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Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU] by SykesorStyles
Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU]by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯
❝I'm not perfect, and neither is he, but together we're as close to perfection as one can ever be.❞ © All Rights Reserved: SykesorStyles © before reading, if you're a d...
  • gangwars
  • harrystyles
  • patriciamalik
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George Shelley Spanking by mapleleafs_addict
George Shelley Spankingby Erin Sawatzky
If George misbehaves the boys won't hesitate to pull him over their laps!
  • selfharm
  • spanking
  • thewanted
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Hot or not? Boyband/Pop group edition by outofsync99
Hot or not? Boyband/Pop group outofsync99
× inspired by @LizzyOffic- 's "Smash or Pass" book Basically, there are some guys from famous boybands and pop groups, and you have to tell me if they're hot o...
  • fandom
  • wattys2017
  • backstreetboys
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The Bad Boy (Nathan Sykes Fanfic) by shaymaatw94
The Bad Boy (Nathan Sykes Fanfic)by writer_X
when you meet the bad boy on campus and everybody tell you to stay away from him but you cant you become infatuated with him bet he is cunning , he have dark deep secret...
  • watty2015
  • sivakenswarn
  • jaymcguiness
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#TargetGirl (1D FanFiction) ✔️ by ehl_kayy_writes
#TargetGirl (1D FanFiction) ✔️by losa 🍒
Ally Khrystn aka Alisha Khystn Sophia Wyatt, enjoys her job in Target. After all, who would ever suspect the daughter of one of America's biggest tycoons to be working t...
  • onedirectionfanfic
  • heiress
  • thewanted
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The Wanted by sleepingatlast66
The Wantedby Emma
The Wanted are the biggest name in the industry compared to One Direction, but in the band there is one band member who goes by the name Nathan Skyes. Helping the 16 yea...
  • spanking
  • thewanted
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferences by laurrennx
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferencesby lauren amelia🥰
Themes on the person we all love..<3
  • thewanted
  • ell
  • nathansykes
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Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanfic by ellen_ftw
Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanficby ellen_ftw
Nathan Sykes knew what love was. He's seen it everywhere. The only problem was when he meets someone new and falls in love, it doesn't worked out due to his fame. At t...
  • maxgeorge
  • nathansykeafanfic
  • twfanmily
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Family by sleepingatlast66
Familyby Emma
When The Wanted, One Direction, and Big Time Rush, all move into one big house, Simon has to keep them contained. By picking the bad ones out and letting the new pop cul...
  • gay
  • fanfic
  • thewanted
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Chasing the sun by cerysmarietrace
Chasing the sunby cerysmarietrace
Katerina Petrova a young established vampire who has unfinished business. What happens when she bumps into the youngest member of a boyband? Will he find out her secret...
  • katerinapatrova
  • dirtystory
  • thevampirediaries
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Nathan and Sophie Oneshots by Drive_LikeIDo
Nathan and Sophie Oneshotsby Becky
Nathan Sykes (The Wanted) fanfiction Part of the Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn series. PLEASE READ Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn AND the sequel We Always Attra...
  • siva
  • fanfic
  • romance
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The Demons Inside. [ZM AU] by SykesorStyles
The Demons Inside. [ZM AU]by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯
❝I may be broken and he may be guarded, but our two hearts, should never be parted.❞ [this is the sequel to Do I Scare You? do not read unless read that book first] ~The...
  • zaynmalikfanfic
  • malik
  • zayn
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The WANTED Preferences by LovelyTeaTW
The WANTED Preferencesby Hanna
I think the name gives it away. Sort of. But this is where I will be doing Preferences of The Wanted. Also check out my Imagines. And my FanFictions. It would be great...
  • nathansykes
  • sivakaneswarwen
  • maxgorge
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If I knew -Nathan Sykes fanfic by ellen_ftw
If I knew -Nathan Sykes fanficby ellen_ftw
Emily just wanted to find true love. She'll meet guys, dated them, and the end result was always the same. HEARTBREAK. They somehow find a way to break her heart. But...
  • jaymcguiness
  • siva
  • twfanmily
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Troublemaker (spanking fan fiction) by doggydarlingpuppy
Troublemaker (spanking fan fiction)by One_direction_love
Firstly if you don't like this type of story don't read it. May I say this is not real and is just a fan fiction. How will Amber deal living with four (five) idiotic b...
  • death
  • malik
  • spanking
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In The Dark by kidnapped_by_tw
In The Darkby Maddie
When Jasmine sees something that she's not supposed to, it doesn't end well for her. Nathan and his 4 friends are vampires and when they find out that Jasmine witnessed...
  • vampires
  • blood
  • jaymcguiness
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Unfinished Business by GEEstrada
Unfinished Businessby Estrada
"To: Nathan James Sykes aka Sleeping Sloth I hope you like this book! I owe you the tittle itself. Remember... I <3 You! ☺ xoxo Fallon Estrada" I swear, I...
  • love
  • nathanssykeslovestory
  • book2
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Bad Boy alpha's roommate   by coolreader8612
Bad Boy alpha's roommate by coolreader8612
Scarlett a 17 year old was obliged to live with Bruce the school popular bad boy since her parent had to travel for work which as they said might take a long time and Sc...
  • gamma
  • felixsandman
  • werewolf
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One direction, 5sos and the wanted one shots *Promts open* by NIall_Cupcake_22
One direction, 5sos and the Fran
Just a bunch of one shots about the boys
  • 5sos
  • onedirection
  • thewanted
Me and My teacher  by cerysmarietrace
Me and My teacher by cerysmarietrace
Nathan Sykes just graduated and is now a teacher at Whitechapel High. What happens when he falls in love with one of his students? Will she fall for him too? Or will Nat...
  • arianagrande
  • dirtystory
  • lovestory
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