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Love Live Body Swap!- You are me and I'm you by TrapsAreOkay
Love Live Body Swap!- You are me YeonHee
So let's find a way to switch back. Please. This story is heavily inspired by a certain fanfic about personality switch. So shoutout to FayeTheFab. A light fell from t...
  • nozomi
  • honoka
  • maki
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Sparkling and Shining! Dream Precure by Clawdeenrose
Sparkling and Shining! Dream Rose
When 14 year old Yumehara Minako finds out that her twin sister, Yumehara Nozomi, is the super hero Cure Dream and leader of the Precure 5, she accidentally gets involve...
  • precure5
  • friendship
  • prettycure
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My Desires by TrapsAreOkay
My Desiresby YeonHee
The complete story for our bread loving idol and part Russian harasho idol. This will be somewhat different than the original My Desires fanfic, but this one will be a...
  • wattys2019
  • love
  • ûmî
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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by SalomeRsK21
Love Live x Reader (Request Kate Charl****
The title says it all AND this book is closed for request! Thanks for reading and have a good day when you read this.
  • yoshiko
  • ruby
  • aquors
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Introvert (Love Live [plus Sunshine!] x Male reader) by Anaverageguy321
Introvert (Love Live [plus Dat one boi
Y/N L/N is a "shadow" person, always covered up by his more visible twin. But it was contending for him. Now trust into the spotlight he has to face a complete...
  • aquors
  • ûmî
  • ốc
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love live! - a group chat au by stanmikantsumiki
love live! - a group chat auby sasha 🥰
the idol leaders all make seperate gc's for their groups!! chapter names: 💖 muse! 💖 = a muse gc 🌊 aqours~ 🌊 = an aqours gc 🌙 perfect dream project ⭐️ = a pdp gc
  • nozomi
  • riko
  • chika
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Tojo Nozomi × Female! Reader (Yuri-One-Shot) by Sinon-Hecate-II
Tojo Nozomi × Female! Reader ( Sinon
I Will Write Story About Nozomi Tojo, If You Have Any Idea 'Requests', Just Write It In Part 'Requests Open'. I Hope You Will Enjoy ^_^
  • female
  • yuri-one-shot
  • nozomitojo
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Blind Love||Overhaul x Reader|| by bleachedeyebrow
Blind Love||Overhaul x Reader||by crybaby
*LEMON WARNING* (not too high but not too low if u know wha I'm sayin 😉) A girl name Nozomi Akira (you) has a future, a future in which she cannot comprehend. Her quirk...
  • overhaul
  • myheroacademia
  • kai
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Wind Flower (NozoEli AU) by NoodlePhoenix
Wind Flower (NozoEli AU)by Phoenix
A day that's nice because the wind is blowing. A carefree night being alone. Blood stains. - - - This is a NozoEli fanfic! Don't be confused :)
  • gay
  • nozomitojo
  • idols
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Bon Appetite||Chronostasis x Reader|| by bleachedeyebrow
Bon Appetite||Chronostasis x crybaby
So I brought back the vampire story I had a while back, but instead of OverhaulxReader it's ChronostasisxReader. Since I have already have an Overhaul story, I'm gunna m...
  • vampire
  • overhaul
  • bnhavampireau
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-Is This What You Call Love?- Love Live x Male Reader by Itzoopizplayz
-Is This What You Call Love?- Mike_MuRi
AYEEEEE plz don't read this trash. I suck at writing :( I'm not that creative too hehe
  • hanayo
  • nozomi
  • riko
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L' AMORE QUELLO FIERO (Nozomi Tojo X Zeb89) by acegaymernozomi
L' AMORE QUELLO FIERO (Nozomi Nozomi89 AceGaymer
Alla Otonokizaka Accademy arriva un nuovo studente; un ragazzo del terzo anno di liceo proveniente da Bibbiena e che stabilirà fin da subito amicizia con Nozomi; vicepre...
  • nozomi89
  • love
  • llsif
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Amor Virtual by LynnS09
Amor Virtualby Lynn S 09
Con un triste pasado, huyendo de aquellos que solo buscan tus lágrimas, refugiándote en una tienda y tratando de controlar tu respiración miraste a tu alrededor notado q...
  • maki
  • nicomaki
  • ûmî
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AGE REGRESSION!? Love live AU by Fanfic_mortal
AGE REGRESSION!? Love live AUby Fic_chan
When Umi enter the room,Honoka , Hanayo and Maki were found as kids?!!! Umi and the others discovered that they were curse by the Curse Demon and being hunt by his demon...
  • hanayo
  • honoka
  • nico
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→ Till Then | NozoEli by JuiceWrites
→ Till Then | NozoEliby JuiceWrites
Love Live's Champion Muse have been invited to take 2-Day Tour to- once in the U.S but now London. Nozomi and Eli have been unsure about their feelings for one another...
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • honoumi
  • rinmaki
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entre la vida y la muerte by arandaluana456
entre la vida y la muerteby luana aranda
la vida de una colegiala que enfrenta personas malas buenas a la vez y encontrando a su primer amor
  • nozomi
  • yuri
  • eli
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Love and Hope - Love Live x Female Reader One Shot by JagdGeneral
Love and Hope - Love Live x The General
One shot story and random stuff of Love Live with female reader insert. Some of the story is set in alternative universe (AU). Expect some Yuri and Ecchi scene, but not...
  • lovelive
  • comedy
  • anime
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((Returning )Love live x Male! reader one-shots by Dean-9828
((Returning )Love live x Male! That guy dean
I'll be honest this is my first fanfic I've ever written and if I can improve on anything let me anyway this is your basic love love x male reader fanfic
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • nozomi
  • romance
Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
  • eliayase
  • kotoriminami
  • rinhoshizora
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Destined (Slow Update) by MYBLUEBUTTERFLY15
Destined (Slow Update)by BLUEBUTTERFLY
Kung minahal mo ba ang isang tao at minahal ka rin nya at kahit marami gusto paghiwalayin kayo ang tawag ba dun Destined kayo sa isat isa? pero hindi natin sigurado alam...
  • chelsea
  • kaylee
  • campusprince
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