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Himitsu (Book One of the Kakureta Hana series) by firerose11
Himitsu (Book One of the Abigail
Danger...Deception...Death Can she ever escape the vicious cycle? "The moment I was born, my father walked outside and screamed to the heavens for the mere reaso...
Out of Time by theeternalscribe
Out of Timeby Danielle Forrest | The Eterna...
Danielle Carpenter has lived a life some might call boring, but she'd always loved language, and however much her parents might say specializing in Old English is a usel...
Bullied (Bullied Series #1) (SAMPLE) by VeraHollins
Bullied (Bullied Series #1) ( Vera Hollins
***Please note that this book has been taken down because it's been published, and you can see only the sample chapters of the published version. You can find the links...
If I Lose Myself by EMPG22HoPe
If I Lose Myselfby maedelle ♡
If there's anything worse than death, it's losing one's self. 19 years after the Second Wizarding War, we only managed to hear snippets of Draco Malfoy and his wife, Ast...
The Name of Names by authoraesthete
The Name of Namesby evara
Being a Rider is not skill. It is not spells and sparring and flight. It is becoming a piece of a much bigger chess board, fighting against the dark while remaining in...
Amanda's Story by SarahBigD
Amanda's Storyby Sarah Droegemueller
The Vicar's Daughters: Part Two Amanda thought she'd found the happy ending she was looking for. Now she must learn to open her heart again, and trust that love can come...
Woman Overboard by NeverCatchMe
Woman Overboardby Never
Alessandra Broderick is the widow of an American pirate captain in the 19th century. In the midst of his death, she now finds herself captaining his ship. After a v...
A Year Without You by MelonDiaries
A Year Without Youby Mel Ryle
[WATTPAD FEATURED. NOVEMBER 2017] Emilia and Collin had been in a relationship for three years and lived under the same roof for a year and a half. Yet somehow they had...
Remembering You by ParadoxicallySimple
Remembering Youby ParadoxicallySimple
Eren is a member of the Scouting Legion, a branch of the military tasked with surveying the lands outside the walls and killing titans. For as long as he can remember, h...
Introducing Evie Woods - NaNoWriMo 2016 Novel by KateeSmurfette
Introducing Evie Woods - Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
Evie Melanie Blandel has always been a big, shy girl. As the only daughter of billionaire Gordon Payton, she has never been in the spotlight, simply because she didn't '...
2016 NaNo Prompts by WattpadNaNoWriMo
2016 NaNo Promptsby WattpadNaNoWrimo | Ambassadors
A prompt a day for anyone struggling with NaNo or who just wants a little push to be creative. Have fun with NaNoWriMo!
Hiding Shadows by uzuriupendo
Hiding Shadowsby Emilee Harvey
*A sequel to The Girl in the Window* Athena Pierce is back on an adventure. This time, she has her brother, Derek, along with her to help. Athena certainly didn't learn...
Why We Sank by abitofaParadox
Why We Sankby Andrea ♛
"You have been sentenced to life in prison. Your ship will leave tomorrow for the island. Gather your things." When you've been decided a criminal, you're a...
Ladybird  by accidental_roses
Ladybird by Megan Petersdatter
Colorado, 1877. Mary MacEilan is sick of being isolated and unnoticed. So she does what any young, headstrong lady of her caliber would do: she runs away. Making a life...
Discipline Academy-The Mystery of Abbey College (#NaNoWriMo2016) by callicloudy
Discipline Academy-The Mystery Isobelle Auvergne
Discipline Academy for Outstanding Students prides itself on training the next generation of world leaders. When the school is threatened by a centuries-old enemy, its s...
Cada día te siento más cerca by godessofhelheim
Cada día te siento más cercaby Baoshan Sanren (Mia)
El universo debía estar bromeando con todo el asunto de las almas gemelas. ¿Cómo era posible que en un mundo tan basto hubiera tan solo una persona destinada a ser tu co...
Transparent Nobody  (NanoWriMo 2016) by StarkidLuna
Transparent Nobody (NanoWriMo Crystal
Chase Lena Lux is sarcastic 16 year old. With purple hair blue piecing eyes that are full of life. But nobody sees her...not even her own family. She always felt invisib...
Hansel & Gretel [NaNoWriMo 2016] by Mirrored_Reflection
Hansel & Gretel [NaNoWriMo 2016]by Mirrored_Reflection
Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel searched far and wide for their birth parents. After five years of travel, they find them in the capital city Sors of the country Lor...
[Placeholder]  (Complete) NaNoWriMo 2016 by MarthaBechtel
[Placeholder] (Complete) Martha Bechtel
The last place Simon expected to wake up was on an alien spaceship, but there are worse ways to start a NaNo novel... This is the daily posting of my 2016 NaNoWriMo (Nat...
Missing Wizard - NaNoWriMo 2016 by gracenow
Missing Wizard - NaNoWriMo 2016by Darby
(Book Two.) Eve is on the run. Ever since Ashley, Tela, and Eve stole a ship from the school , someone has been after them. They long ago ditched the ship and now hop fr...