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I can change you | Yn slander | Yn x Bakugou by bakagwoebby
I can change you | Yn slander | hey
When yn starts high school she worries that she won't be accepted. But the day before school starts she runs into a guy with anger issues while walking to the park to si...
Calon Isteri Mr. Tengku  by mochiimai
Calon Isteri Mr. Tengku by mochiimai
Berita menggemparkan seluruh Malaysia bahawa seorang jejaka berketurunan Raja mencari pasangan hidupnya tanpa mengikut status, derajat dan kekayaan. Tapi berita ters...
Dekus not like the other boys...(deku harem🥺❤️💔🖤uwu) bnha fanfic |SATIRE!| by itz_bobabish
Dekus not like the other boys...( itz_bobabish
Dekus not like the other boys...he wishes he was tho and that's his problem he wants to be like the other boys but he's not and his orbs keep shifting from one boy to th...
Collection of silly stories by ViolentRoachJuice
Collection of silly storiesby ViolentRoachJuice
This is where I'm gonna write all my silly Willy stories👵🧌🥰🤭🦶
Y/n WAKES UP WITH BAD HAIR THEN MARRIES ZUKO AT SCHOOL zuko fanfic 💍🥺🍾✨💞🦋💎🔥🔥 REAL ruvals to lovers ✨✨✅✅ (SO sorry I've been gone!!!!!!! My mom took my ipad away...
Chameleon of my Heart by MissTrippy69
Chameleon of my Heartby MissTrippy69
Beans recounts the story of how she met her children's father... Rango! Hey guys this is my first ever fan fiction and I really love Rango and writing so plz leave a lik...
Farmering with you [ Y/N x Farmer Smurf ] by FarmerSmurfLover69
Farmering with you [ Y/N x Farmer Smurf Simp
You are Just an Average teen trying to get through high school, but one night, when you go to sleep you are transported to the world of Smurfs! Along the way you make m...
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirt by SEES_boy3
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirtby Memento Mori
Marisa Susans may seem to be an average girl, but she's actually not your average girl. So when she meets Brad Du Bois, the bad boy who treats her just like any other gi...
(Larry fanfiction) : my mother sold me to one direction and i'm mad. by Larryfanficwriters
(Larry fanfiction) : my mother Larryfanficwriters
My poor mother needed money and she sold me to one direction. I' m so mad.
I'm Sorry For Everything  by littledragonfly12
I'm Sorry For Everything by .: "the lioness":.
*Sequel to Not Like the Other Girls* • Completed • Emily really killed herself. She really did. I wonder how much of it was because of what I said. ...
The Things You Do by User_ErrorILoveHugs
The Things You Doby mockingjay **on hiatus**
Laurie has sat by the train station for five years now, watching everyone walk past. She's a tomboy, the kind who calls herself bad*ss and only talks when it matters mos...
His Girl Boss 😍🥰 by live_laugh_love69
His Girl Boss 😍🥰by girl boss
Emily McPherson is just a regular 16-year-old who hates her daily routine. She feels like every day is just a simulation that repeats and repeats. Though she is privileg...
The missing piece. // One shot by Fire_Innit
The missing piece. // One shotby Fire_Innit
Written by the one and only, Vi/Blue Credits to them fr!!
Just Not Like the Other Girls - A Novel by Gigachad699
Just Not Like the Other Girls - Giga A. Chad
Gracy is just an ordinary girl at an ordinary high school, Castlewood private. Join her on her journey as she ventures through high school, meets new friends, confronts...
Sound off by heyybitchxx
Sound offby heyybitchxx
Daniel fall in love with a beautiful gorgeous rat named grace
Try not to Cringe Impossible: a Not-Like-The-Other-Girls story by loser_with_birds
Try not to Cringe Impossible: a loser_with_birds
(Swear and Cringe Warning) Don't try to not cringe. Please. You might hurt yourself. I will try to write more every day or 2 days. Don't expect to like the MC Btw every...
The realms of your ass  by ididthisatasleepover
The realms of your ass by ididthisatasleepover
Just a quirky high school girl in her messy bun and converse 😘
The Sussy Girlboss by FluffyRedTowel
The Sussy Girlbossby Alex
Claudia isn't like the other crewmates. With her masterful manipulation, nothing stands in her way- not even the sussy impostors. But it all changes when Claudia meets a...