишь бы избавиться от него, а о последствиях задумываешься лишь тогда, когда они начинают нап...
Candies🍭|| SakuraFanfic by isimpforIzu_
Candies🍭|| SakuraFanficby erica_qy💚
Set in a alternative universe where Konoha's Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, is alive along Uzamaki Kushina and the Uchiha massacre never happened. Sakura is NOT a fangi...