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Mafia's mute obedient "pet" [KookV] by kookv4ever9
Mafia's mute obedient "pet" [KookV]by _.kookv4ever9._
Although Jungkook has been engaged for his family business, he still has a "pet" in the underground world cause it's a mafia's demand. No one could be his &quo...
My Mistress by chokeMeHarder22
My Mistressby HisGoodGirl
I have to obey mistress. Her favorite punishment is orgasm denial. Reasonably, I do whatever I can to avoid that.
【Break Me, Salvage Me】Subaru Sakamaki • Reader (Diabolik Lovers) by Queer_Fics
【Break Me, Salvage Me】Subaru Sakam...by 【M -P】
(Y/N) was a friend of Yui's, until they split from each other. Yui left to an unknown place, while (Y/N) stayed at home, working the night shift. She supported herself...
Husband  by kim0986
Husband by Kim
Marriage Isn't a word its a responsibility . When two man got married without knowing eachother. Lets see how they walk together in the road of love, pain, argument...
My Little Pet  by Black_Shadow1406
My Little Pet by Black_Shadow1406
Benji has been under the same roof and cage for 3 years and is in poor condition but is finally let out when his master buys him. Will this be a happy home or even a fo...
RUDIN ZUCIYA by nanadiso
Haba inna yaya ina tsakiyar filin gala zakice a dakko ne yanzu duk girgije girgijen da zanyi ya huce ne??? Kai gaskiya tsohuwa kina takuramin!!! Yaya za'ayi kace sai na...
LEAH by OjokaDeborah
LEAHby Ojoka Deborah
It's a taboo for the elder to get married before the younger. She will be mocked and regarded as Cursed. She might never get married. Leah found herself in this dilemma...
DREAMS WORTH CHASING ✔ by pherteemerh_
Arranged marriage is being frowned upon in most part of the world. However, it have historically been prominent in many cultures; northern part of Nigeria to be precise...
Captured by Z_N134
Capturedby Z_N134
With each tear that fell I knew I lost something .The way the tears slid down my cheek ,leaving a small trial of salt.That itchy mess it created. The marks I knew would...
When I Found You. by islaha_x
When I Found You.by islaha_x
NO 1. #MALDIVES on 11th August2022 No2. #TRAVELS on 13 September 2022 No2.#NIGERIA on 1st November 2022 A beautiful and forever pretty girl Zaynab ,who has everything s...
Obedience : Flawless Love{Rest_ Coming Soon} by Sii_sar_Nge
Obedience : Flawless Love{Rest_ Co...by ဆည်းဆာငယ်(မိုယာမွန်)
Zawgyi အျပစ္ကင္းစင္တဲ့ ခ်စ္ျခင္းတရားနဲ႔ နာခံျခင္းၾကားမွာ ညီမ်ျွခင္းေလးတစ္ခုပဲ ျခားနားတယ္ဆိုရင္ ယံုၾကည္ၾကမလား...။ Unicode အပြစ်ကင်းစင်တဲ့ ချစ်ခြင်းတရားနဲ့ နာခံခြင်းကြားမှ...
From Your Dom with Love by dominantlovers
From Your Dom with Loveby dominantlovers
Reflecting on my experience as a caring but strict dominant, I am sharing some thoughts that might be helpful to those curious to explore this exciting lifestyle.
The Nymph by dcburke
The Nymphby dcburke
Kleomede survives the seige of Troy, but finds herself at the mercy of a stranger- a Greek captain.
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{Frozen Desire} Yandere Kaeya X Reader  by nashio_namashuka
{Frozen Desire} Yandere Kaeya X Re...by Nashio_Kouhai
Kaeya Alberich, The Calvary Captain of the Knights of Favonious. Adopted Brother of Diluc Ragvindr and a Descendant from Fallen Nation of Khanri'ah. A Man who's Surround...
BAD LUCK by Suicide_Is_My_Friend
BAD LUCKby My_Broken_Mind
Deku is an orphan who was abandoned in birth, abused by the caretakers, bullied by his peers and most of all his quirk was late, if youd think he'd be happy hell no it o...
A story about Love,Hypcrisy, betrayal, sacrifice and sorrow, Is all about two kingdoms who are families but unknown to them,and they all wish one day Destiny will unite...
Alpha's Boy // Yoonkook Hybrid ff by JkTaeandJiminshipper
Alpha's Boy // Yoonkook Hybrid ffby Jk+Tae+Jimin=♡
"Alpha?" "Shut up dumb bunny." "Okay Alpha," and he skipped away into his room happily like nothing had happened.
Alpha Ares by Anon2800
Alpha Aresby Anon for you
Alia Genevieve is just another ordinary 17 year old socially awkward teenager or at least that's what she thinks and also a female werewolf with a quirky personality...
GT's Hypnosis Script Library by Galactatrack
GT's Hypnosis Script Libraryby gt
Hello, and welcome to my collection of scripts. My name is gt. I'd just prefer if you stuck to gt as far as nicknames go. (If you're here to read these scripts, you mig...
Sweet Sweet Irene by Yunariss
Sweet Sweet Ireneby Eyeballing out
[Male Yandere x Female Character OC] At first she have a dream to escape. But he caught her, trapped her, brainwash her. And put her real self to sleep. Is there any hop...