Out of Time

Out of Time

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Danielle Forrest | The Eternal Scribe By theeternalscribe Completed

Danielle Carpenter has lived a life some might call boring, but she'd always loved language, and however much her parents might say specializing in Old English is a useless waste of life, it was her passion.

But things are about to change.  A seemingly harmless pastime leaves her life in shambles; with all she had ever held dear gone, her life is boiled down to just struggling to stay alive.  When, months later, she is rescued, it isn't to return to the life she once knew, but to one she's wholly unprepared for.

She scrambles for a grasp on things as legend and reality blend.  

Should she let the legend play out to its foregone conclusion?  

Or should she try for a happily ever after for all, and the consequences be damned...

*This is my 2016 NaNoWriMo project, so enjoy and as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.*

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davevieforrest davevieforrest Jan 05, 2017
Informative. I am looking forward to my first "official" read by this very creative author.
Bemythyst Bemythyst Nov 21, 2016
I literally freaked out when I saw the title of the book since it's similar to my own, not to mention the tags of Historical Fiction and Time Travel. Gosh, lol. This is a super nice start, I really want to know how this will unfold. I like this so far!