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Dying Is Easy Living Is Harder  by WolfSama8
Dying Is Easy Living Is Harder by Wolf Sama
Minato and kushina Uzumaki after sealing the nine tail fox inside of Naruto go into a deep coma what will happened when they wake up 14 years how will they react by the...
Interverse Powers  by HajimeSovietRussiaHa
Interverse Powers by HajimeSovietRussia Hajime
The story of a young man name naruto uzumaki who got himself beaten,tortured and neglected in konoha he was in the age of 9 He was lonely, and scared and until one day h...
I really never cared by Oke444
I really never caredby vickkiwinkz2354
why must I hide? why make them happy if I am sad? why suffer for them? NO MORE. we have seen stories where our favourite blond's mask cracked under pressure. what if he...
Naruto: tsunade's adopted heir  by AaronHansell
Naruto: tsunade's adopted heir by professor fox
this will take place during and just after the tsunade retrieval mission. ...................................................................................... Naruto...
Naruto: The other path. by vaisvjdj79
Naruto: The other Ankith Roy
After defeating pain, Naruto found it amusing.Villagers were cheering at him(still not all of them), but still he found happy that atleast someone is acknowledging him. ...
Kitsune by annelikeswritting
Kitsuneby annelikeswritting
After leaving the village at 3 to train with Jiraiya and Tsuande he returns at 16 for the position of the Hokage. Read to follow along his journey. . . . Not sure if it'...
A Tale Of The Blonde Elemental by TheDerangedCrouton
A Tale Of The Blonde Elementalby TheDerangedCrouton
Fem Naru.What if Naruto was a girl called Naruko?What if she was beaten by the villagers of Konoha?What if she had an extreme power making her unrivalled?
Katekyo x Naruto : Cloud's kitsune by FaiqahFarouk
Katekyo x Naruto : Cloud's kitsuneby Puteri Raisya
Hibari Kyoya had died in his age 26 when he protect his boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi. He was respect Tsuna and always protect him. He was reborn in another world called as ni...
Naruto The Slime (Sadly Discontinued) by tajjyboy
Naruto The Slime (Sadly demon-rimuru
So its my first fanfic so be nice to me Anyway this story is gonna start out like normal,kurama attacks and minato and kushina die R.I.P,but after this kurama in the sea...
(Naruto) The Parasite & Demon  by HajimeSovietRussiaHa
(Naruto) The Parasite & Demon by HajimeSovietRussia Hajime
This story that Naruto Uzumaki In the age of 9 He was been neglecting because of his family because his sister think she is the child of the prophecy but no turns out to...
Naruto the prankster by Tyhbgy
Naruto the pranksterby Grace Heart
After a fierce battle at the valley of the end,naruto is dragging sasuke's sorry ass back to the village with a large scar on his back and scratches on his chest.
Naruto's beautiful twin sister, Naruko - (Itachi love story) by FaiqahFarouk
Naruto's beautiful twin sister, Puteri Raisya
Uzumaki Naruko was the twin sister of Uzumaki Naruto. She was wearing her mask to hide her true face. She had been teamed up with her brother, a fangirl and an avenger...
the hidden leaf pokemon guild (Adoption) by animemaniac1010
the hidden leaf pokemon guild ( animemaniac1010
fem.naru fanfiction.After kurama\the nine tails fox is Sealed naruto is transported to the future world in the mystery dungeon of time game.where she lives the life of t...
naruto and Sakura: the hidden siblings. by AaronHansell
naruto and Sakura: the hidden professor fox
naruto and Sakura don't know it yet but their actually related to each other as half siblings. on the night of the forbidden scroll incident naruto opened the scroll to...
So You Need Me Now... by Ice_Wolf811
So You Need Me Ice_Wolf811
Konoha had unjustly banished Naruto for bringing back Sasuke worse than the Council had expecte. Because of this, the Council had sent their twisted letter of lies, that...
Broken and Healed, a Family Forever by PamelaVargas291
Broken and Healed, a Family Foreverby Pamela Vargas
We all know the story of the Legendary Team 7. Naruto, an orange wearing, ramen loving, loud, obnoxious, pranking, attention grabbing, dead last knuckle head ninja with...
Naruto The Last Fallen Human [Up For Adoption] by HeavenOfNirvana
Naruto The Last Fallen Human [Up Tarynn Ball
Naruto has left Konoha to escape from the cruelty of the villagers. Somehow, he has fallen into the underground of Mt. Ebott, and his life changes forever. Follow Naruto...
Naruto; Master of Nuclear Release (Haitus) by DemonDesmon
Naruto; Master of Nuclear DemonDesmon
What if the Uzumaki clan had a secret Kekkei Genkai and Dōjutsu? What if Naruto unlocked them? How would Naruto's story be different? And how would everyone react to thi...
The Prodigy of the Hidden Leaf by YingYangReaper
The Prodigy of the Hidden Leafby White Reaper
The jinchuriki of the Nine-tails was a goofy stupid boy who use to play pranks for attention but he never got on the positive side of the villagers they always mocked, t...