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Bond of  a Demon by Crazytay168
Bond of a Demonby Abigail
Link is still haunted by the past, still fearing his old foe Ghirahim. Even though the demon is dead... or is he? When a Goddess comes to Link with a request, he will be...
Vivid ✔️ Complete by ESHurricane
Vivid ✔️ Completeby Emily S Hurricane 🦄
July 2021 Wattpad Editor's Pick! Moxie used to be just another twenty-something Torontonian, going about her business in the city. Now she's stuck in another world, tryi...
The Hunter's Daughter by FallenBeyond
The Hunter's Daughterby Audrey Burne
**NOTE: Hoping to update Bi-weekly if my other projects allow for that** Dezzery Stormwood Von Houten was named from being found in the woods after a storm by her adop...
Fantasia: A story of a present by KiroSoh
Fantasia: A story of a presentby KiroSoh
In a typical fantasy world of swords and magic, the existence of a 'Hero' and a 'Demon Lord' is expected. But there are no grand adventures to be had here, this is just...
A hero's journey by turtlesofjustice
A hero's journeyby justice turtle
What happens when Xavier finds out she has powers? Will she have to confront her feelings for Michel when it seems as if the powers were made exactly to protect him?
A Hero's Journey - Mysterion's Story by ItzBobaNia
A Hero's Journey - Mysterion's Sto...by Yume no sekai-!!
Evil rises, but so does Mysterion. He and his friends go on a classical hero's journey to fight the evil and save their city (south park)...and maybe the whole world too...
Knight Rising by MiniBash14
Knight Risingby MiniBash14
Being a Knight when you live in a world full of magic and monsters is hard enough but when you have to keep your identity a secret on top of that things can get a little...
A Vow to Fury by QueensAndDragons
A Vow to Furyby Erin Wedemeyer
Can Repana, a tribal woman just seventeen-years- old, care for a dragon's egg? Repana has always been an outcast in her tribe: she is the only tribal to continue the wor...
The Ender by ender9270
The Enderby ender9270
A Clone of the Republic finds himself standing atop it all.
Not all Superheroes have Superpowers by Lolgetrektnoob69
Not all Superheroes have Superpowe...by Lolgetrektnoob 69
Imagine a world in which superpowers exist. Superheroes walk amongst us, protecting us and making the world feel straight out of a comic book! In this world, superpowers...
I Guess It Was A Tie by MuscleBound2020
I Guess It Was A Tieby Ice_spitter
I don't own this Cover (Well I mean I made it but I don't own the background)
Blackmail by BaiOldMe
Blackmailby BaiOldMe
Hey guys! This is an English project and I figured that all of you grammar polices would create a list of what needs to be corrected! I know for a fact that this book wi...
Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicles of a Teenage Witchslayer by mjrocissono
Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicl...by M.J. Rocissono
FRANKIE FRETINI has had a horrible year. And, just when he thinks things are looking up, well...all heck breaks loose. It happens in home-ec class just moments after the...
The Time of the Titans by SecuazCricket
The Time of the Titansby Secuaz Cricket
A story about immortality is inevitably a story about mortality. A million years after the devastation of Earth as we knew it, mankind is given an unlikely new chance, b...
paige's public journal by turnthepaige87
paige's public journalby turnthepaige87
um okay so I don't like the idea that everything I write won't be seen by anyone but me, because I'd like to leave some sort of footprint, even just a small one. these a...
Bayani's Journey by PseudonymousOne
Bayani's Journeyby PseudonymousOne
A story in which a hero discovers her destiny. Created: 2017 Last Edited: 2017
Drench the Tiny Giant Robot [WIP/Draft] by KaranSeraph
Drench the Tiny Giant Robot [WIP/D...by Karan Seraph
An illustrated child-friendly storybook about friendship and robots. Drench is a tiny giant robot who wants to fit in. His name doesn't appear on the job board, so he th...
War and Peace by confidence_key30
War and Peaceby confidence_key30
Sci-fi short story for all sci-fi lovers
Panda's Box by SimplyAnnaReece
Panda's Boxby Anna Reece
Panda's a girl with great talent, and everyone sees it but her. -Panda Marx, a short dark girl with short kinky hair. My mother decided to name me Panda after watch...