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Camp Cretaceous X Indoraptor OC/Reader by Trans_Ivan
Camp Cretaceous X Indoraptor OC/Re...by Benjamin Ivan
This is a story about River a female Indoraptor and the first Indoraptor to be made. No-one knows she exists just yet, but what happens when she escapes from her paddock...
Living With Dinosaurs - A Ben Pincus Fanfiction (COMPLETED) by HeyItzLozza
Living With Dinosaurs - A Ben Pinc...by L A U R E N
(A/N: I'm currently obsessed with the show and Ben, so I thought I'd make a fanfic to cope with my current obsession. I also don't own the plot lines, or the characters...
AŞİYAN by sezgisalman
AŞİYANby Sezgi
Pınar sakin olmaya çalışarak "Merhaba," diye fısıldadı. Bundan daha fazla muhabbet etmek istemiyordu lakin bunun kaçınılmaz olduğunu da biliyordu. "Merhab...
A Sky Full of Stars - 13th Doctor x Reader by Shellwho
A Sky Full of Stars - 13th Doctor...by Shellwho
You had always dreamed of travelling the stars and meeting the Doctor. You had lost everything Important to you the day the earth moved and strange planets appeared in t...
Dare - Benrius Story by anayomousyolo
Dare - Benrius Storyby Benrius
This one is 2 parts, working on part two rn but It will be out shortly. --
Doctor Who ~ Thasmin oneshots by soul_cab_co
Doctor Who ~ Thasmin oneshotsby soul_cab_co
The 13th doctor X Yaz oneshots! I love Thasmin so much, and there's not nearly enough fanfics or oneshots of them. So I'm doing what I do best- writing oneshots. Includ...
Ben x Male Reader [Not complete] by Ghostxilan
Ben x Male Reader [Not complete]by Xilan<3
You, M/n Bowman are the very clingy and hyper twin brother of Darius Bowman as the two of you have finally beaten a video game after many tries and got an invite to go t...
JCWW memes - Benrius  by anayomousyolo
JCWW memes - Benrius by Benrius
Atleast one per day. Short stories with memes I drew over. (Credit to base if there is water mark. Don't forget to vote for more ‼️
Doctor Who Memes and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff 3 by insomniacentral
Doctor Who Memes and Wibbly Wobbly...by Patch!
The third book!! Yay! First book: https://my.w.tt/fEyMKKuyE8 Second book: https://my.w.tt/DkuqT7xyE8
(Kenji x female reader) camp Cretaceous- your here  by Jane_heartlily
(Kenji x female reader) camp Creta...by Jane_heartlily
you get invited to go to Jurrasic world camp Cretaceous! it all seems like sparkles and rainbows until you get trapped there.. (y/n)-your name (h/c)-hair color (f/c)-fa...
All of Space and Time by ArkhamKn1gh7
All of Space and Timeby ArkhamKn1gh7
This is season 11 written with an added twist. You! This is a 13 X reader insert that starts with season 11. There will be flash backs to your relationship with previous...
The warmth you gave me - short story by anayomousyolo
The warmth you gave me - short sto...by Benrius
I'm ready for the slander ❤️
Family Moon And Enrile by LeahLeonelyn
Family Moon And Enrileby Leah_M
Ito ay sariling gawa ko lamang dahil sa gusto King mag karoom ng season 4 ng he's into her gagWa nalang ako NG story ng family MOON AND ENRILE Insert Maxpein Deib Tob Le...
Doctor Who: The Children of Time by SilentSummary_9
Doctor Who: The Children of Timeby SilentSummary_9
All of the doctor's companions find themselves mysteriously transported to a cinema, where they watch the life of their most beloved friend, the Doctor. The Doctor has n...
To Understand The Doctor by Ari978
To Understand The Doctorby Aria J Marzi
The Doctor and her friends, old and new, watch a series of videos from various points in the Timelord's life. It's time that the Doctor's friends understand her the way...
I Thought I Already Lived Hell Once by Hi_peeps0x0
I Thought I Already Lived Hell Onceby Hi_peeps0x0
Where Darcy Grady goes to camp cretaceous with six other campers. Owen says she needs to talk to humans her age. So she is forced to go to. Does she end up finding love...
Take It Or Leave It by URWRITERRR
Take It Or Leave Itby bch
"You love me, take it or leave it." -Maxi Zin Moon Delvalle
𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐘 ✦ DOCTOR WHO by DamnSalvawhore
In which Penelope O'Brien, an alien refugee, finds her soulmate in a Timelady. [SEASON 11] [13TH DOCTOR]
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Can We Love In Danger Brooklyn x Neko Fem Reader  by Hi_peeps0x0
Can We Love In Danger Brooklyn x N...by Hi_peeps0x0
Everything is this story isn't going to be exact like this show. I don't owen Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous or any of the characters. This story contains some swearing...
Promise? by CassandraCassandr420
Promise?by Cass
"I don't want you snogging my sister" "Why not, I'd be an excellent brother-in-law" "Ryan mate no snogging my sister" "Fine but you ca...
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