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Province and State one shots by CrazyMomFriend
Province and State one shotsby CrazyMomFriend
The title pretty much says it all. One shots between the Canadian provinces and the States. The first chapter will have information on requests. Enjoy!
I Am Canada (A Hetalia Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
I Am Canada (A Hetalia Fanfic)by I like (ninja) toitles
Matthew Williams, otherwise known as Canada, is a country that most ignore, often without trying to. Just as he is ignored by most countries, his history is left out of...
Canadian Provinces and Territories  by CrazyMomFriend
Canadian Provinces and Territories by CrazyMomFriend
This book will be similar to my 'States Designs' book. It'll pretty much be their designs, some backstory, and possibly some art of them here and there. But yeah, if tha...
Province stories by BobTheBlobby2
Province storiesby Postponed
Canada may seem a simple nation but in actuality all 13 provinces and territories have very different personalities and in these one shots and slightly plot hun chapters...
Hybrid by cathryntvrdik
Hybridby Anntri
(Book 1) What happens when a unborn werewolf has vampire venom running through it's veins? A hybrid unlike any other is born. Whisper Woods is a young girl who lost her...
Aurora Borealis (All time low, Jalex) by Wasitadream_
Aurora Borealis (All time low, Allouette
Alex has lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut his whole life. He's accustomed to the below freezing temperatures, the remote communities outside of the capital, and the occasional...
Rhythm of the Tides: my arctic experience by AntoninosNatalis
Rhythm of the Tides: my arctic AntoninosNatalis
Can you imagine living in the arctic when the nights appear to be endless and the frigid wind blows hard? And then there are the blizzards that can cover a whole village...
Monster of Ellesmere Island by Kristocole
Monster of Ellesmere Islandby Cole Kennedy
Strange happenings are occuring on Ellesmere Island. The United States government sends in the USPA (United States Protection Agency) to study the area, survey, and prot...
Just Below 0° - [Hetalia] Uncle!2p!Canada x Bratty!Reader by AmericaAteMyUsername
Just Below 0° - [Hetalia] Uncle! Gone Writing!
"You text too much!" your dad complains. "You never go outside!" your mother nags. "I'm just a normal teenager!" you retort. But eventuall...
Just Over NY - [Hetalia] Uncle!2p!Canada x Bratty!Reader by AmericaAteMyUsername
Just Over NY - [Hetalia] Uncle! Gone Writing!
[Please read Just Below 0 first if you haven't yet! You'll understand this so much better, I promise. >w0] You've been in New York for six months now, time passing so...
LIFESPRITES: Origins by FaithMorakinyo
LIFESPRITES: Originsby Reese_2
In 1974, a professor going by the name of "Professor Vern", did the impossible by creating humanoid sprites in the real world. His vision for these sprites was...
True Canadian Ghost Stories by 9854327164534897654F
True Canadian Ghost Storiesby 18274645902873535
A collection of ghost stories in Canada from Nunavut to Ontario! (Not my own words, sources to be added in description as story progresses) Parts 1-5: http://cottagelif...
Luck in the North by zsalehi
Luck in the Northby Zaigham Salehi
The beautiful north has more to offer than meets the eye. Luck has no meaning unless you use it. A man who loses everything, but a saviour. Drake Anderson is not your av...