Break Free // a.g (Lesbian Story) by alicecamus
Break Free // a.g (Lesbian Story)by lis
"Alright, jeez mom." "So you kiss your mom like you kiss me?" • • • • • This is the story of Ariana Grande and the worst friend zone ever. // started...
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Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU] by SykesorStyles
Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU]by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯
❝I'm not perfect, and neither is he, but together we're as close to perfection as one can ever be.❞ © All Rights Reserved: SykesorStyles © before reading, if you're a d...
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The Demons Inside. [ZM AU] by SykesorStyles
The Demons Inside. [ZM AU]by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯
❝I may be broken and he may be guarded, but our two hearts, should never be parted.❞ [this is the sequel to Do I Scare You? do not read unless read that book first] ~The...
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Chasing the sun by cerysmarietrace
Chasing the sunby cerysmarietrace
Katerina Petrova a young established vampire who has unfinished business. What happens when she bumps into the youngest member of a boyband? Will he find out her secret...
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Give It Up | NJS by RafahSymmonds
Give It Up | NJSby Rafah S.
Marissa Emerald Potter had to leave her hometown due to family issue. Her, her mom and brother moved to Gloucester to start a new life. Mary goes to Huntington High Scho...
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Falling In Love With The Next Door Neighbour by NaomiBrett18
Falling In Love With The Next Naomi Brett
Four sisters move into their late aunt's house. Three of them are party goers, one of them is a slave to the other sisters. Next door to them lives 5 hot guys. They all...
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Trouble || Nathan Sykes || New Edition Coming Soon by perksofsteph
Trouble || Nathan Sykes || New Steph
"He's everything I tried to avoid. He's trouble."
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Nerdy Love by BrandiWiley
Nerdy Loveby Brandi Wiley
A so called popular new girl Sophie falls for the nerdy and completely unpopular geek Nathan. What will happen when she realizes her feelings? Will he find out? If so, h...
  • drama
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Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferences by laurrennx
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferencesby lauren amelia🥰
Themes on the person we all love..<3
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Heartbreak Story | NJS by RafahSymmonds
Heartbreak Story | NJSby Rafah S.
"But.. Do you still love me?" "Of course. I told you I will always love you no matter what" "Even after 10 years?" "Always" she s...
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Dr. Sykes Trilogy ~ 3-in-1 ~ Nathan Sykes - AU (ON HOLD) by Babie_Cee
Dr. Sykes Trilogy ~ 3-in-1 ~ Cee
1: Dr. Sykes 2: Sophia 3: Lettie
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The WANTED Preferences by LovelyTeaTW
The WANTED Preferencesby Hanna
I think the name gives it away. Sort of. But this is where I will be doing Preferences of The Wanted. Also check out my Imagines. And my FanFictions. It would be great...
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Lost and afraid by paigeherre7
Lost and afraidby paigeherre7
7 year old Ava lost her parents in a car accident.
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Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanfic by ellen_ftw
Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanficby ellen_ftw
Nathan Sykes knew what love was. He's seen it everywhere. The only problem was when he meets someone new and falls in love, it doesn't worked out due to his fame. At t...
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Me and My teacher  by cerysmarietrace
Me and My teacher by cerysmarietrace
Nathan Sykes just graduated and is now a teacher at Whitechapel High. What happens when he falls in love with one of his students? Will she fall for him too? Or will Nat...
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revenge(Nathan Sykes&Harry Styles) fan fiction by Ashleigh1DBaird
revenge(Nathan Sykes&Harry Styles) Ashleigh baird
Since the day Ashleigh mother was paralysed. All she wanted was Revenge on the guy that caused her and her family so much pain. Her father left after everything. The guy...
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Chapters || Nathan Sykes (Sequel to Small Bump) by xBabyNathx
Chapters || Nathan Sykes (Sequel ☺️
Each chapter has something new, each chapter has a different problem and each chapter has a different time period and these chapters belong to Nathan, Eliza and their th...
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Pushed Around (Nathan Sykes) by LovelyTeaTW
Pushed Around (Nathan Sykes)by Hanna
After always being pushed around, the video website was the only place that she felt as if she was herself. Singing into a camera, making a few funny videos, someone fin...
  • nathansykes
When we're famous... by TheWxnted_Sykes
When we're TheWxnted_Sykes
(WORK IN PROGRESS) Scarlett Lark was 1/4 of the worlds biggest girl band 'Wicked Symphony', after years of hard work she was on top of the world, but something- someone...
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Almost Is Never Enough (Re-release) by carrhari
Almost Is Never Enough (Re-release)by j.
Ariana and Nathan had a wonderful summer romance before high school and all of the fame. Suddenly, when summer ends, Nathan breaks it off without explanation. Left heart...
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