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Fallen Angel~ Pelle Ohlin by monstaslendergirl
Fallen Angel~ Pelle Ohlinby AllyCat
A girl is transported to the past and just so happens to fall into the arms of the Black metal band Mayhems Frontman Dead, aka Pelle Ohlin. What could go wrong?
When It's Cold(Pelle Ohlin x Reader) by scorpius_uwu
When It's Cold(Pelle Ohlin x DeadDude
WILL HAVE GRAPHIC MENTIONS OF SELF HARM AND SUICIDE I changed the name of the fic, original name was "Dark Place" hope this gets famous
†The Burning Shadows Of Silence† by 666Ancient_Queen666
†The Burning Shadows Of Silence†by Banshee
Draug and Faust have had the hots for each other forever, the question is who will make the first move? Bård Faust x fem oc
Do Unto Others; by WillGraaham
Do Unto Others;by Wɪʟʟ Gʀᴀʜᴀᴍ
Euronymous has plans to murder Varg Vikernes, Meanwhile, Varg makes an attempt to save his friend Dead from his suicidal tendencies. Do either of these things happen...
Lords Of Chaos / Mayhem Oneshots by Alpacaxstory
Lords Of Chaos / Mayhem Oneshotsby Alpacaxstory
I want to state beforehand that this is only fiction about the movie Lord of chaos and the characters of them. I do not write about the real people and I want to mention...
Life Eternal  by InterstellarTombs
Life Eternal by Anoana
" If you change the past, you do not change the future... You erase it & create a wholly new one instead. " 🥀 [ featuring Per "Dead" Ohlin of the o...
Metal --- part 1 by JasperDeMan
Metal --- part 1by Jasper De Man
The ongoing history of Metal. This one is just for fun, and probably only fun for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock geeks like myself... The idea is simple: I wanted to brin...
Witching Hour...{Dead♡Euronymus} by mannequineye
Witching Hour...{Dead♡Euronymus}by mannequin
It's 1989, in Norway, the black metal Band Mayhem just got a new lead singer the previous year and everything seems normal, or if you wanna say it like that as normal as...
Metal Memes 🤘 by neonroz
Metal Memes 🤘by neo
They are funny I swear 🥺🥺
Lords of Chaos (Ended)  by chaoticxholic
Lords of Chaos (Ended) by chaos
In 1987 Oslo, 17-year-old Euronymous becomes fixated on creating "true Norwegian black metal" with his band Mayhem; he mounts shocking publicity stunts to put...
Infinite Soulmates by Italiansyren
Infinite Soulmatesby Italiansyren
The year is 1990, and 20 year old Michelle is about to be face to face with her boyfriend who is coming to America from Sweden. They had been corresponding through lett...
Dark Flower  by WarPigsWearBoots
Dark Flower by Ozzy Crüe
Alice moves to a new school leaving her past behind. When she meets Jordan, their lives was never the same. And the romance and lust instantly clicked the moment they sa...
Funeral fog. by Poisonmushroomzzz
Funeral Blaire
Øystein had always thought Pelle was crazy. Genuine, grade A crazy. And he loved it, it was just what Mayhem needed from a lead singer and frontman. But that's all this...
Metalhead by HailTheFreakShow
Metalheadby AA
Taylor Moore, a young, talented Rocker who lives a normal everyday life, going to few concerts every now and then, soon discovers what might be true love at first sight...
Letters From The Dead  by whimsical_ane
Letters From The Dead by whimsical_ane
In loving memory of Pelle "Dead" Ohlin, a friend named The Old Nick gathers a bunch of letters Dead sent to him and makes it a book. There are exactly 666 copi...
Varg Vikernes x Reader - A Story Of Passion And Love by silliestvamp
Varg Vikernes x Reader - A Story 🦎
In this engaging story of tragedy and romance, can [y/n] reach the happy ending she's always dreamed of? And is Varg going to be the one to fulfill it? (This is satire...
Women of Black Metal by Michaelbelphegor
Women of Black Metalby Michael
Black metal women of all history.
Mayhem Human Centipede by razorrape
Mayhem Human Centipedeby Jezebel
some people think that Varg, Euronymous and Dead from Mayhem are total assholes! some people want to make those assholes go through something they never would've imagine...
varg vikernes x euronymous Gay Hardcore Sex Very Trve Kvlt💯‼️ by DrugDarkness666
varg vikernes x euronymous Gay DrugDarkness666
varg secretly love euronymous and wants to fuck him and then vore him but doesn't know how to say it....
THINGS I HATE ABOUT BEING A Blaze in the northem sky
⚠️I'M NOT GATEKEEPING⚠️ Those are just my opinions, if you get offended then go fuck yourself.