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All Natural by Piinkky
All Naturalby Jerita
This book is created to give tips, remedies, motivation & DIY's for naturals all around the world
Virago - Ivar The Boneless by TeamStyles01
Virago - Ivar The Bonelessby Louise Jane
Keep your confessions, Cause babe, I'm no saint, We're playing with fire, But I like this game. Iona Lagerthadottir She's everything that has ever tempted him in a woman...
♡ Black Girl Problems ♡ by ksavage_
♡ Black Girl Problems ♡by Ky 💙
Everyday problems that everyday black girls have to deal with. Enjoy!
Temporary Love (GirlxGirl) by Glamour680
Temporary Love (GirlxGirl)by Glamour
I decided to make this story into a series. I enjoy these two characters and want to keep it going. With that being said. Part 2 will start being posted up soon after I'...
Night at the Museum (Book 2) by Gryffinpuff39
Night at the Museum (Book 2)by Gryffinpuff39
The exhibits are being moved to the Smithsonian in D.C. Savanna is determined to keep them in New York and hatches a plan to get them back. What will she do to save them...
Supernatural SMUT :) by MarvleXXspn
Supernatural SMUT :)by MarvleXXspn
This story contains smut from supernaturals characters; -Dean Winchester -Sam Winchester -Castiel -Gabriel -(maybe) Lucifer -(maybe) Jack REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! :)
A Soul's Dream by THE_HEADKAY
A Soul's Dreamby THE_HEADKAY
Ranked #14 in "Brown Skin" 2018 Ranked #235 in "Curvy" 2018 Ranked #184 in "Possessive" 2018 "Who are you?" No response. I could...
Poetry in Palm of Your Hand by Pietri0x
Poetry in Palm of Your Handby Pietri0x
Life's complexities, and casual easiness . Poetry and a few short; oh so very short stories .
Natural hair 101 by Purplecinupcakes
Natural hair 101by Purplecinupcakes
Okay so I have researched a lot of ways to maintain and grow beautiful long hair and what to do to make sure it grows thicker and doesn't break off. I have been research...
The Unnatural History of Cryptozoology by BryceRosauro
The Unnatural History of Bryce Rosauro
Wildlife Biologist Melissa Harding had spent nearly a decade in the field, while exciting it was for the most uneventful. She wasn't swarmed by bats, chased by lion or...
African girl guide by _preciousoluwabunmi_
African girl guideby _preciousoluwabunmi_
Melanin Natural hair Self care And all the things you beautiful ladies love to talk about This guide is uniquely for you
The Beauty behind Africans Hair by danie1011
The Beauty behind Africans Hairby Queen Danie
A speech to educate you about black women hair and it's history
тιρѕ: on natural hair by cxriellee
тιρѕ: on natural hairby Princess♕
Having difficulty figuring out what to do with your natural hair for luxurious curls? Read this on what to do!
Republished ooa . by trapst6r
Republished ooa .by — 𝙬.𝙠.𝙗
- ' i love myself , anons are for fun straight roleplay . but the thing about me is , " yes i do rp , yes i use anon ". but to back that up let me tell how goo...
What is Love? 💕 by DubbieJ
What is Love? 💕by DubbieJ
It doesn't matter how much you love someone never let anyone belittle you or your worth. There is always someone out there that will love you for you . What one man won'...
Unsure (N x Reader) by CuteFireFlareon
Unsure (N x Reader)by CuteFireFlareon
After living in Alola until age 17, you can finally get out of the region and start an adventure in another region. You've wanted another adventure but your adoptive mot...
Arranged Marriage To The Werewolf Prince (Book 1 of 2) by TheEmmysShow
Arranged Marriage To The TheEmmysShow
Elena Roberts is the mayor of Elda's daughter. Elda is a small village in the country of Wilonia ruled by the Mason family. Since Elena's father is close friends with th...
Going ghost  by user26609528
Going ghost by Going.Ghost
It's a story about a simple cute girl .She's 14 years old and her name is Evelyn.Everything was good to one day...
Greenery ll BANGPINK by Planet_A
Greenery ll BANGPINKby 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓪
In a place full of greens and leaves, you're the beautiful flower that bloomed differently from the rest. --- "I guess it was natural to fall inlove with you."...
Joplin, MO by kaylee_winn
Joplin, MOby kaylee winn
Kierastyn comes to Joplin, Missouri after a rough childhood and immediately feels out of place. She meets Adair, who helps her figure out her place in this new town. She...