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Learn korean by black_Empress94711
Learn koreanby Mary_Kaitlyn_Bacsin
Let's learn Korean.. '::I'm not Korean but i'm learning Korean language. In this book there are some basic words ,greetings and any otherss. If you want to learn some Ko...
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The boy around the corner // Jacob Sartorius by BethanyKinggg
The boy around the corner // Bethany King
It's a new school and your scared because you have no friends. But wait there's a guy and you instantly just fell in love and get butterflies around him. What happens ne...
  • sartorius
  • musically
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Unspoken by XBrokenxMelodyX
Unspokenby Savanna
Emma is a normal fifteen year old girl with normal fifteen year old problems. She likes boys, she loves to dance, she wans to go to the parties, you know? She wants to b...
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seabe_e's art book(COMPLETE)#Wattys2017 by seabe_e
seabe_e's art book(COMPLETE) ew
My Life and relatable people turned into art is one of the most self centered funny books I've ever written. Please like!!! Note: Some mild language and sexual themes
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Savrsen Of Isein by ShaknaIs
Savrsen Of Iseinby Shakna Israel
Second story in the Heart of Madness trilogy, proceeded by Daughter of Markus, and followed by Sister of Magick. Savrsen has saved Cenn, the hero of Faeheim, and the two...
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Kafka on the Shore (Fanfiction) by LiaMcCall
Kafka on the Shore (Fanfiction)by Lia McCall
Two pieces, inspired by Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, completed for English. I strongly suggest you to read Kafka on the Shore before you read either of these wo...
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We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (One Direction Fan Story) by ThatOlivia
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's ( Olivia Jane
Olivia and Her friends are just a bunch of 'Normal' Teenage girls, they Laugh alot and constally tease each other. but what happens when 5 boys barrel into their lives...
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Ben Drowned x Bella Drowned by RavenDarkSkies
Ben Drowned x Bella Drownedby Bella Drowned
Hello guy my name is Gabriela but i go by Bella or Raven. This is my first book hope you like. Bella was a gammer girl. She had no friends no one liked her not even her...
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Teasers, Info, Short Stories, Poems, Etc. by AmberNicolee
Teasers, Info, Short Stories, Amber Nicole
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2 fallen angels  by agalandadog
2 fallen angels by melinda hahn
  • popo
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REVENGE by CullenClan0401
REVENGEby CullenClan0401
REVENGE    I am a 16 yeard old girl named Margett Monahli. ( Ma nal ee) I was abused by my parents throughout my early child hood. Every one says a mothers love is like...
  • girl
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A Night With Mindless behavior by iloverayray98
A Night With Mindless behaviorby iloverayray98
A girl named daija just won some tickets to see mindless behavior and takes three of her three best girlfriends. find out what will happen in this amazing story
  • tickets
  • just
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A Guide To Williams: 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'Sweet Bird Of Youth by Justdoodlin
A Guide To Williams: 'A Justdoodlin
  • characters
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  • williams
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A Girl Named Luce by SydneyColeman
A Girl Named Luceby Sydney Coleman
Luce has had pretty much the worst time with life. Until she starts high school and meets a boy who is like her twin. He understands her in every single way. Only proble...
  • teen
  • high
  • fiction
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Bitter Woods by thelms20
Bitter Woodsby thelms20
Moira has been living in the woods for her whole life. Most of it spent in isolation. She never expected to be found. So when her mate discovers her, he brings her back...
  • bitter
  • king
  • fairie
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Lenny (On Hold For Right Now) by DPaitayn
Lenny (On Hold For Right Now)by Danielle Paitayn
Lenna "Lenny" Monroe is a typical 12 year old girl. Who lives with her divorced mom a fashion desiner, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her best freind is Tara Aarons...
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