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The Model Spy by KeriAnnL
The Model Spyby Keri
Seventeen-year-old Laura Porter and her family are far from normal. While most parents grab a briefcase and head to the office, Laura and her parents hop on a private CI...
Making the Grade (The Model Spy #2) by KeriAnnL
Making the Grade (The Model Spy #2)by Keri
Laura Porter has it all: a house in Malibu, a totally hot boyfriend, and a stable job. But not everything is as perfect as it seems. Her boyfriend is cheating on her, h...
Blood flower [Artemis Fowl+Detective Conan crossover ] by HRHtsme
Blood flower [Artemis HRHtsme
Artemis Fowl, the great criminal mastermind, or rather, former criminal mastermind, meets Edogawa Conan(or rather, Kudo Shinichi, detective). In a hotel at the heart o...
Who Is She? by kkarenpereira
Who Is She?by Karen
Brooke a girl with no past, blank files,no records. No body knows who she is. What will happen when a so called holiday turns into a deadly mission. Will old secrets be...
DARK KILLS (Editing) by zoyelle
DARK KILLS (Editing)by J. Danielle Ifeatuchukwu
The safe serenity of the small town of Framlingham is shattered when a teenage girl is found dead in the woods. A single murder shatters the atmosphere of bliss as dark...
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Paper Journal (SAMPLE) by harrikitteridge
Sherlock Holmes and the Harrison Kitteridge
Sherlock Holmes takes on a case involving a prolific blackmailer, and the lengths to which he goes to resolve the matter reveal a dark, incredibly manipulative side of h...
Room 1 is host to a dozen kids, all criminals in the eyes of the law. When one of their rank gets brutally murdered without any interaction between them and the outside...
The Mysterious Happenings of Ester Walton by bibliosmiabook
The Mysterious Happenings of Jane
When Ester Walton is found dead, two private detectives are determined to discover what happened. As time goes on the plot gets thicker and thicker
Bloody Poinsettia - A Kiki Sen Mystery by RitaBhattacharjee
Bloody Poinsettia - A Kiki Sen RitaB
Kiki Sen dropped out of a prestigious medical school in the US to return to India, the country of her forefathers, much to the disappointment of her doctor parents. She...
No age limit. I know it's written badly but who cares ,we're here to have fun, so no hate. Riley Fletcher is just a normal girl. But when her dad mysteriously disappear...
Blood Reveals Justice (On Hold) by SuperGiggle29
Blood Reveals Justice (On Hold)by Prishi_29
Everyone has a fun life.We all get to enjoy our individual freedoms but what about a girl who's forbidden to enjoy these rights...... One sudden evening her friend Emily...
Trust Me I Lie (Extract) by LouiseMarley
Trust Me I Lie (Extract)by Louise Marley
*** A six chapter sample of my latest book *** When Milla Graham arrives in the picture-perfect village of Buckley, she tells everyone she's investigating the murder of...
Madame Rouge by matokielf
Madame Rougeby Whalien
Everyone flocks over to town to see the gorgeous Vermell grace the stage in a delightful musical as Madame Rouge. However, lately things haven't been quite sound at the...
Valediction by PiyushTheAce
Valedictionby Piyush Priya
The art of saying bye, what can it do? Is it harmful..? Or can it do good? "Love can be inspiring yet devastating," Find out the cost to love in this story.
Eight Minute Infraction by StoryofAshlyn
Eight Minute Infractionby Ashlyn
All Gideon wanted was to become individual. Yet all his twin brother, Keane, wanted was to become infinite. It takes eight minutes for the police to arrive. Eight minut...
THE DUEL (#YourStoryIndia) by RogerVSDragon
THE DUEL (#YourStoryIndia)by PS
Criminals drop down one by one... And an young high-schooled seems to be captivated by this... A series of incidents filled with illusions and magic... In order to find...
No Direction by SpiroRedwood
No Directionby SpiroRedwood
Like a rose with thorns, every forest has its inhabitants. Further grasping its nature sheds blood. No Direction, a One Direction fan fic involving comedy, horror, acti...
CREEPSTER by spiritualsoulx
CREEPSTERby spiritualsoul
(It was a short story earlier, now redrafting it to make a full psychological thriller. Enjoy!) What would happen when she came across a person who was trying to murder...
ANONYMOUS by covenseries
Tara lives in California with her brother, Josh, and her sister, Ally. Her life is all normal until one day, a tragedy occurs. Her life turns upside down when an anonymo...