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Otonokizaka's boy?! (HAREM) μ's (Muse) X M!Reader (FanFic) (AU) LOVE LIVE! by 3DRealBF
Otonokizaka's boy?! (HAREM) μ's ( Hasegawa
(y/n)(l/n) is a second year. the so called normal high school student who wishes to live a peaceful life (even though he studies in a harsh school), as the second child...
Dreams of Love (Love Live x Male Reader Oneshots) by Emraldknight
Dreams of Love (Love Live x Male Emerald
This is gonna be a collection of oneshots that I'll write between larger stories. I'll write oneshots for this Wednesdays. I don't take request but sometimes I may annou...
Love Live! Whims of Fate (Nozomi Tojo x Male Reader by Emraldknight
Love Live! Whims of Fate (Nozomi Emerald
In an attempt to save the school, has started a test of letting in male students where there will be one male student added to every class to see how the introduction of...
Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours)  by dusk_drawings
Love Live! One Shots (u's & parfaitgay
Once upon a time there were two idol groups from Japan, filled with 18 teenage girls that have stolen the hearts of thousands (as well as each other), who also happened...
Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
Love Live ONESHOTS (Requests CLOSED) by Claudia_chann
Love Live ONESHOTS (Requests Claudia
Oneshots here ^^ Requests are closed. Can be Male or Fem!
The Crimson Heart by SeraTakami
The Crimson Heartby Taylor
Taylor Kurusu is a third year at Kamiyama High till he have to move to Uchiura to stay with his mother's friend's daughter for a year, or is that the truth
Love Live! School Idol Chatroom by kxty11
Love Live! School Idol Chatroomby Katy
A series of funny AU scenarios made up by me that take place on the girls' chatroom. I hope you enjoy! {no art used belongs to me, all credit goes to the original artist...
The Last Petal (NozoEli AU fanfic)(GirlxGirl)(Futanari) by YuriWriter
The Last Petal (NozoEli AU fanfic) YuriWriter30
They said that an end of a red string is tied around your hand while the other end is tied around your soulmates'. Eli Ayase never believed in those for she thought it i...
Love Card~♡ (Nozomi x Female Reader) by koruchannn
Love Card~♡ (Nozomi x Female iM gAy
(y/n)(l/n) attended Otonokizaka High School i met this fellow girl named, Nozomi Tojo and instantly fell in love with her and had a huge crush on her. Let's see what hap...
❝ BREATHTAKING. ❞ ↬ L. Live! by makinae
❝ BREATHTAKING. ❞ ↬ L. Live!by wot m8?
➖I think I found the other half of my heart! ( 2018 )
LOVE LIVE x Reader! (Closed) by RikakoTrashyFan
LOVE LIVE x Reader! (Closed)by Fic ゆうツ
YOU CAN REQUEST ME SOME SHIPS! Like x reader or Otp or drawings. I will upload rarely since I am busy in this book this is just randomness in love live so yeah! In this...
A Spark of My Own - A Love Live! Fanfiction by kanozumiko
A Spark of My Own - A Love Live! sus <3
I'm Akiko, a third-year at UTX who became a school idol. I watched μ's conquer school idols and redefine what it meant to be one. With them as a beacon of hope, many gir...
❞ εlιchι?... ❞ Yandere Nozomi  by 2ne1gf
❞ εlιchι?... ❞ Yandere Nozomi by 🥺
Ever Since Eli Joined muse Nozomi has a little crush on her but She has a weird feeling every time Eli hangouts with someone else.
Love Live 💓 x Kuroko no Basuke 🏀 ( LL X GOM ) by AuroraWaltz
Love Live 💓 x Kuroko no Basuke 🏀 Aurora Waltz
One day during the Love Live cultural festival, Kuroko plan to bring his whole members in Akihabara and it was also the day Rakuzan school attend on the School Festival...
A Fateful Day by Mikachii21
A Fateful Dayby Mikachii21
~I DONT OWN ANY OF THIS IMAGES~ Nozomi move in Otonokizaka High School because of her parents death. Nozomi will become a contractor and form a contract to a fox. ~This...