Something to Hide •Cashby Mpreg• by ThatConcertLife
Something to Hide •Cashby Mpreg•by ThatConcertLife
•COMPLETED• translated to Italian by @missmissingya Disclaimer: I do NOT own Of Mice and Men or anything associated with them, or the pictures used in this story. Title...
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Band Imagines and Preferences by darkplacealone
Band Imagines and Preferencesby Darkplacealone
Band imagines and preferences, message me for a personal request! Anonymous requests are perfectly fine!
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Little Miss Fuentes by bookswithbands
Little Miss Fuentesby bookswithbands
15 year old Amy is pretty ordinary and lives a normal enough life but what if the life she's living isn't the one she was meant to have? Amy a girl from a small town in...
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Band imagines by BandCra
Band imaginesby BandCra
Hi these are my band imagines i am taking requests. PM me so i can get your requests. ( i am willing to do Smut and fluff) [REQUESTS CLOSED]
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Blue Coffee Mugs and the Agoraphobic [boyxboy] ✔ by suckmyviclikekellin
Blue Coffee Mugs and the Shari B
Agoraphobia [ag-er-uh-foh-bee-uh] (n.) an abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. Cover made by @owelle
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This Is Not Pretend || Alan Ashby // Of Mice & Men by nxvelty
This Is Not Pretend || Alan nxvelty
"You're lying." Was the first thing that came out of my mouth. "You can't." I shook my head. "I can. I do." Alan said plainly. No. Alan ca...
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Unspoken (Kellic and Cashby) by Captain_Cashby
Unspoken (Kellic and Cashby)by Sarah and Elle/Gabi
When you're deaf, sometimes things are a little harder, a little different. But that doesn't mean you're broken. When you're angry, you do things you regret, you feel t...
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I Met You At KFC |Cashby| by Driftwood_Heart
I Met You At KFC |Cashby|by Ginger Princess 👑
Alan is a seventeen going on eighteen year old who works at KFC. Between a sick mother, twin brothers, and bills piling up he has a lot on his plate. All he want to do i...
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The Hunter (Austlan Cashby) by vicsbonerforkellin
The Hunter (Austlan Cashby)by Prince Jack
Apparently this is rated M so follow before adding the story to your library Cashby ♡ Alan Ashby was normal. He gets some good grades, some not so much, stable mental...
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Of Men and Monsters by LeoRStories
Of Men and Monstersby Leo R
In a world turned white with snow and darkened by war, how can one young girl survive alone against the forces of the world which are out to get her? Book 1 in the 'Worl...
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I was Adopted by Austin Carlie! by huzzuk
I was Adopted by Austin Carlie!by dat boi
14 year old Amanda Bulregard, has the change of a lifetime when her mother dies, and she finds out her father is Austin Carlile! Austin doesn't know how to be a dad, and...
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Daddys little girl (Sequel to Live. Love. Laugh.) by kirapaynex
Daddys little girl (Sequel to >•Ghost•<
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a lesson in the art of intimacy by amourashby
a lesson in the art of intimacyby a 🌹
"baby, that's daddy to you."
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Silence-Cashby BoyXBoy by imaflaminghomo
Silence-Cashby BoyXBoyby Mason
Alan is deaf and mute. Austin tries to become friends with him, but quickly learns about his condition. Alan is supposed to have surgery in a couple months. Will they be...
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sliding into your heart // cashby by loverboylester
sliding into your heart // cashbyby amanda
austin carlile is the first baseman and star player of the minor league baseball team known as the pensacola pelicans. he is openly gay, but forced to go back into the c...
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A Very Warped Summer (Austin Carlile / OC) by StellaSong
A Very Warped Summer (Austin Stella
DESCRIPTION: Excited to be playing their first Warped Tour, Danielle's band travels the country with several other bands - one in particular is Of Mice & Men. The guys t...
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Dear Alan Ashby by beanie146
Dear Alan Ashbyby Nina
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Band Imagines ☾ATL,PTV,SWS,OMAM☽ by sowrongitsrae
Band Imagines ☾ATL,PTV,SWS,OMAM☽by raelynn
Majority of these are mine and some of these are from Tumblr, enjoy the twisted writing of Raelynn. copyright 2017 @sowrongitsrae
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The Man I Love (Cashby) by Driftwood_Heart
The Man I Love (Cashby)by Ginger Princess 👑
"You don't just leave someone you love Kellin. Yes we have a few problems but your supposed to work through them. Not just leave." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alan has...
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Love Like A Tidal Wave (Kellic) by cookiedoughfriend
Love Like A Tidal Wave (Kellic)by 💙
Beauty is taken in the form of Prince Kellin Bostwick of the island kingdom of Madness. A beautiful young male who wears dresses, destined to take the throne. This probl...
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