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Everything Will Be Alright ↠ Henjei [ COMPLETED ] by gilbertblythx
Everything Will Be Alright ↠ Henje...by luna
I just couldn't hold eye contact for much longer, not with that captivating grin that was plastered on his lips, his voice that was so low and heavenly, you'd feel high...
Letters To A Stranger by Mar3sa_
Letters To A Strangerby M
Even is fascinated, when a certain blue-eyed boy first captures his attention in the school canteen. From that moment on, he writes letters, in which he expresses his fe...
The Boy Who Couldn't Hold His Breath Underwater ✔ by nklngrm
The Boy Who Couldn't Hold His Brea...by Nikolina Grimm
A story about 17-years-old Isak Valtersen who goes to a summer camp, to one where he has been going for a few years now. Little did he know that this year was going to c...
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Even&Isak Life is Now by tinkita
Even&Isak Life is Nowby Ti-Nki-tA
.. story continues right where season stopped..
Kardemomme Kisses - Evak by Jaguary0013
Kardemomme Kisses - Evakby Jaguary0013
Isak and Even are known from the third season of the Norwegian TV-Series "Skam". And since I really like them both (separately and together), I thought that I...
king.  - Evak by Im_Livid
king. - Evakby Im_Livid
Even, a soon to be king, has had these dreams about an elf boy ever since he was a child. He has grown infatuated with the mysterious elf boy, even though elves aren't r...
change → chris schistad (skam) by fentyxraina
change → chris schistad (skam)by raina
"why won't you leave me alone?" → "because you're so goddamn perfect" → chris schistad a.u season 1-? [disclaimer: swearing, alcohol and...
the boy who was afraid of the dark  by trippinvida
the boy who was afraid of the dark by vis la vie
lucas lallement doesn't care much about his image. eliott demaury does. so what happens when they wake up naked together after a drunken night? contains no smut *skam f...
Fragile World by goldensunflover
Fragile Worldby goldensunflover
Alec Lightwood is popular student in high school, he's a quarterback. People thinks that his life is perfect, but it's not. Other than his parent's divorce and leaving h...
Stripped | SKAM Chris Schistad by Eleriaa
Stripped | SKAM Chris Schistadby Eleriaa
"Unfuck yourself, Schistad. Be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your fucking shine. You deserve to be happy." In which a boy becomes cre...
EX; chris schistad by vendettablue
EX; chris schistadby v
"holy shit she's back!" "who's back?" "my ex, the only girl i ever really loved." years ago falyn nilsen and christoffer schistad were in l...
Found in Your Eyes. by viablonded
Found in Your Eyes.by viablonded
Another love story.
LØVE game by Jelli_Ever
LØVE gameby Jelli Ever
Хенрик Холм - любимец судьбы. С самого детства всё достается ему очень просто. Как и роль в одном из самых успешных сериалов на Норвежском ТВ. Но всё оказывается, не т...
YATIZ (SKAM Philippines) by mercifuIl
YATIZ (SKAM Philippines)by Mercy
#Yatiz is a story focusing on the lives of young people in a small seaside municipality called Carmen in the southern part of the Philippines. The name is based on a cus...
TWO FACES - Evak (SKAM) by MatthewEspinosa22
TWO FACES - Evak (SKAM)by «‹« Espinosa »›»
Isak un chico inseguro encontrará a Even que es justo lo contrario. Seguirá un poco los hechos de la historia de la tercera temporada en la serie, Skam. Si no la habeis...
Aleena ➽ Chris Schistad by morebooksforn
Aleena ➽ Chris Schistadby n Xx
William Magnusson isn't the only popular one at Hartvig. When his step sister Aleena moves back to Oslo from California, things get a little hectic. She was fast with th...
El Chico del Restaurante. {EVAK} © by okoknewt
El Chico del Restaurante. {EVAK} ©by okoknewt
La madre de Isak tenia un restaurante en un pequeño pueblo de Noruega, en el que Isak ayudaba mucho, sobretodo en Vacaciones. Un día que ya estaban aburridos de que no h...
𝐄𝐔𝐏𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐀 ➣ SKAM by 80scastiel
𝐄𝐔𝐏𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐀 ➣ SKAMby 𝚖𝚒𝚊 .。:+*
❝You're a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart.❞ *・゜゜・. - in which the good girl causes trouble, and seeks something she didn...
Innocence🌺 Chris Schistad (O.H.) by voidemotions
Innocence🌺 Chris Schistad (O.H.)by Queen of Disaster
Liana Saetra wasn't really into parties. As a matter of fact she hated them. She hated how teenagers abused alcohol and made stupid decisions. That's why she's never bee...
somewhere only we know by vixenswriting
somewhere only we knowby 🌅💞vixen💞🌅
Sander is a new student in his school, he meets Robbe, who keeps avoiding him, but maybe the reason he is avoiding Sander is that he is afraid of his feelings ? This is...