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The Third Black Widow by HPMarvelFanatic
The Third Black Widowby HarryPotterMarvelFan
What if Natasha and Yelena had a little sister two years younger than Yelena? What if when they got separated into their Red Room divisions, instead of becoming a Black...
NeBrAsKa Joe  by fun4949
NeBrAsKa Joe by Emmie 49ers fan
A Joe burrow Nebraska Huskers story Joe has ties to the huskers his dad and brothers played for them but the team never signed him but I wanted to make a story about it...
Unforgiven- a story of tragedy and rebellion by abbonotfound2022
Unforgiven- a story of tragedy and...by ☘︎𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫☘︎
A raid happens in a small town in Ohio, USA, but can the only people left uncover the mystery behind it?
WTTT/WTTSH Short Stories by blakesartpools
WTTT/WTTSH Short Storiesby Blake
I love some of the stories from this fandom and would love to make a contribution. So here I am throwing my hat into the ring! I will be writing hc and rules as the fir...
Ideas For A Car Wash by KadenVanciel
Ideas For A Car Washby Kaden Vanciel
These here are some ideas for my ownership of a car wash with some self-serve bays and a few automatic systems.
The Thought Of You | ✎ on going by lovrs-rxq
The Thought Of You | ✎ on goingby 𝓜
My lips were close to his, Inches, maybe millimetres away. One move from someone and they would connect. They would mold together like clay, or a puzzle piece clicking i...
Every Time by BoingxGorgeous
Every Timeby Estelle Du Plessis
Maya Hart believed that every person belonged somewhere even if it was only in her heart. When she suddenly makes the decision which will change her life how will she go...
Us by Leslie176905
Usby Jesssiieeee
Riley joined a new level dance team, she has to work on a dance that is coming up in three months! The tricky thing here is, she is the main dancer, but she has to have...
The State House by cinnamontoastcunch
The State Houseby cinnamontoastcunch
This is an one shot. This story is to not be taken Seriously. This story is for entertainment Purpose. If it offen you. Don't Read. Angst. Fluff. Comfort. Smut? Other...
Gypsy (BoyXBoy) by krystalxevette
Gypsy (BoyXBoy)by Krystal Evette
*****SEQUEL TO "WON'T LET YOU GO"******** Greg and Rayne have to pack up and run away due to issues at home and the loss of Todd. With extreme emotional dama...
Appalachian Anglophile by Stardust2003
Appalachian Anglophileby Jill
Appalachian (noun): A native or inhabitant of Appalachia, especially one of predominantly Scotch-Irish, English, or German ancestry who exemplifies the characteristic cu...
The Psychological Mystery of Thomas King by neyha_khan
The Psychological Mystery of Thoma...by Psychotic Sweetheart
You've probably heard of the famous psychological story of Phineas Gage. The hysterical mind of Bertha Pappenheimer. But this is not a story about that kind of psycholog...
Forgotten and Found by LonelyBeano
Forgotten and Foundby Sheep
<<THIS IS NOT HETALIA!!>> <<THIS BOOK IS ON A TEMPORARY HIATUS>> You've been gone for years, to be forgotten and yet you come back again just to...
Through my window || Finn Wolfhard by I_like_weapons
Through my window || Finn Wolfhardby
"It's high school, who wouldn't expect to get drunk and confess their love for someone for their entire life?" Bestfriends to lovers Trigger Warnings: Emotiona...
Karmelite High School Part 3: Truth Reveal by PinkHouseMadalisa
Karmelite High School Part 3: Trut...by
Who is Karmelite? What is Naomi doing back? Is Elena alive? Where is Iris? The mystery continues with another case added to the Quins' hands. How will this story end?
Only this week - The amazing story of Ryan and Michael by _thea_leroy_
Only this week - The amazing story...by Thea Leroy
"Ugh, You're so annoying!" "I could say the same about you, freak." "Can't you just leave me alone?!" "Belive me, if I could, I would...
Paved with Gold by MLW1013
Paved with Goldby MLW1013
Beginning in Hungary in 1905, nineteen year old János Fodor is forced to leave his homeland and his childhood love behind for a new life in America. He sails across the...
His Death by Zuibian
His Deathby Ms. Kim
"මිස්ට ජොන්, ඔයා මට ජීවත් වෙන්න තියෙන අන්තිම හේතුවත් නැති කරාට පස්සෙ මම මොකට තවත් ජීවත් වෙන්න ද?.......... මොකද මං මට ගොඩක් ආදරේ ඇති......" වෙව්ලන ස්වරයකින් අ...
Canal Street by ReaganEmmerling
Canal Streetby Reagan Emmerling
The town of New Lisbon is on the crest of something big. Before the dawn of the railroad, people looked to alternatives to house back to deliver their goods to the East...