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My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy) by 50_shades_of_wolf
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy)by ♡ zöe ♡
Louis had been dating his girlfriend, Cali, for about 3 months now. Louis finally goes to his girlfriends house to have dinner and is introduced to Cali's "bad boy...
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17 Black by larrys_fedora
17 Blackby bella
When sassy, stubborn high school football star Louis Tomlinson meets the new hard-ass team coach, Harry Styles, a heated rivalry sparks between the two and it is evident...
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  • coachharry
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All About Us (Larry Stylinson) by LHStylinson
All About Us (Larry Stylinson)by LHStylinson
When Harry and Louis' teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be h...
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Two Fingers by MynneGordiano
Two Fingersby Mynne
Louis Tomlinson é um católico fervoroso, homofóbico e tem câncer. Harry Styles é ateu, gay e é o melhor oncologista da região. Dois mundos se encontram e entram em choqu...
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Babydaddy (Larry Stylinson) by Porcelain_Jackson
Babydaddy (Larry Stylinson)by Porcelain_Jackson
Harry is set in arranged marriage to a man named Joseph. However, Joseph is a mean abusive man who hurts Harry in verbal and physical ways. Then one night Joseph goes in...
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finding louis ✈ larry stylinson  by larrywho
finding louis ✈ larry stylinson by eddie
❝you're louis?❞ ❝and you're harry?❞ ❝yeah.❞ ❝I don't know about you harry but, I think we're soulmates.❞ »»»»»» or an au where harry is born with his soulmate's name on...
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My Love (a One Direction Fanfic) by onedirection604
My Love (a One Direction Fanfic)by onedirection604
When 19 year old, Nicole, gets to tour with one direction. She begins to fall in love with the 20 year old Liam Payne. Follow them though the tough struggles of being a...
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My Angel (larry au) COMPLETED  by writersartwork
My Angel (larry au) COMPLETED by louislilbaby
in which harry is a troubled teen, and louis is the angel that tries to save him. "I think you are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen." "Well, I...
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This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry) by AVeryLarryStylinsmut
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry)by Kay
Harry is staying in his vacation home for the summer. Louis is his pool boy.
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mad hatter //larry  by theskyisnotmylimit
mad hatter //larry by hey mum its me!🐸
"Ora piegati ed alza la tua gonna per il Cappellaio, pasticcino." Alice!Louis Mad Hatter!Harry ❥all rights deserved to @theskyisnotmylimit Chapters: oN...
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Blue jeans (larry) by crazyrabiebabies
Blue jeans (larry)by amberdun
No one ever said dating a gangster was easy ~~~ You went out every night And baby that's alright I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side Cause Imma ri...
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168 HOURS (Larry Stylinson) by sonotemily
168 HOURS (Larry Stylinson)by sonotemily
"One hundred and sixty eight." "What?" "One hundred and sixty eight hours." "What's that?" "That's all the time I need to ge...
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  • direction
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Soundtrack for After by Xx_emoface_xX
Soundtrack for Afterby peach butt
Open the tab to your After book and pull up a link to Youtube (you might want to grab a box of tissues too) and get ready to listen to the best soundtrack for a fanficti...
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Larry Stylinson Love Story (Fanfic) by fizzy51
Larry Stylinson Love Story (Fanfic)by fizzy51
A Love story about two idiots who fall in love with eachother. Are they Band mates or are they more?... the world may never know.
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Old Text Messages // L.S. by Disneyhes
Old Text Messages // lea
AU: where louisandharry are separated from each other so they resort to texting.
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  • larrystylinsonfanfic
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Larry Stylinson Oneshots by LadyPositivity
Larry Stylinson Oneshotsby Once Upon A Direction
Exactly what the title says :)
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for him. | larry stylinson by hcneylwt
for him. | larry stylinsonby kiwi
where louis would do anything for harry, and harry would do anything for him. ~~ lowercase intended. all rights reserved ©️babyhoneyhaz 2018 based on the song "for...
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Not Over You (Larry Stylinson one-shot) [PL] by dissentire
Not Over You (Larry Stylinson Angela
Louis po odejściu Harry'ego, próbuje się jakoś pozbierać. Gdy zaczyna dopiero co mu się to udawać, jego były chłopak przychodzi do niego z nieoczekiwaną wizytą.
  • louistomlinson
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Larry Imagines/One shots by LarryGirlsxx
Larry Imagines/One shotsby Nancy & Anne
Your typical Larry one shots :) x We also do take in some request that y'all would love to read. Maybe something you would die to read but haven't found it yet? Written...
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I Love You Two >>boyxboy SEQUEL by secludedlwt
I Love You Two >>boyxboy SEQUELby :)
***ON HOLD/SLOW UPDATES*** "Stop crying, it's 4am and I've given you everything!" Louis groaned. "Louis she's three months old she can't respond, babe.&qu...
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